Monstrously Powerful US Jet Bomber in Action: Rockwell B-1 Lancer in Large Formation

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Awesome videos featuring a large numbers of powerful Rockwell B-1B Lancer in the hands of the US Air-force during large training exercise in US and GB territory. 

Video Credit: US Air Force  ,Derivative Work by Daily Military Defense & Archive

Thumbnail credit: Mike Freer from Wikipedia, Derivative Work by Daily Military Defense & Archive

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Dang Sand
Mỹ mà có thật nhiều thứ này trong chiến tranh Việt Nam thay B52 thì hiệu quả hơn nhiều .
America, which had many of these things in the Vietnam War instead of B52, was much more effective.
Casiano Cruz
1:07 lol mother fucker just came out of nowhere......
John Nagle
The Spitfire was in my humble opinion the most beautiful fighter
the world has every seen and the noise of the RR engines are beautiful to hear ..
The B-1 Lancer has that same “magic” .. Truly a beautiful bomber
These things are in full afterburner....they are soooo monstrously F-ing LOUD!!
Plane porn at its best.
Darck NEZ
TU-160 ???
Richard Neva
Just let anyone attempt to attack America get a taste from these massive beauties!
Deagu 92
Best video
Rukhsana azad
God created man to help each other not to kill.
caliber budlight
b1 and b1b lancer
Nemo Cap
Small toy! The Russian TU-160 is a real airplane
Brice Wilkerson
So yeah I'm totally in this video
Jack Ozbloke
when russia has the better spec and avionics advanced tu-160 and America's f-35 is based off of russias old VTOL fighter programme
Rob Othman
God Bless The United States Of America . May God Almighty Give Us Peace Love & Respect To Us Human Being's & Live In Peace Across His Green Earth
Alex Tomev
Every single one bounced on landing. Is this typical of the B1 because of the suspension or something? Very cool footage though makes me wish Canada had an airforce like America.
Richard's World
I'll take some super unleaded please
I'm getting
Captain Calculus
I love how the ground crew guy comes out of the engine and tries as hard as he can not to look at the camera, crawling around in a supersonic bomber's engine like he's making his bed
My favorite aircraft.
mike smith
I love this plane
Why did you (badly) airbrush-out only half the undercarriage in the picture?
Eduardo de Cardenas
I used to live in North Las Vegas, not too far from Nellis Air Force Base, and I used to watch these monster bombers and other aircraft coming in for a landing. They are impressive.
The earth shakes when they fly over. It's AWESOME.
sury elvis
Send a few of those babies to NK and let them drop a few MOAB's on little kim's fat gay ass.
Deependra Salvi
it looks like dick head
Earlier Scientist Used to be crazy. B2 Spirit, XB-70 Valkyrie and this they must have some alliance with the alien army.
Ramesh Singh
yes indeed this one is super. speed and crew?
mudasser ahmad
Les Kirschner
I built that.
John Hearn
this junk belongs at longbeach with the spruce goose. ronnies
junk yard.
John Skinner
My dad was one of the main bean counters (cost types contract manager) on the B1-B program for Rockwell. This thing was designed to be a supersonic, deep penetration, fly NOE (nap of earth) stealth (precursor to the F-117A and B2) nuclear bomber. Designed to fly 100 or so feet off the ground at supersonic speed to avoid enemy radar and to out run any known at that time surface to air missiles to deliver it's payload. At approximately 3-4 miles out from it's intended target it would go almost vertical, gain altitude, deliver it's ordinance turn around then drop back to NOE and exit... From what my dad told me at the time it was only capable of carrying 1-2 bombs and the rest fuel.. It's only and main mission at that time was to nuke the USSR into submission during the cold war... I had the chance as a young teen to actually get to go up in one of the test mules as it was called. How dad arranged it I do not know...
Marcello Keith Wijaya
Geneva Maria
I seen ,and heard one of these planes take off at Tinker AFB,in Midwest City,Okla.I was very impressed ,and the noise was incredibly loud.It is wonderful plane,and has awesome power.
alex ulbl
Glupi Severno Američani,Vi neumni in ne uki narod,Pederastija lastnega naroda,LAHKO moji malenkosti ližete lepo obrite jajce! UBE
alex ulbl
He,he, he,....
Stupid North American soldiers looks like... eeee,mhm,mhm, 😁 IDIOT'S?!?!
Meneses guitars inc
some of the usa planes are service in El salvador
true fact
Meneses guitars inc
Steve Carroll
plane awesome!
al Khwarismi
Compared to the B-52 it is small.
Nbel Yusf
ما هو الحريه الصلاة الصلاة الصلاة الصلاة اءنها مثل اءنتى' الحر لل الضرب العدو الدول الاءسلام في القنابل النوويه والقنابل الذريه والقنابل البولجيه والقنابل الكمياء اءنه الله هو يعطيك الاءمر لل ضربهم لل العدو الدول الاءسلام اءنهو العدو الله هو الصاحب الملك الكره الاءرضيه والسموات كيف تكون الصديق الله الخالقنا العظيم النور النور الحب الصداقه لهو ولل السموات والكواكب الفضاء السماء♡♡~~ واءنتى' وعائلتكى' العظيم الدفاع عن العدو الله♡♡~~
Wade White
Hold the fort until everybody becomes available. June should do!
Wade White
Pay attention sweetie. I'll be on the move again. Once moved. I'll be more efficient! I have many options at my disposal. You and yours aren't aware of. I'm afraid we have to find somebody who can be more vigilante!
Peter Ssetumba
Russia has even more than that!!
Hossein imani
USA nambervan
ron riv
Looks like eagle with it wings spread. God Bless the USA
Insanely beautiful!
Joseph K
Isn't Rockwell the successor company of North American Aviation, which built the super sexy Mustang?
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