Jonathan Day
The poor nanny was probably fired and deported after losing her work visa because of this incident.
Jonathan Day
He should have locked the door, and the nanny should have been watching the children
볼때마다 웃겨 ㅋ ㅋ
This is my favorite video on the internet. Everything about it is hilarious. This video gives me life.
Regina V
Does anyone know the brand of the babie's walker, please?
MKR Cinema
Damn man I got my dick stuck in the toothbrush BRUH ,, sky gay man and I saw on his phone pictures of a cow
Daddy , what are you doing ? _ Like Disney , hi-ho ,hi-ho ,
Get away now , never Interrupt , good child ,
Then an UFO come arrive , Like STAR WARS ,

Today , Prof . Kelly was able to talk in BBC interview about North Korea , safely .
Iber 4
quem veio pelo top 10
Mirley Mercado
사랑걸구룹 lovegirlgroup
robotkelly is have the superman his whif is korea
사랑걸구룹 lovegirlgroup
yana is so pitty
Hypnotic Mutt
Fuck when the mom slid in I couldn't hold it in
Wei Ning
Came here again after watching the "return of superman" now I know their names!! His children is so cute and his Wife is so beautiful!! Love this family !! His Wife makes me laugh omg,the way she runs in and bring her kids out of the Room😂 and His Daughter walks in like a boss😂😂😂 SWAGGGGG
not a millionaire
fun fact: The Ellen Show called him 60 times bc of this clip but he never called back :')
not a millionaire
everyone judging this family based on a 7 secs clip you saw is totally stupid! they are such a lovely family and just joined a korean family show about fathers and kids called "the return of superman" if you like this family please go watch it it's available on youtube with english subs please watch and support this great and loving family <3
Moni Rithea Ieng
And now they're in a Korean show called the return of superman
lala lulu
You can watch them on The Return of Superman ( korean tv show )
And now they are part of "the return of superman" :')
BaToO Sweet
thes is was the most adorable thing I have seen.
Eunji Park
Yena walked in like a boss😂
Arnie Nazierah
his wife was so hilarious
Tava Laulu
When she came in to grab her kids reminded me of when youngja unnie went to grab the lee twins from the stage at the KBS awards😂😂
Stngr thngs
he's in the return of the superman now
Rizka Amalia
return of superman
Hanna Theo
Come here after watching korean reality show The Return of Superman
Andrew C
I still can't stop laughing!
This is soooooo cuteeeeee😂😭😭
Ashley Costello
This is the best thing I've ever seen 😂 The way she slides in the room! I don't even know what I would do 😂
Hmmm, kind of reminds me of the scene from "What about Bob" when the child-like Bob (Bill Murray) steals the interview and moment from the rigid and stiff professor.
Tania Polanco
What a git, pushing her away like that. What's wrong with "Not now, sweetheart, daddy's on the telly"?

Jillian Thomas
We're losing our men to asians. Come back to us, Professor Kelly!
Cindy Demambro
what a wonderful family .
Christine Woodruff
Beautiful little family
Christine Woodruff
I keep watching this piece of film, the kids are so cute, it's hilarious..just love it couldn't make it up, it's pure comedy genius.
frank simba
the way she closed the door!! hahaha im dying!
octomotep emotep
0:20 the way she surfed on the floor!
what a lovely family!
Deysy Lozada
the best part is when the mom pulls both of her kids at the same time and the little girl gets stucked in between the walker thats what happens in every day with families trying to save a situation but it only gets worse 😂😂😂
Bianca Hotca
That's cute! Totally something my kids would've done, esp. my almost 2yr. old.
David Montalvo
lol, really funny!
LOL the mom sliiiiid in there like a damn 3rd base run and grabbed the kid like a sack of potatoes!
aram mandegar
با بیلا ایشته بچه ها شوخ درد بی درمونی داره
Otaku. kpop
omg 😂 😂 😂 😂
r Negoro
ROFL......That kid is so cute.
noW u should make a movie on your family . . . . .you all are hilarious
Broken Arms
i cant stop watchibg when the girl enters hahaha
Kathya Heitz
je crois qu il doit en avoir marre sa se voit dans ses prochain interview sa se voit il ne pensait pas que sa prendrait autant
Josh Pasaribu
very funny professor😂😂😂😂
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