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It's time for Dude Perfect and Brodie Smith's most epic battle yet!
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He celebrate like 😂 Pogba
ThiefNate 66
Any wone notice they were all holding hot chips at the end lol
you know what ? this is bs .. none of this is real.. somehow they always do it at first try ..it's just impossible
Karlo Babcock
Is everything sponsored by Ruffles
Ryley Smith
You also have to say nmaskar
Antandliv Kindle
Were are your other 2 vids
helyo gamer
Beemenet Jagema
You guys are awesome I can't believe it.
Adrian Berger Vlogs
Brody should be on dp
Chris Guarana
All shots were awesome. You guys are GREAT
Arod Studios
They say hurricane Hammer when they should’ve said hurricane Harvey
Harriet Lindseth
Harriet Lindseth
Harriet Lindseth
Gian Andrew Castro
wow wow wow
Riley Bates
I wonder who has a better victory scream?
Analizza Haither
Did you buy that half ball from vat .19??
valerie murdick
When Brody cealbrates he sounds like a dieing pig
Jeanne Holly
epic trick shots 4
Muhammad Nadeem
I love gar and tyler
Ko Kwan Hee
Where's #4? Like if u agree!
Super Legends
My favorate shot is The Loop De Loop Shot
Scott Larsen
Are you good bru
JJ Awesome Trickshots
BTW I Have A Bottle Flip Trickshots VideoOn My Channel
dean phillips
When r u going to do trick shot battle 4
charles simms
my name is Brody too😄😄😄😄😃😃😃😁😀
Javaidan Yawar
Air Bender shot
My fav👌🏼💥
Bryan Utama
In epic trick shot i like jump skip hop
Tushar Kashyap
No.1 is best short
aditya anshu
Awesome man. Whata trickshot
Hamdan Tariq
Spin bender shot
Charlotte Marie Sales
fely hernandez
i think the back shot
Trick Fox
I agree. Dude perfect is sick!
Aliakbar gaming
This is uploaded on my birthday
Luis Perez
I go the Jordan pants
ganesh singh
The best shot was the pinball one
my fav shot is the loop de loop shot
christian jude aunzo
Trae Hough
abran tapia
Those are awesome shots.
Phoenix Tanz
Epic Trick Shot Battle 3 | Dude Perfect
Aarif Dhariwala
And also badminton trick shot and cricket trick shot
Aarif Dhariwala
I willing to see some stereotypes
Sergio Rueda
Braydon Butler
This is the best yet your the best coby
I win I win yay! I lose I lose yay
He is not prankish you
Vincent Rebholz
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