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It's time for Dude Perfect and Brodie Smith's most epic battle yet!
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Comment “That bottle flip kick tho." 

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Sophie H.
I call that real skill
Adeniyi Adefila
Guy Prieto
alot of butt slapping and male hugging.... idk about this
Sophie Henry
haha it's so hypermasculine... I like it a lot though
Awesome Possum Austin
Mai Huy Quang
what about football trick shot????
Gabriel Luiz
you favorite shoot
aqeel maniyar
how u all will do this
Pieke Bouman
do an ultimate shot & no reaction video
That bottle flip kick tho
Jay Groetz
Is Brody 🐼 panda
Alfred Barrera
Romantic restaurant humanity walk various crew handle medicine.
Sheila Subia
I like super windy rooftop long bomb
Tường Lưu Minh
cho em theo voi
Gamer XD
I would say garret is the best at football/ soccer
Tom Bennett-Davis
Wtf Brody looks really old now
Jake Nix
add brodie on the team!
Un Socm
Dude perfect won because Brady did not get the strike like if you agree
Rosemarie Ocampo
Starlight Shines Bright
He's funny, the frisbee camp guy
Nathan bacon Cubing
I keep getting coors ads
Mohamed Mihoubi
last time i checked the channel was at 6million subs
Denis Pejic
you got in the hop
Zachary Skelton
brody trying to go super saiyan
Reflex Deflex
My favorite one was the one that he hit down the pins
Flo Scorpion
my mom thinks it is fake
ClanClasher 89
So freaking skilled
Daphne Davenport
Gav Art
No wonder why this has 20 million views
Boys Goss
respond to this i can flip my slinky
I call hax
Rusty Red
Brodie's celebrations be like - AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH
ay caramba!
how many times this guys scream per video?!
Khauan Henrique Cardoso Baglioni
Let's Go Launcher Ex Men talk show Boy Charlie
Todd Nickelsberg
Is Brody the panda
gravando geral
sou o unico brazileiro por aki entao dude perfect canal top+++++
Saba's Chanel
the air bender shot
Χαράλαμπος Ερωτοκρίτου
wtf is that
Yuvraj Ghosh
Loop shot
gfnfsg sgnfgn
what did Brody use to throw
Lanr Brainr
That bottle flip kick though
Commander. Vid30
you can die go kill your self you faget with a fake life fat ass
Cyrus Chan
They made like 40k on this video
Ianne Estrada
the mobile no looker
radheshyam mujalde
the loop de
Three Crafter
I loved hurricane hammer
Rip mugs
Corbyn Clanton
soccer shot is easy
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