Do A Kpop Roll
It's literally a dog-
Bryant Baugh
Just get the dog from a owner of puppies that is what I do and always will do to know the bread cause you can see the parents
Epic Quintessence
I have a purebred and I have two rescues but it is called prerogative. I will buy what I want, when I want, with my own money and it is not anybody else's business, unless I make it their business! 😋👏👏
Adam Boikos?
Aj Gamer Productions
It's About The Personality , Not the Breed.
Rotis Demolish
That's why you should just get a lab XD because you know how they look like
Hearts Broken
My dog is a maltipoo but I got my DNA and my dog is a

MALTIPOO! Can't you believe that?! Ugh!
I adopted a purebred American Pitbull Terrier :')
But, she likes her dog... Breed don't matter.
Roger Rios
Imagine if dogs had to pick their owners....
Cedric Le
If the little doggie love you and you do thats good if you love him cuz of his breed but he doesnt like you thats not good its like my friends at video games they love them but video games doesnt
Kayla and the wolves
Adopt don't shop
See i don't like that word "mutt", its mean. a dog is a dog no matter the breed i have a shih Tzu-pom mix and she is so loveable and beautiful shes no mutt to me.
Eliza Wilson
can ppl PLEASE stop calling mixed breeds mutts, it sounds like the dog is homeless or something jeez
Dont go to breeders and go adopt a mutt or even pure bred if one is there, I have done research on this and know all the benefits of adopting instead of a breeder and a mutt over a purebred I did a persuasive essay on this.
Baby lion seal
My dog is a full bred yorkie but I wouldn't care if he was mixed because he is so cute!
i don't understand why you'd pay thousands of dollars for an ugly ass dog like that when there's one at shelters for way cheaper, and they're way cuter
muneem islam
Next thing we know that a new president will come and say dogs should be free then there is going to be a civil war
Michael Pyland
Don't shop adopt!
abiha wasim
OMG harchitzu and Pomeranian OMGGGGG if she has puppy's u might get a Pomeranian!!!!! WHO CARES if she is a mutt
abiha wasim
Ik but if she really wanted a dog and spent a lot of money for one breed then it obvi she wanted that breed for a lot of time but when it wasn't her dog that she wanted then there is no prob if she gets angry
What a dick who cares what breed it it dog is a dog
Anime.freak.36/ yaoi lover
Don't called them mutts!!
Julia L
I love my dog but I'm wondering what he is now. How much is that DNA test O_o;
Don't shop, adopt.
People who only care about the breed dont deserve a dog
erin corinne
So stupid to pay thousands for a dog
Anti Furry
So what? Who cares?
Don't shop, adopt.
Addicting GamerGirl 304
Addicting GamerGirl 304
My dog is a boxer if she wasn't I wouldn't care if love her
Relaxing End
you should still love the dog you paid for.
Jayla Williams
My dad had won of those tests to see who he is
And she is angry cause she has the wrong breed!!!well she should be happy she has a dog😔😔😔😣😣😖😖😟😟
vegan fitness mumma
Another reason not to buy overpriced so called designer dogs and go and rescue one from a rescue centre instead
Mei Tan
I bought a "teacup" pomeranian and when i first saw her she was weak, dirty, but loves to interact. The breeder lied about her health and said that they'd give us discounts and a free groom
When we got her home she didn't walk normally, her left hind leg was a little dragged and the vet said that she was 2 months old (the breeder said 3 months old) and was too skinny for vaccinations
I love her and worried so i bought her, hate the breeder cause he lied to us about his "items" selling a "broken item" and lied about their qualities
Designer dog? You shouldn't get a dog just because of its breed and then hate it because it's not the exact breed you wanted. That's like a child coming out as gay/bi/pan/trans etc to a loving family and then being shunned.
anime rick
My sis dog is a shortkey a shih tzu and yorkie
Taylor Knight
Is it possible to adopt a purebred?
Chloe Waters
I haven't even started the video but what does it matter if you're dog isn't the 'right breed'? You should love it regardless- besides, why waste so much money when you can adopt the perfect dog at a local shelter??
Fox Slimes
My dog was 800 dollars and god he is the best dog ever also my OTHER dog a min pin (the other was a German Shepard) he was free but my mom paid shots for 16 puppies
Jack was probably from a puppy mill. If you're looking for a dog with quality breeding, you have to do your research and find a reliable breeder who knows what they're doing. Or even better, you can adopt a dog and help reduce the overpopulation of dogs that we have
I have a pure breed bread
My fullbred shitzu was $280
Drake The Killjoy
If I print out a piece of paper saying my cat is a purebred doberman, can I sell him for $1,500?
Jk my cat is my life.
Ya'll can't have my cat.
I wanna get my dog tested. We know he is a mutt and we love him for it. But he is so cutely weird we tell people he is "made with different dog parts" because we can't fully diagnose what he is.
Moon Cheetos
I have a supposedly purebred Great Pyrenees (she has the double dew claw) and I'm staring to wonder if she is a mix. When people see her they ask if she's part border collier, flat coated retriever, or st. bernard. I got her from a guy who couldn't keep her anymore and he said she was a purebred. But after watching this video I'm starting to wonder...
I wounding about my DNA and mine cats..
Kelly Feuerstein
I'd be so bad to pay that much on false info !!!
I'd still Love the dog just the same...
but breeder's lieing for Money ?!
NEED to Stop !!!!!!
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