Beckah Mataronas
Their first mistake is paying over $600 for a dog. Even a purebred with AKC championship genes doesn't go for $1,700 unless you're looking at an extremely rare breed or intend to use it for shows.
I am your Horse boyfriend
Stop caring about your dogs background and take care of the animal, retards I swear.
Obinna Nathan
the milf at the beginning...the cleavage bro
Donald J.Trump
Adopt dogs at the shelter not a shop
Basic Shorty
Breed doesn’t matter they should be loved no matter what ❤️
Ruben Payne
I think its sad someone would buy a dog because its expensive instead of buying it because they love it
Cutie Little
My doggy is a Shorkie.....
Carbo dia_Z
I have a pomchui (polmeramian chiwawa mix) and a lab
Hannah Dunn
Oh my goodness! Cheated from her money! But... As much as that TOTALLY sucks... You should still love your doggy no matter what breed he is. You should get your money back though.
Bulbasaur Life
I'd ask for my money back.
kikipuppy love
For those people who ONLY want pure breeds -you should love a dog by his/her personality not if he/her is purebreed
Rory Westgate
Honestly i would be a tiny bit upset but i rlly wouldnt care. Evey dog is adorable and deserves to be loved no matter what the breed
Zach Pearson
Keep the dog, don’t be greedy
Adopt Don’t Shop. But the lady paid 1,700$ for a purebred but she didn’t get one. I would love the dog either way. But she was cheated out of her money.
I had a dog like that pure bred for 500 hundred
Does it matter what breed your dog is?? It's a dog you have to love it no matter what!!
A mutt is 3 or more dog breeds
amber lee
Does it fuckinh matter long as the damn thing gets a gd home 😏😔😑😑
Jade Woo
I have two purebred standard poodles.. if they weren’t pure bred I wouldn’t be mad, I still love them so much
Bradentopgamer overwatch and more!
Wtf this is ridiculously retarded
Hayley and Ava 101
It doesn't matter what the breed is you should always keep that dog
Nicolas Tiedemann
ii AngwA ii
Well atleast they have a home now
I’ve got my dogs dna tested for fun. She was a rescue—looks like a 4 pound shih tzu. She’s shih tzu, japanese chin, lhasa apso, affenpinscher and poodle. But the reason she’s so small is because she has a liver that doesn’t work. She is still the best dog in the world (and my favourite although she’s one of three lol)
Macul the friendly giant labrador
There just a mutts ? Your a mutt
lone walker
This just reminds me of some racist things I paid for a Chinese girl but all I got was a nasty philipino
I want it
Even if it wasnt the breed you wanted i would still love and care for the dog
Intellnow 1
When getting a dog support proper breeders and buy .
Stacy Wilson
I got a picanizz
Nia C
I know people want those fancy purebreds, but shelter dogs deserve just as much love.
My shelter dog is a mutt, but that makes her even more unique! There is no other dog that looks like her, and that’s what makes shelter dogs even more special, along with the unconditional love they show.
Also, it’s her 7th Month Birthday today :)
My dog is purebred Havanese
Señor Quakers
Well maybe she should try adopting instead of ,most likely, getting that cute doggo from a puppy mill.
excuse me
Haha, I don't know if my MALTESE is a PUREBRED! She has all the qualities of it, it's just her curly tail gets me! It'll be no difference if I found out she's not a purebred, I'll still love my little princess. She has white, snowy hair, and she's very tiny. Someone please tell me why my maltese has a curly tail?
CatGirlGaming 828
One more reason why i dont like dogs, thanks its going on the list
Shambolic Rhetoric
I bet half of the people saying 'adopt don't shop' here have biological children. LOL
Bassam James
Dogs should be treated the same no matter what breed.
Puppy Racism? People need to stop fussing over a breed and care for the dog itself!
Unicorns Forever :D
I have a shorkie
pfft i hate mudbloods
Luna The Morkie
That lil' pupper look a little like me
So Planes
Should have donated that $1,750 dollars to a shelter. Smh
Just buy a mutt they live longer
Dorcas Kombo
Well any type of species or not the dogs should be given unconditional love
unicorn candy
I would love a shih zu pomperanian.
JøčęłÿÑ Łį
Mine is a shorkie
Puppy Lover
A dog is A DOG!!!!! Doesn't matter what breed it is!! Love is what matters!!
Tori N.
“Designer dog” that sounds so wrong.
Oats TheOcelot
You only adopt doggos
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