Monstrously Powerful US Jet Bomber in Action: Rockwell B-1 Lancer in Large Formation

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Awesome videos featuring a large numbers of powerful Rockwell B-1B Lancer in the hands of the US Air-force during large training exercise in US and GB territory. 

Video Credit: US Air Force  ,Derivative Work by Daily Military Defense & Archive

Thumbnail credit: Mike Freer from Wikipedia, Derivative Work by Daily Military Defense & Archive

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B stands for Big, Bold, Badass and Beautiful! It also stands for Butt, which is where you will take it if you mess with these "Bad Boys".! Awesome footage and "Blessed" are those behind the scenes...(maintenance, AAR's & anyone lucky enough to witness this truly spectacular display. Don't get complacent y'all!
Dorothy Norman
I double that by frouk it's about time you show this mighty plane. God bless America!!
samy darty
god destroys the usa BIG BABYLONE country of GOG and DEVILS PEOPLE
Abhay Achal
Whenever I see a US bomber, I imagine Trump sitting on top of it.
Bruce Smith
Beautiful planes. I've always felt these don't get enough exposure in the press...I'm sure they've been used heaps in Iraq and Afghanistan.
echarlie 89
national anthem earrape begins to play...
Wade White
PiscesSeptember 9, 2017Your natural magnetism is more pronounced now. Give thought to the kind of impression you want to create. You can make or break someone's day with a look. Be nice!
이길거면 풍계리 한방던지고 무서움보
일본 우리도와줘 미국 못믿어 우리 중소 붙어보자 뒤에 미국있자나
Tosuzu Co
Anderson airforce base guam. I remeber that layout.
Michael J. Reed
Sorry to sound uninformed, but can someone explain why this plane dips the forward wing-edge during take-off and landing? Just seems counter-intuitive to me so I don't get it. I'm sure there's a good reason, I just don't get it.
Sexy plane...
Really Happenings
It looks like a super-sized F-16
donthaveone donthaveone
kill me with kindness!
Beautiful plane
Angel Garcia
I didn't realize the US had so many bombers. That's a lot of destruction.
Eddy fernandez
medhat sabry
looks much like the old tu-16!
Matthias Feigl
Take off and landing... seriously???? No cool moves or action? Where is the power in "Monstrously Powerful US Jet Bomber in Action: Rockwell B-1 Lancer in Large Formation"?
John Christy
I was hoping to see these beauties layin down some ordnance
Ashutosh Kumar
Don't leave if you believe in peace
Ashutosh Kumar
ha AMERICA s answer if you can
Ashutosh Kumar
IF you are REAL AMERICA than Answer simple Question... AMERICA always attacks .. never defending that make country like specifically Russia and China to increase defence weapons & other systems annnd country like India and japan have also get involved in making to defend. SOoooo AMERICA s do you Believe You are Doing a GREAT Job in making these WEAPONS
Xyuam Yaj
I not admire because so afraid of N Korea. can;t do any thing for N Korea
Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch
Alvin Manuel
looks similar to Diego Garcia
如果没有共呛党 中国人可以提前三十年享受到小康生活
Carol WingAnaPrayer
I am so thankful this is my Country 🇺🇸☮️
It is amazing that this plane can carry 5000lbs more munitions than the B52.
Mamdouh Almutairi
God bless US, good people and good country, big kiss 😘 from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦
Carlos M Alvarado
Just one S-500 missile and its no more...sad
rachid chayeb
death to the arabe and jewich they are the same oillah
rachid chayeb
my drime to fly on it
Harry Kuheim
So what are you waiting for "Do" Portland , SF, and Charlottsville...
Mike J
8:13 Turn the volume up!
Samurai Jack
This is a Beautiful plane, this and the British Vulcan Bomber are my favorite. It's just a shame the British discontinue the Vulcan Bomber.
B-1 does not have a control yoke. They have joysticks. Not a B1 at 8:45
U S has beautiful powerful bomber planes, China has beautiful powerful high-speed trains. that is why most countries around the world love China.
James Stevick
Here's some hers being recovered and undergoing BPO/ PRE inspections. dons eyeglasses with nails
George Washington Bush
This should to Northkorea to eliminate the fat Kim and his weapons !
ammar Alfata
North Korea, your time is nearing its end.

Yours truly
B1 Bomber
Whatever it takes
Who else is here because of North Korea? I hope America wipes that third world dump of a country off the map. Tired of their trash talking with their few crappy 1950's era missiles. Are they that delusional to think they stand any chance against the 5000 RELIABLE nukes the U.S. has?
Moni Jiao
Which one is better B1 or B52....
Greg Cantelli
What's so awesome is how you can refuel a plane in midair. In a span of 114 years we went from basically a kite with a propeller to refueling a billion dollar piece of equipment in the air.
Scott H
Should be the BRB-b bomber. Be right back beotch.
Dusty Pink
The BONE's low takeoff angle is so beautiful.

But kind of scary to think why it is so beautiful, hence the plane is loaded with bombs and fuel.
Andre Landry
That sure is some precision flying when refueling mid air, so much could go wrong in a matter of seconds.
Rodrigo BG
The enormous mistake is that the US is praising ahead and warns Putin: nothing to do with us is strong. Russia is never going forward, but then it strikes with great force. That's a big difference between America and Russia.
Bill Cleveland
Nice smooth take offs, Beautiful plane.
Tiglath Pilezar
Absolutely stunning. From a Britt.
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