Giraffe born live on EarthCam Greenville Zoo


Hundreds of thousands of viewers watched this giraffe birth live online with EarthCam at the Greenville Zoo in Greenville, South Carolina.  Autumn, a 9 year old Masai giraffe, gave birth to the healthy calf at 6:15 a.m. on February 2, 2016.

“The birth went off without a hitch and the Greenville Zoo was once again able to share this special event with EarthCam viewers around the world. We hope that this exposure will help people connect with giraffes, want to learn more about them and help us support giraffe conservation efforts in the wild and in accredited zoos across the nation," said Jeff Bullock, Greenville Zoo Director.

You can continue to watch this giraffe family via two live streaming cameras from EarthCam at

Vicky Butt
welcome to the world Calf Giraffe! Happy Birthday little one!
Vicky Butt
Their Pen is Really small! I hope they move them to a larger one!
Raquel Ramicah

Those lil wobbly legs😍
Hernan Andrade
Too bad he's gonna be trapped in that zoo for the rest of his life
Yeah just dump him out on the ground from 4 feet up. Great idea. :P
a little giraffe popping out of a big giraffe. Giraffeception!
Mr Ptak
He literally was like "Hi I'm here" gets up and starts to walk Nature is amazing
Welcome sweet little one! Congrats Walter & Autumn!
Thanks so much for this film!
kevin contreras
Can u give me the free version of earthcams for ios lol
Jay Clinton
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