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It's time for Dude Perfect and Brodie Smith's most epic battle yet!
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Casey Cooper
Brodie Smith is shit frisbees can float their easy to do trickshots with anything else that doesn't float is hard.
Azhar Masued
Majid16 Majidoun
je me suis perdu sur yt!!! XD
Harsh Sandhu
Stop slapping brody's ass
Francesco Saffioti
I liked basked ball
Bulcsú Iván Adrigán
Robert Charles
Why is it when he screams he looks like he’s in pain
Michelle Flint
Brodie Smith!!
Maaa Maaa
That guy is looking like gareth bale
Ryder King
He looks like the old Gareth bale
Nadine Aquino
I love their job
Alek Guerra
His reaction tho
Nick Deshazer
Super windy rooftop long bomb
Dude porfect
Hayden Feltenberger
Love yur channel guys!!!!!
markijan superkozak
Doofy Gaming
Do more
Dom 13
For the air bender shot they should have used the blitzball
Luke Butcher
Miguel Iraheta
Ty should play real basketball in real life
Garrettmaddiegabe Harvey
Elijah K
Why is Brodie so cringe
Ana Martins
How can Brodie not have Jordan shoes, when he have Jordan t-shirt and pants
Max Thomas
these are not real
He looks like Gareth Bale xD
Wrt Gamer
januar jody
Mantap bang
Huffi Effendi
video nya jelek ada kameramennya keliatan
The dylanator Curry
You're a wahoo maaaah
Electric Bacon
DUDE PERFECT READ THIS!!! You guys should put a big American Flag 🇺🇸 up also the Texas flag sense you guys are in Texas, it would be sweet!
mhira gatumbato
I like the epic trick shot battle 2
• Inconnu •
Que hace gareth bale ahí
oyun manyağı
Hayden casey
imagine brody join dp
Sumit Rathod
Air bender shot
Leo Wang
Broodie smith should be in dude perfect
Lyndse Spry
Xx k
Jacob Lanier
i love frisbees
Dennis Olszewski
I've been to altitude
Family Burns
Brodeys dab is n point
Ifrit Blood
Stacey Kiehborth
How is ty so talented at like everything???? We need to collectively find something he is bad at. But then he would probably get good at it on the second try lol
The Amazing World of Avery and Rowen
If you really look, if Ty shaved and dyed his hair blond, he would look like Peeta from The Hunger Games
Pokemon Junk
You guys are the best!
The BEST for Best
i love your videos
goku god
Harley Quinn
Amezing Wow!!
The Ding Dong Craft
better you be a basket ball long shoot player,like midorima lols
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