Cool 3D Trick Art - Bullet Hole in Hand

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How to draw a bullet hole in hand.  Cool 3D trick art optical illusion

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Dušan Novaković
This is so cool and crazy and creepy!?!?!
Ice Wolf
Who else traces their hands to draw a turkey?
Am I the only one that is concerned why he is using sharpies on his hand?
Ella Lou Farwell
Vlad Vrz
Hey , i have a channel and I need subscribe pls
He photoshopped the thumbnail
Leila Serracone
all inizio sembrava una cagata😂ma poi mi sono ricreduta
The Player Kevin
this= skin cancer
Baby Marie
Tenshi Chan
0:50 it looks 3D wow I can not draw so good
hermione granger
with sharpie it stains ur hand
JAE program
Look So Real
Funtime freddy ;3 21 freddy
miki gemz games BL
and i can ,t even drav a circle
Ibrahim Yuzer
zain ul abeden
Wao amazing ❤❤
Nice video
Roxana Lopez
i felt like trying this but i thought:
how on earth am I supposed to wash that trash off
uy no
bl3florv0rk -
Bullet holes aren't that big
Gemi Lestari
this is look a real
Chinchilla Man
What I wanna know is what kind of bullet can make a hole this damn big
why is he using a shape when it stays an your skin
are bullets that big?
RD Art
check my drawings guys
Anime Videos
Nela Polednova
je to trapní
Felicity Brown
so cool
Vikash Chandra
very very very nice☺☺😊😊
Maio - free intros on request
always when i look a bit away from the hand i think this hole is real...
Thomas Orjansen
To dra
Thomas Orjansen
I am not like you
Kidd Tails
roses are red
violets are blue
i came for the thumb nail so did you
Welcome You to KF KF ART - ETERNALBEAUTY!! -Be the first earthlings, touching to miracle! 3D 3D 3D!!!
Prince Plays
Dude that's bad for your skin so i wouldn't do that if i where u
Heidy Fiorella Ocampos Ortiz
q loco
the only down side to this is that NO BULLET CAN MAKE THAT BIG OF A HOLE
Beyza Çeliktaş
türkler de burdamı?
Xile Frosti
kippy yosh i cant even draw a strajt line with a ruler
in the last scene, it looks embedded into your hand! how?
C&K Films
its dumb to draw to write sharpie on your hand...
Charan Teja
Sir8 Deb8
The music makes me surprisingly emotional.
Fatima Nassor
Laila Bradshaw
wait he is using sharpe.......right?
Gracie Spencer
you know you did that will sharpies good luck getting that of your hand
Lol he can't draw a circle looool
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