Professor Robert Kelly Skype TV Interview Interrupted by Toddlers (Credit BBC UK)

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BBC TV interview interrupted by playful toddlers, but watch how their mother reacts. Professor Robert Kelly was talking about the serious Korean political situation when his children entered his home office. Credit to BBC News UK.

Bianca Hotca
That's cute! Totally something my kids would've done, esp. my almost 2yr. old.
David Montalvo
lol, really funny!
LOL the mom sliiiiid in there like a damn 3rd base run and grabbed the kid like a sack of potatoes!
aram mandegar
با بیلا ایشته بچه ها شوخ درد بی درمونی داره
Beautiful Girls in the world
omg 😂 😂 😂 😂
r Negoro
ROFL......That kid is so cute.
noW u should make a movie on your family . . . . .you all are hilarious
Broken Arms
i cant stop watchibg when the girl enters hahaha
Kathya Heitz
je crois qu il doit en avoir marre sa se voit dans ses prochain interview sa se voit il ne pensait pas que sa prendrait autant
Josh P1000
very funny professor😂😂😂😂
Dick Jones
wow what an arrogant cunt.....obviously doesnt give a fuck about his kids. Looks like his career is much more important. What a fucked up world we live in.
Curious Giraffe
aww the baby is so cute :3
mina got me choke!
Imagine those kids barging in the middle of them having sex.
Just the amount of sexist SJWs in the comment section is literally giving me stage 4 brain cancer.
Isaac 309
was better than the other one that has about 10 mil views. but still, video doesn't deserve big views
Anon 2015
The third child has style lol
Mels_ Tuts
Rainbow Six Siege
She stole the spotlight as always
Erna Turene
*Toddler walks in*
Daughter: "WHATS UP PAPS"
*Dad pushes her away*
**Mom runs in and drags them away."
Daughter: "ILL BE BACK!"
Александр Милевский
ебать жена потом пизды получила...
The big question is: Why didn't he just lock the door?
Panjaitan Immanuel
Allan T
I just love how the baby rolls in so fast haha
Derpy Unicorn
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0:06 Enters the room, like a BOSS! 😅
아기보소 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Dawn Brandenburg
Men are useless.... no multi-tasking here!!
Dave2kxxl Dragon
Dad I love you
Dad says fuck off ya little shit I'm important
A. Hilmi
his wife should be in shooting star meme
monika medok
Everytime I play makes my stomach pain out of laughing....
Safi Mirza
Who came here after watching the 'female' version?
Ray Bakes
LOL! I started laughing when the baby comes rollin' in , and nearly died when I saw the mom come flying in!!! So, hilarious!
This is just great. So funny!
Adriana Costa
RaTtLe DeViL
Am I the only one who thinks that this was all staged 🤔?
Stefan Kovacevic
Why is that bitch on the floor all the time
can she not stand up?
Marek Hajduk
Just great!!! :) True live!
jongkan Kim
one of the most cutest videos i've ever seen~so lovely ^^
This was comedy perfection from start to finish. Awesome family
Yeo Wei An
Omg if that's me, i would be the one leaving out the room...😂😂😂
erk goat
such happy kids!
Lou Lou
The mother flying in was hilarious!
Storia del falsetto dai castrati all'heavy metal
Amazing child.... Great Marion Kelly, you are so cute. A big kiss to you from Rome (Italy)
Angelia Gonzalez
His wife if beautiful and so are those adorable kids
Bun Buns
Awwww....the little girl is so cute :)
Vernier Boss
0:06 cant get enuf #LikeABoss
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