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From predicting Donald Trumps run for presidency to vegetable contamitation , we count down 5 Times The Simpsons Predicted The Future. In many ways, both small and big , TV is in the business of selling us the future. Whenever you flip the channels, you are likely to find a range of fortune tellers , infomercial psychics that swear they can see all, and cable news pollsters that try to predict the outcome of everything from a horse race to the presidential election. Most of the time, they’re not right, but sometimes, television can be pretty freaking accurate when it tries to guess what’s going to come next.
For the past few decades, in fact, there have been several Cartoons that have accidentally predicted future events. From forecasting the fates of  leaders to imagining public figures and the scandals that befall them, these comedy and drama Cartoons have done a fantastic job of reading in between cultural lines and figuring out where we’re heading. Here are Top Five Times Cartoons Predicted The Future!

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5.Radiation-Spawned Mutant Tomatoes

This episode aired in 1999 and featured the family moving to an very old farm to escape the wrath of a dueling Southerner. In an attempt to grow something from the dead land, Homer sneaks into the nuclear power plant to get some uranium, giving the soil a little boost ,at least he was trying to be thoughtful, right?. Homer then carelessly plants a mixture of seeds, most of them tomato and tobacco. The result: tommaco.  Funny enough, in 2013, Japan found a ton of weirdly mutated fruits and vegetables in the villages surrounding the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. It’s believed that these were the end result of the meltdown that happened in 2011. Although none of these tomatoes were laced with tobacco or horribly addictive, it still makes you think twice about where your vegetables are picked from.

4.The Rise of Trump
Season 11, Episode 17: “Bart to the Future”

After getting caught trying to sneak into a Native American casino, Bart gets a vision of his family’s future. He sees himself as a bum who mooches off of friends and family . Lisa, on the other hand, is president of the United States. Her predecessor? Donald Trump.Lisa: “As you know, we’ve inherited quite the debt from President Trump. How bad is it, Secretary VanHouten?” An adult Milhouse pulls up a chart with a rather damning downward arrow and says, “We’re broke.” Now, I’m not going to get into a whole political thing here, even with the election just a week away. But let’s just say, I hope at least part of this prediction is wrong.

3.Whacking Day
Season 4, Episode 20: “Whacking Day”

This episode will make you love snakes. No, I’m serious. In Springfield, the most hallowed holiday is Whacking Day. Snakes are driven to the center of town and then whacked to death. For multiple reasons, we’re sure. Now, snakes aren’t exactly the most well-loved creatures on the planet. They slither. Some are poisonous. The ones big enough to take down and eat alligators are downright terrifying. But I don’t think they deserve to be beaten to death by a town of baseball-wielding idiots. Unfortunately, Florida disagrees. Since 2013 the state has held an annual “Python Challenge” in the Everglades. The goal is to remove or at least contain the Burmese Pythons, which, in all fairness, are an invasive species. Thousands of dollars are rewarded as prizes for anyone turning in a python from the Everglades. Lisa Simpson would not be happy.
2.Baby Translator
Season 3, Episode 24: “Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?”

Homer has a long-lost brother named Herb, whom he ruined financially in an earlier episode by making a rather obscene car. In Season three, a homeless, penniless Herb returns, and asks for help to create a new invention that’ll make him rich again. Maggie provides the big inspiration, and Herb creates a clunky but effective baby translator! Too good to be true?

1.Everything from “Lisa’s Wedding”
Season 6, Episode 19: “Lisa’s Wedding”

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