Matthew Perez
Mutt or not they're still cute
Sadly we had to know that this woman was able to buy 1750 chocolate bars but using it on a dog is better

I love dogs 🐶
Who here has a Labrador Retriever? Like if you do!
We got our Shih-tzu from a "high end breeder." Turns out, it was a puppy mill. But, who cares, our dog is awesome XD
whats wrong with mutts
•social angstiety•
Adopt don't shop.
t i n a :p
My dog... Is a mix of a Mini Poodle and Germane Shepherd.... I could not belive it...
Jojo Fink
My dogs a shorkie
Jordin's channel
who cares what breed it is. love your dog.
Riley Yanek
I hope they were able to get a refund on there living creature.
Carolina Regalado
Te to venezulana de televisión
Mamamew TheRani
Aren't all dogs mutts? Like all humans came from africa at their roots, dogs were all dingos and wolves and coyotes and foxes in their roots? Not that I care. I love all people and dogs. True equality. All species as equals.
The Mangle Gaming
I won't care about breed, as long as I get a dog.
Qwerty Qwerty
Who cares about breed? Its just stupid. Just dismissing a dog because of its roots is just heartless.
Ashley Coronel
Can u do a DNA with a cat😂
SlothBerry Rainbows
Almond Pie
Tbh if she bought her dog for more than 1,000 dollars she could've all least gotten the dog that she wanted. I mean if she paid that much, she needs to get her moneys worth. But oh whale
Emily Glassbrook
You should love your dog no matter what breed it is🙂🐶
If you're stupid enough to pay $1000 for a "designer dog" aka a MUTT, then I won't feel bad for you when the dog isn't what you payed for.
Skyyy _
When I adopted my dog they said it was a Silky Terrier, but she didn't have that silky fur that silky terriers do. She looks more like a Yorkie, but the papers say she's a Silky Terrier, anyhow, I love my dog, no matter what breed it is :D
KpopIsLifeeuu BangtanStan
Sryslyyyy?? The heck?
Random Stuff
I have a mutt :3
I posted a doggy video... anyone wana watch?
The Imagination of Palasian
Doesn't matter!!Love your dog no matter what breed. I have a mutt and I absolutely love him to death. People learn to love your dog for them and not their breed.
Addie Amaze
Just adopt your pets people!
Eduardo Ramos
Chelsea is my name
Zoe Basnicki
One of my nanas dogs what's at the Westminster dog show
that boy rashod
you love it it is cute and fluffy but when it aint the breed that you paid so much for you gonna take yo money back and keep all the dogs lije YEEE
Nani K
Moose is so adorable!!!
Samantha Kaufman
a shorky is a mix breed
Danni Yang
Instead of doing a DNA test to see if it's a purebred u could always check its paws if it spotted them it's mix
Danni Yang
Starcaller Luna
the cotton is pretty clearly not one XD. i have cotton and people i know who also had a cotton from when it was a pup, did not look anything like that........and some of them arent pure white
Darby Self
My teacher once called my dog a mutt. I Told her no and this went on for 10 mins. I left that class a week later.
Claudia Aguilar
Just enjoy the dog.
Why do people have purebreds??? It's horrible for the dog
Paola Fernandez
Shelters should get the dogs tested so they don't have to lie to the customers I have a dog that we were told is a pure bred German shepherd with gold eyes and dark fur but in his face you can clearly tell he's not purebred but we still love him
Norma Robbins
This happened to me. I bought a little white pup that was supposed to be a Bichon Frise. Took her for her first grooming & was told she wasn't , but maybe a Bichon/Maltese mix or something close. Pd. $600 for her. Had her DNA tested. No Bichon, nor Maltese blood in her at all. They went back 3 generations. Found she was 50% Poodle, & the rest, a mix. I was very upset, being as I had pd. $600, for a mutt, but wouldn't give her up. The foster care person was evidently told she was a Bichon, by the rescue place I found her at, on the internet. so, not her fault.
Rachel T
sadly i adopted from a breeder that neglected mine he has so many ear problems even after having him for one year its an on and off problem from the person neglect he also had matted hair and had never been anywhere out side of a crate by the way he loves walking on a leash and now sleeps in my bed never will put him in a crate hes able to run in the house and in my room and get all the belly rubs he wants
Matilda Babble
It doesn't matter what dog breed you have. She sounds like one of the malfoys talking about being a pure blood 😂
Love your dog no matter what. You should still love them by their care and loving self and not their breed
lila naomi
can i get this with my dog and cat LOL, my dog is a mutt and i really want to know what breed(s) he is. while my cat is claimed to be a russian white but my family and i would like to know if we were scammed of $800 .
I know she might be disappointed about the breed. But he's still super cute! I mean, my dad got me a siamese cat when the foster owner told him it was a persian. I love her! So what if she isn't a persian?!
boi, I ADOPTED my dog.....not spend a bunch of money for a dog that doesn't need help.. I love all dogs. I just hate the way people treat dogs. Kill them, then eat them.. abuse them... GIVE THEM AWAY IF THEY'RE NOT THE BREED THEY WANTED. :I Disgusting.
Cheap Kiwis
If ur happy with your dog, than the breed doesn't matter
Rohan Prasad
does it even matter he is a part of your family u tards
Cynical Cat
Rich people ..
Magic Mathi
Who cares if your dog is a purebred?! They're even cuter when they have mixes of breeds!!!
Arianator 44
You should be happy with your dog and best friend no matter what what a sick person
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