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It's time for Dude Perfect and Brodie Smith's most epic battle yet!
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Bora tuncay
Shot with ceramic mug is fabulous!
These guys are really Perfect
Faisal AlShehab
Let him join dudeperfect
this photoshop feik
yumisleidy fernandez
Long bomb
Fabian Wee
hileli oyunlar gean11
I think they are professional
Laurence Silungan
that was cool
Cool War
I like all your shot
imagine how many takes this took
RIck John
That's probably the best thing Cory has ever done
adolfo soveral
That bottle flip kick tho
Alioune Faye
hey dude perfect do you watch that 19 and if you do tell me because that 19 they like, but not that good like it says do decent and every time when they do a trick-shot they want to miss and they said well we win and then the other video they want and then they will just sad it will make you laugh your pants off and my name is Muhammad I love your videos I always try your bottle flip and I'm the master now thanks
Lucas Pettenatti
Tem algm br?
air bender
so cool!
donkey gorilla 4556
braudycody make sence
frisk_chara 2175
Dude Perfect where is your facility i want to learn how to be a pro like you guys
почему такие как они не играют в баскетбол?
Jed Zavasky
2:59 dat ass slap!
Svetlana Opalenek
Dylan Tran
the loop de loop shot
1k subs with no videos challenge !
If dude perfect made a trampoline park I would totally go to it like if you agree
curtix tiitii
i love your tricks
Ivano Zadro
they said f*ck
6:15 The super something seomthing wait what?
My favorate dude perfect s the one wear Coby wins the trophy
Kane Mateum
C:Smash-Out!Population Me! and Brodie too
B:I'm here too!
(Both Laughs)
Minh Hằng Lê
why don't you guys do rubbish challenge?
Gabriele Micieli
Sabrina Hughes
Lumber Pickle
hurricane hammer
at 2:15 brodie on1 sock
Alexis Domingo
4:00 hurricane hammer
lathan walker
I liked all of ty's trickshots the best
J Pearson
the Frisbee and hockey puck trick
Amina Abdalla
gar is left foot like me
sargon putros
why did they touch his butt 2 times if that was me i would be nervous for my safety
Neymar Bueno
behind the back strike
Margarita Carlos
paul stapylton
my favourite guy is Garrett
Thien Huu
do you know what all of the tricks shots awsome!!!😎
BossRock 360
Ow yeah
hi from polish
Poke Karty Otváranie Po Slovensky
Brody can be captain america
i Like This
Edwards Meredith
my favorite is the soccer ball kick with the water bottle on it
vegasbug GAMING
i bet dude perfect has an lifetime supply of ruffles
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