The Outcasts Official Trailer 1 (2017) - Victoria Justice Movie

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Starring: Eden Sher, Victoria Justice, Peyton List
The Outcasts Official Trailer 1 (2017) - Victoria Justice Movie

After falling victim to a humiliating prank by the high school Queen Bee, best friends and world-class geeks, Mindy and Jodi, decide to get their revenge by uniting the outcasts of the school against her and her circle of friends.

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Zesty Noodle
I graduated today and it's a weird feeling not being a part of these high school movies anymore
Cat rebel 7
SUE HECK SUE HECK SUE HECK . wait why didnt they cast axl as a cool kid
Sarrha Bayani
aye its tori and beck!
Jessica Costa
name of the song 01:21????
Jessica Costa
name of the song 01:21????
that look like mean girl
I think Avan Jogia is way better than cliche teen movies like this. I mean he's a really good actor and he nailed his role in King Tut, why can't he be cast in more mature movies?
Katie Lauren
This story hasn't been done 34485345 times before.
Mamayaa Opoku
Are you serious? As if there aren't enough negative stereotypes for black people already.
Queen Rebel
is this the set of Descendants?
Fadel Rama
hey lets make another cliche high school movie, where unpopular kids become popular.
Kaelyn Papa
Why does victoria keep appearing in cliche movies?
elleigh wilson
I like movies like these because they have all the people that played teeneagers in the not that old Disney and nick shows as well as those that played teenagers on the teen aimed shows
Marina Palmer
There are all these mean comments about the movie, but I don't see what's so bad. It's a MOVIE, so what if it's cliche! I'm young and I wanna watch dumb, stereotypical, nerd v. popular movies.
Well finally get to see Tori and Beck together 😂😂
mike lyles
It looks like a studio executive blew the dust off a script from 1999-2002... cast the new mid 20s child stars to play teens.
Fuchi XDXD
i Really like It, but specially Victoria and Avan
Micaliah Starr
Ey Nick and Disney coming together
If she takes off her glasses to "reveal" she was beautiful the whole help me God...
1:12 Lisa Ann young ?
This looks soo bad.
I was being shadey at first when I saw that Victoria is still playing high school roles, but that all dropped when I caught a glimpse of Avan Jogia!
Valbona Pire
I only would watch it because Victoria and Avan are in there 😍Tori and Beck😍
Chay Bridge
Aaaaaaah Victoria and Avan back together!!😍😍
Zara Ahsan
Victoria and Avan all the wayyy!!!! Throwback to Victorious!!
Ashley Almajane
I am going to watch this movie
Hello, Jenna Hamilton X3
ALSO, is that Wes????
Abigail Sabellina
victorious feels. Tori and Beck
Anjelika Pandjelika
tori and beck back in the sets
ladyg melissa
beck and Tori and now together again
Stephanie Samuel
Victorious memories 😢😢😢🙂🙂🙂
Biaah Maiaa
Quando será lançado?
Hana Labanza
tori get ur hands off beck #BADE FOR LYFFFF
Marielle Mae Thirlwall
omg my two favorite is in the movie
peyton list and victoria justice.....
Elisabeth Hara
I think we're ALL outcasts
Alina Vázquez
I'd watch it just for Sue Sue Heck :D
First Name Last Name
1:17 Discount Sandy Olson's expression is my reaction to token black girls black history joke
Cruz DiMarzo
Only here for Jenna Hamilton tbh
Alfadion Rizki Ramadhan
gonna be in my movie list 😍 victoria i am coming
Mohammed Shiine
swear i think i heard someone shout "zombie fascist." 💀
Brenda Sanchez
everyone here is saying omg victorious and all that
me on the other hand is like omg star!!!!

star vs the forces of evil btw
nelly lynna
It smells like comic con in here anyways 😂
giuhhh /?
this rlly shows what a bad haircut does to a person lmao
Emely Renteria
kathame RDMD
I came here because i thought the girl with bangs is demi lovato.
Bish Wha
yes yes yes!!!!!!!!! I need to see this!!!!!
Agent Other
Wanna say three or four of those actors are almost in their 30s
hi lol
This movie legit looks horrible.. I only want to see it for the cast omg.
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