Sushant Singh Rajput VERY ANGRY REACTION On Reporter On Kulbhushan Case | Raabta Trailer Launch

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Actor Sushant Singh Rajput gets very angry on A reporter’s question on Kulbhushan Jadhav Case. 

Report By: Paras Dama. 
Cameraman: Faizan Ansari. 
Editor: Sunil Dhanve.

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priyayanshu kumar
ye saari galti reporters ki hoti hai aur phir celebs ko blame karte hai
Khansa Mushtaq
very good sushant why are they asking political questions to actors and when they answer they mix up their own stories and defame that actor. stupid media people
Myyea phom
Reporters thinks they can do or ask whatever they want lol
bawa G
chutiye indians celebrities se aise questions ker k unka patriotism judge kerte hain
Amrita Ganguly
Journalists have now become, more like goons. They want you to answer questions, and if you say something without fully understanding the issue you land yourself further into toruble. That's all they want.
chinmay soren
When a movie/biopic will be made on Kulbhusan Yadav then these so called celebrities can be able to answer. For now what is the need to condemn the injustice done by Pakistan to an ex Naval officer? It is so difficult to support our defence people who puts their value less life for us.!
Arpan Dutta
What fucking national interest? It's a political matter. India is going to the dogs making anything and everything from inhuman killing of Muslims (incidentally the muslims are as much Indians as hindus or christians but sadly people in India forget that) for cows to some guy been sentenced in a foreign country a matter of national interest. These are for politics to resolve not movie producers and actors. Sad that India is now behaving like a typical third world country :(
Ambrosia Kitchens
is jalil aadmi ko apne name se rajout permanent hatana chahiye he is a curse to industry...Sanjay leela bhansali ke baare me isko 1 min me pata chal gaya ..wah dogle insan
radhika sharma
sushant bc peeke aya hh saale reporter ki sun phele kriti ke samne hosiyaarii marr rha hhh chutiyaaa
Laxman Rao
reporter is correct
Mrunal Ninawe
chutiya reporter sali ye sab badnam krne ke tarike hai actor logo ko
Sandhya Patel
thank god i am not a celebraties
i cannot handle this reporters. i will definatley loose my patience
Keyboard Type
Bollywood (brothelwood) works on money and no self respect. They will never take a stand on anything.
South film industries stars always support causes, for example, everyone came together on Jallikattu despite dumbo media trying to vilify it.
The caption says sushant singh rajput very angry reaction, whereas the video proves something else. the journalist was being rude and angry, you can't force anyone to answer on a matter which they are not well-versed with. If they do then again media will make it an issue saying "sushant rajput shocking view" and will tag him as "Desh Darohi". shameful
Nirnay Mandal
yeh saala reporters hote hi aise, apna kaam nikalwane keliye dusre ko pareshaan krte rehte h..aur ye log sochte h Jo ye bol rhe h wohi sahi h, baki duniya ko UN logo k hisab se chl Na padega...#fuck those type of reporters..
Modi kee 56 inch kee gand after winning elections
hahahahahahahaha suuuuuuaarrrrrrrrrr shown okat by hot girls- Hi to all sexy girls fro hafij saeed & ISI bed
zaid khan
this is extremism, Aamir khan mentioned once. Endian media want to involve every body to spread hatred. they even trashed Burkha Dutt, Arunditi Roy and humiliat them.
Asma Benazir
y is sushant speaking in a fake accent
Fuck Pakistan
she mentioned clearly that it is regarding kulbushan jadhav in pakistan jail, more over all, this sushanth is an IIT drop out, do u think he doesnt have that much brains to understand, indain govt spends 2.5 lakhs of tax payers money on each IIT student, but this fellow dropped out and started dancing, will he pay back country that lost money, it is a matter of national interest.
huss aign
Stupid reporter
b k
Funny, the same people usually have a lot of opinions and are vocal about it too when it comes to supporting passive terrorism, going against Indian culture or societal norms or values or government, pseudo-feminism, etc.

They will also make a lot of noise if any event or situation will even remotely threaten their elite way of life (not talking about their bread and butter here). Heck, they even have opinions on American politics!!!

However, they would hardly show any support or solidarity or even acknowledgement for people on the frontline. Bollywood is nothing but self indulging fraternity with few exceptions.

Let's talk about actions against Pakistan or catch another Burhan Wani or have an incidence at JNU and see them volunteering their opinions even without the media.

They seek media to promote themselves and media seeks them for their own's a two way street. We as public should just kick our shoes and either enjoy the drama or ignore it and do our bit as the citizen by seeking the truth ourselves and acting according to out respective ideologies instead of listening to this manufactured lot!
Swayam Samajdar
my god the reporter is arguing with him!!! who on hell is she??
Rajeev Singh
she should learn what to ask and where.
Shubhangi Swaroop
This wasn't the right place for such a question. And the people on the stage dogged it only because they weren't well aware of what was being asked. The reporter is right in saying that Indians should be well aware of such sensitive issues. But its ok if they missed out on this , because they are only human. But when the arrogant reporter said that they are public figures and they ought to have an opinion in such times because people look up to them, all I have to say for that is we Indians do not need help from the celebs to form our opinion in such cases but yes, we do prefer the comments of well learned stars in the media. Where as reporters like her love catching celebs in such vulnerable spots just so that they can push them till they make a mistake and then the media gets something completely irrelevant to flash on the news instead of the real issue. Sushant was wise enough to dodge the question because he avoided making a mistake and the reporter didn't get her share of scoop hence she was frustrated.
Shreya Giri
I don't get how sushant is unknown about kulbhusan case.I mean it's going viral everywhere so at least as a public figure he sud be knowing what's going around
Dhiraj Pawar
माना की रिर्पाेटर भी एराेगन्ट थी
पर इन अँक्टरस काे क्या पता है .आेनली फकींग .आेनली मनी .देश के लिए जिन्हाेने खुन बहाया , उन्हे पाकीस्तान में फाँसी देने वाले है वाे भी बेवजाँ ,अँटलिस्ट सुशांत झंडूर पहले ही बाेलता की गर्वमेंट जरुर कुलभूषन जी काे वापस लाएगी .इसमें फँक्टस जानकर तुम्हे क्या युपीएससी की परीक्शा देनी है क्या .
आैर उस कुत्ते #झंडुसुशांत से कहना चाहूँगा की तुम हमारे हीराेज नही हाे , हमारे हीराेज वहाँ बाँर्डर पर लड रहे है
#जय हिंद
Adarsh Anand
Dumb Reporter
saurav bgohain
Someone please give a tight slap to the randi reporter... I will pay him
Vishal Kurdekar
media loosing integrity coz of dis bullshit!!! may be he is not that well informed abt this scenario ! and yeah im sure that he will stand by the indian side on this situation . jus coz he's doesnt kno abt the situation its not ryt to charge on him on personal!! SHAME MEDIA, SHAME REPORTER
Muhammad Ilyas
indian media sab se bara chutya media he ........actors se q poochte ho aise queations kya wo politicians hain
Richa Singh
So so foolish of this "reporter"
I wonder the quality of news she follows and reports. Hate hate hate Indian media.
Ayesha Short_Clips
what does that reporter thinks of herself..CEO of the world bank??
women ✋
They r public figure so who gives these reporter the audacity to be rude and question !
The Freakin Minded
it would have been better if Sushant would have told her to Fuck off or something like talk to my hand.
devendra suman
shushant tum dar rahe ho,kyoki movie k business pr ashar padega...
tum actor always selfish..
padmawati pr to bina bole bol rhe maharaja..
Amala Ankem
the reporter should have redirected her question to someone who works in the government sector or a liaison between between the high officials and the public or even one who is well versed in policy and particularly this incident not a celeb at a movie launch
Ibn Adam
aWESOME REply by Sushant Rajput.
We shouldn't comment on anybody or anything when we don't have full knowledge about that.
The lady reporter might be from Zee News or Times Now who lack manner and patience.
Zori Shiv
reporters are always .......
Sohini Dutta
reporter wants to show off
Nishu Dhama
idiot reporter
Sharmina A
i agree with shushant
Bharat Reddy
perfect example where media is misusing freedom of speech
Saba Tandoor
pata nahi ye media wale Apne apko kya samjhe hai.
Saba Tandoor
yes I agree
ajay jagdale
It should be fine if sushant do not want to reply to the question.Also not the correct platform to ask about kulbhushan here.
Poonam Ambre
it's OK yaar she might be judging what he will say as I a citizen of country and yes u r public figure so even he had to attitude after turning from TV to movies journalism is a profession where they have to ask few questions which might be not sensible from our side but by their side they might be something in their mind so let's not blame them
shirkhajit konwar
Kon he ye rendy reporter
hejab zarreen
uski mrzi woh answer de ya nhi.....yeh To jabardasti ho gye....Acha hua Salman se nhi pucha.....wrna woh khta hm tumpe itni ched krnge...
rahul kumar
reporter was really uncivilized, rude, Intractable......
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