Patricia Andrea Gonzales
sofuto resu
one word
lol i can't believe Victoria Justice is still making movies like this :/ that's kinda sad
Kiley Reynolds
Whoa Nickelodeon and Disney channel made a movie together?!?
gang gang muah
i think we're all outcasts
Cheryl Motsi
Yes !! Seems cool
Katia OS
This looks like shit
Qaisara Sanchez
Sorry but I'm more of a Bade shipper than a Bori one.
Sambrah Agao
They look so cute really want them to be a couple and plus watching victoriuos reminds me of my childhood......sorry if I spelled it wrong
Sambrah Agao
Beck and Tori omg!!!!!!
Morgan Hunter
Clicked cos I thought it was nina
Ange Long
This movie was actually terrible. Unrealistic actions and motives, and straight up unbelievable characters. It's honestly so annoying seeing these types of raging and inaccurate high school stereotypes that I almost thought they were trying to parody the genre.
Haziq Zuhaily
Why is people talking about Tori (Victoria Justice) and Beck (Avan Jogia) when we have Emma (Peyton List)?
Gabriella Martínez
Avan & Victoriaaaaaa!!!
Bish Is you blind
Idk about other forgeiners but this is how Imagine american highschools
adha fawwawawwaz
kelly cooper: terrible movie
(only legends will understand this)
Nerizza So
avan jogia :) and victoria!!!! :)
Joe Jonas DNCE Topic
Tori and Beck (Victorious) end up together and along the way they meet Sue Heck (The Middle) and Emma Ross (Jessie)
Meghan Gracie
They couldn't come up with their own names, so they use the vampire diaries names.
Kai Raza
more people saw the trailer than the actual movie
Andxxus V
hey m8 did you know White people and especially blondes are evil, right? right? hey m8 do you know ugly degenerates need to 'band 2getha' and bully attractjve humans? do you, m8?
Don't Judge Me!
“Smells like Comic Con in here anyway...”
Sue Heck! Haha
Beth Miranda
It's Sue from the middle
Oludamilola Olufemi
Aahhh I just fangirled seeing avan jogia 0:38 ..
Wait Victoria and avan...
victoria justice as an outcast? really? SKIP!
Ines PL
What's the first song in the trailer?
Live Laugh Lauren
"i like you Virginia! Even if you are named after a slave state."
Imma Smiler
Disney and Nickelodeon stars do a highschool movie..
RPG Gaming
Omfg this is a parallel universe where tori and beck end up together YES!!!
Coldwelth Simms
Firmansyah Sembiring
Meanwhile Melala got bullet in her head only because she want to go to school
Tuscanie Lane
have the people who make these movies ever been to a highschool in the 21st century post 2007?
Dimples for days
After watching the movie I felt so dizzy because of too much eye rolling.
Dimples for days
Probably the most cliche stereotypical movie ever.
Oh, no! Not this again!
Panic at the Twenty one Melanie Martinez Crybabies
After watching this is feel old...
Scarlett Weasley
I'm in the car going on holiday and the whole journey I've been watching trailers
Treniece Johnson
" I like you Virginia, even if you are names after a slave state" Omg hahah. Brilliant
Anelle Brown
icon for hire x flyleaf
Hey sue!
Karsie Flotus
Can we move on with these high school movies already? It's getting overplayed and boring af
Vlogsta Reactions
Reunion of vortious
High schoolers don’t look like this anymore.
Sarai Lazo
victorious fans are quaking
Nariko Uzumaki
Mina Hantel
Maya Syag
victoria justice is 24 can we cast her in movies about 20 year olds please
jade's gunna be pissed
Jannah Dipantar
poor Jade:-(
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