The Outcasts Official Trailer 1 (2017) - Victoria Justice Movie

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Starring: Eden Sher, Victoria Justice, Peyton List
The Outcasts Official Trailer 1 (2017) - Victoria Justice Movie

After falling victim to a humiliating prank by the high school Queen Bee, best friends and world-class geeks, Mindy and Jodi, decide to get their revenge by uniting the outcasts of the school against her and her circle of friends.

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alexis s
but like no marching band is like that so okay
Chloe Sw
This Is actually a really good movie if you watch it, people are judging it without seeing it or saying they've want to watch it just because if Victoria Justice but it's actually something that teens probably need to see. 😂😂
Chloe Sw
It actually looks like something the world needs to tell teens (my generation sucks) that nerds are people to.
Daniel Vo
Victoria in this im in buying the movie
Rahail's cute kitchen
Omg Avan and Victoria kiss 1:33
Holler Me Crazy
Finally see Tori and Beck date
Malene jakobsen
Why are you all hating on the movie??
Jamie Keely
I kept waiting for a Victoria's makeover
They look 30
I only watched this because my favorite singer is in here...

Oh cool! That's what we need: ANOTHER movie about teenagers (not played by teenagers) about how high-school SUCKS but is still FUN and the nerds never get laid LMAOOOOO. I love originality.
The most entertaining part of this movie was listening to Mindy recite the periodic table. Overall the movie was entertaining but on principle it's a pissoff that they're still making these movies in which even the ugly people are pretty. The bleeding heart liberals go on about bullying in school but fail to address this kind of nonsense in the media that sparks bullying in the first place. It starts with kid shows in which most of the bad guys are ugly/hideous then moves on to teen shows (like this) in which even the least popular people look amazing.
Zoë Zarattini
No way would Victoria justice be unpopular - period. She can't even act it, it's written all over her try hard face that she's trying to act nerdy because she's never felt what it's like to uncool but I suppose her being in it is the only reason people will go see it
Cheyenne La Loup
"It smells like comic con in here anyway"
Cookies Are just great
I love Peyton list!
Courtney Kayleen
What a totally original movie
Nekolite_Cosplay Productions
I'm excited to see this movie! .. But have you realized Eden Sher is also the voice of Star Butterfly from Svtfoe!? :P
Elizabeth Merritt
Star, what the hell?
Beck Cheated On Jade With Tori 😮
why is it true that the girls that are mean are Always blonde (i have nothing against blonde hair btw)
high quality cancer
mrs Duck
dean trbl
victoria justice has been over she doesnt get it
Zoe Jones
Evan, Victoria, and Peyton!! My fav actors
Emily Earls
It's Beck and Tori from victorious
Victoria justice and Avan Jogia??? Victorious 😂
2 white jokes by the only black character in 1 trailer. This movie is already making a bad name for itself.
crackle krispies
im sorry, victoria cant act for shit. she just looks cute and has a great PR team. in all her movies, her acting chop is the same and predictable
T. Michael
Stop portraying full grown adults as high-schoolers!
Gn Aoh
what is move's name ??
is that noah grossman @0:08 ???
kayla doll
this movie look terrible but i haven't watch a high school movie in a long time soo why not
Harajuku Girls
I hate when they use blonde girls for mean girls 😑
Rafael Arreola Lizarraga
Saddiyah Armstrong
wow this movie looks so original 😒
Raniah Chopstixs
Bahamian_ Demigod
We have not seen Victoria in ALOT of movies lately she is extremely talented but she doesn't get the roles she deserves. She deserves attention
Victoria Collins
Lady Ayumi
I'm here because of Peyton List...
Hye-Rin Park
"Smells like comic-con here anyway" ok I would like to go there
Izzie Hufflepuff
Anime Freak
Tori and Beck 😍😍💕
when the potatoes fight back
Aesthetic Oldies
William Rodriguez
"I like you Virginia, even if you're named after a slave state" 😑
Burzo Mirzaie
One of the worst Movie ever !
West Coast
Sue Heck from the middle!!
Nkeiru Majasan
Victoria looks different I don't like the hair she did it makes her look like a nerd 💇
Keyazia Edwards
"but neither of you get laid right." I'm dead😂😂😂
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