Woman Outraged After DNA Test Reveals $1,750 Dog Isn't the Breed She Wanted

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Using the same techniques as you would to find out about your own ancestors, you can test your dog's DNA, but you might not like the results. Phyllis Von Saspe of New York wanted to know if her $1,700 designer dog Emma really is a Shorkie, a mix of Shih Tzu and Yorkie. So she had the dog's DNA tested. Emma, who was purchased from a breeder in Washington State, is not a Shorkie at all. She's part Shih Tzu and part Pomeranian, according to her DNA analysis.

Ticci Cat
Idk why I find the word "Mut" offensive against small dogs
Madison Free
they should still live their dog I love my dog he is a pug mixed with a bull dog I may not of spent 1300 on him but I did spend 300 and he worth so much more love ya max
Annie Pizza
Yup Yari
Plain old mutt? He is still a puppy and u love him no matter what breed
it doesnt matter the breed, you should just adopt an animal
doggyy dog
And now im doubting my dog is not purebred poodle
Ask Miku 2
I don't care about dogs breed they still cute af.
Diego Cab.
My dog is a shitzu and a mini poodle mix pretty sure. he has like yellow colored fur around his eyes and he's white
Pandacorn Lover
Wow. She was mad because her puppy was not the EXACT breed she wanted? She should've loved that adorable puppy no matter what
morgan. ღ
i have a purebred german shepherd i rescued off the streets when he was a puppy.
you think i care if he were a mix?
Be Liberty
I have a Havanese and I love her soooooo much!!!
Beril Ly Ella
i got both of my dogs for free. first dog is a mutt and the other one is full breed (we have the dna) we got her for free because the kid had an allergie and they needed her to find a home quick
Aly N Mercy
Why people care about what Breed is come on, totally lust
Lizabeth Phan
Wtf?! Idc I have a Pomeranian (it's a fluffy dog and little dog and it's golden and yellow it's tiny as heck!)
Emanuel Espinoza
All it matters it's there personality
"This document, not DNA" I think I might of just heard one of the stupidest statements ever.
Gavin Reddig
It's a dog you should love it no matter what
Might as well adopt! Don't spend 1000$ for a dog if you're not even sure it's purebred
Reeno Beano
I know you should love your dog no matter what, but if you pay close or over 1000 bucks for your dog it would kinda suck to find out it wasn't what you had paid for.
Husky Savage
But what if your dog wants to identify as another breed? You won't know because they can't talk.
mia bambina
Everybody should do themselves a favour and visit their local shelters before spending an enormous amount of money on certain breeds.
Mr. Nobody
There is this person my mom knows and he has a pug named jompou there is this celebrity named jompou too and den the owner of jompou died and my mom thinks it was karma for putting a celebrity's name on a pug and I think that the name jompou is stupid for a girl that famous. And jompou is a very fat pug who likes snoozing off around all day like everyday. Dat fat pug.
IS IT? ?
my dog is a mix of to different dogs and there not a breed and I don't care I love her 😘🐶
Corbin Brier
My cat was $1200. I have had my cat since she was 3 months old. She is now 7 years old.
may khaing
its still the same dog you bought and raised. The treatment towards it shouldn't change at all . But yes, I'll be furious too if I got ripped off with false advertising.
FantasticCraft Games
I Still love my dog Whatever breed it is! They're Just to Cute!
Isobel Higgs
I get mad at people searching for specific breeds. They're often inbred and unhealthy if they're purebred. Isn't it the dog that counts? They're all beautiful and some of them have such great personalities it doesn't matter.
Bo Bi
A bit expensive but I wouldn't be mad. It's a dog and you can never be mad with it. As long as I have one.
Adopt, don't shop.
Marie Lopez
I have a Pitt bull It can bite my enemies
Kiril Trenkoski
who knows about shi tzu
Sushi Rolls Paints
I want to take a DNA test for my dog (Tyson). He is a mutt that was supposedly a Chug (Pug/Chihuahua).
Adam Price
My Shih tzu looks just like that one in the video only darker
zombie crew inc.
what about cats? I have one
Sara Fox

Danisnotonchairs /Never will be\
Hey its still cute af thou
Starry Webkinz
Ok my dog is a shorkie we even have papers for her she could be worth a lot of money but she dosent look like a shorkie as much tho
Misty kaneshiro
i really dont care what breed it is, It still cute
I don't see whats wrong with mutts, they live longer!
i have a shorkie................he is a nut that poops 24/7 like every hour...
Us er
I don't care what breed any animal is like dogs,rabbits,cats etc I love them no matter what
LPS Pixie Stix TV
she's was an idiot to only want an expensive breed dog. any dog would be willing to give her love!
Aubrie Aguirre
Id just be happy to have a dog
Kitty Kaye
tbh i wouldn't even care what breed it is it's a dog but i would be upset for the money but i'd still love it
Megan Violet
So true! it doesn't matter if your dog is a mutt or not because it's still a cute fun loving dog
xXNightcore CookixX
if animal shelters actually wanted pets to have a good life, then they would lower the prices down...
Spacey Bagles
You know you shouldn't trust someone if they say "docupmentations" instead of "documentations"
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