Meet the family members of late actor Vinod Khanna!

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Meet the family members of late actor Vinod Khanna!

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Here we are declare, we are collect from all photos google advance search "Labeled for reuse with modification or commercial use and another source photos collect from celebrity social media like,twitter,facebook and instagram.Finally news source we put the link in our description box.

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Dear Viewers
Sorry for Mistake
Rahul Khanna is Elder son of vinod khanna and Akshaye Khanna is Younger son of Vinod Khanna
Salma Abedi
What the hell sakasi khana thinking hem slev som ugily and dark 😆
Yellow Blue
1:02 Vinod Khann ?
vaishali lad
akshay dsnt hv hair since childhood..😄😄... rahul has.
vaishali lad
sakshi khanna looks very arrogant n full of attitude. dont knw how he must b in real life.
kamlesh kumar
Mxolisi Thango
Rav Singh
may his soul rest in peace!!
..also I want my brother to quit drinking, so he told me if I get 1000 subscriptions by the end of June he will quit drinking..I need help!!..
thanks & God bless you😇
King of Atlantis
Just realised akshaye Khanna is bald since his childhood 😂😂
samsam wahwah
Akshaye and Rahul got hero looks and hero names like their daddy, their mom (his first wife) were looking so beautiful !

Youngest son looks like a regular man's son, his mom dosent looks like a superstar-wife.
Dragon Dragon
salman gandu ke kitne najaiz aoulad hounge...any guessess
Sayantan Pramanik
Rahul Khanna is Elder than Akshaye agewise but not lookwise ;-p
Nosheen Khan
sakshi khana yuck
kantilal sharma
Smita Shrivastava
Rahul Khanna is the elder son
Elizabeth Huston
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