They are wearing almost the exact same thing.
Athena Primrose
When your guest is a better host then you are
Hannah Helton
Jimmy is always struggling to speak. And doubling over with laughter. SO EFFING ANNOYING.
jack shan
June Kiborn
OMG OMG OMG I always love everything about John Oliver even more every time I see him do a thing, and like... This just makes me love him moar.
William Pichardo
That Fallon's laugh both annoys and scares the living hell out of me.
Theodore Puccio
Why were you so emotional? What kind of question is that?
I find it odd that Jimmy is laughing after watching that clip and Oliver saying that he loves Jon and it was emotional...i dont get why is he laughing
Natalie Kendel
Dont make fun of Oliver. He's awesome!!
Rui Nóvoas
Any comedian guest @ The Tonight Show: *says something*


You asses read too much into shit, Fallon's swimming in your YouTube view count money like Scrooge McDuck and "fake giggling" with his comedian pals while you're making up these fan fictions in your heads.
Dan Sea
rat faced bastard with spider legs for fingers.
Praise be, praise be to you, my hero.
Sam 1
John oliver is great. it's strange to think he grew up where I live and he has become so big in America
Deplorable Don
John Oliver didn't cry like a bitch because it was his last show. He cried like a little bitch because Trump won.
Clem Fandango
jimmy you ahole just play the Emotional part lol ffs
Channel for Positivity l Understanding l Justice
As the years go by....
John Oliver's bangs go bye....
Scott Rooney
Holy shit, Jimmy's laugh is almost tolerable in this clip.
Dan Something
im British and what he says about how emotion is treated here is 100% true
Nate Lybeer
I think his accent has diminished over the past few years.
Kanya Pinandita
i must say, john oliver is looking better these days.... what is this mid life puberty?
Max Rosenblum
it's always weird when one big hosts interviews a much better one
Mata Pendejos
Jon Oliver looks like he weeps and apologizes after sex what a wanker.
He cried like a bitch after Trump was elected too....and didn't even donate the money to Trump's campaign like he promised.
Iris Baul
seeing john oliver cry is so sad wtf
"Pre-1770 American" cracked me up.
John Oliver literally blew Jimmy Fallon out of the water on this interview... I mean holy shit! He is just a powerhouse of personality and comedy and almost made Jimmy look like an amateur during this interview. And at first, I was really pissed that the Daily Show let John Oliver go and then shortly after, John announced his resignation. But now, Last Week Tonight has become so good and the lack of restrictions that it has being on HBO has turned it into one of the best "news" shows I have ever watched. I mean seriously, John Oliver would have NEVER been able to do some of the stories he has done with the in depth approach that he is known for on the Daily Show. Last Week Tonight is just spectacular and the only complaint that I have against it at all is that it wasn't named "The Oliver Twist"
Why did he get so emotional?? Seriously, Jimmy?
John Oliver Showed a Rare Vulgar Display of Power
At the moment, late each night (or at least each weeknight), the American public can choose between watching Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, Conan O'Brien, Seth Meyers, James Corden and Trevor Noah, as well as weekly appearances by John Oliver with Saturday Night Live thrown in on...um...Saturday night. Most, if not all of them are firing out some of the best material of their careers (due in no small part to the wealth of material that is Donald Trump), and whilst their individual styles vary, I don't think there has been a time in late night history when Americans have been so spoilt for choice in the late night slots.
big orange fan
I totally agree with you I like him on HBO His show can do what they want and it's been awesome I hope for many more shows
somebody please teach Jimmy to speak in full sentence
My brain must be like 45% mirror neurons, because EVERY TIME, I see someone shed tears of joy, I get misty eyed...
I finally found the full clip (I couldn't seem to find it on YouTube) where john gets emotional. It's on the comedy central website. You can find it under "A John Oliver Retrospective"
johnny GoodFellow
sack Jimmy Fallon
It takes a lot to drive an Englishman to tears...
Andrew Huseby
That moment was special enough to be one of John Oliver's four hugs in his lifetime !
Seo Sem
Are you kidding me? HOW HAVING HUMAN EMOTIONS IS RARE? WTF?! WHY ARE YOU EMOTIONAL? Answer: Because I'm a nice decent human being not a ZOMBIE FAKE ASSHOLE!
Daniel Gonzalez
Gotta love John Oliver.
John crying is so freaking cute :3
Ivanka Clinton
he has an accent?
I love that little Brit.
Aakash Pandita
he stole Louis ck's the finger on the trigger joke
Saloni Bansal
Jimmy is doing a good job. He lets the guest do the talking. He's likeable too.
Him, David Mitchel and Richard Ayeoade all went to uni together, that must have been a weird yet hilarious group
Tuna Fish
this honestly just makes me love john oliver even more
What-If Machine
"I'm a pre-1770 American." Seriously, no one got that joke?
"it didn't occur to me that the audience were as heavily armed as they were" I DIED. God, I love john Oliver
Niyati Shah
Why am I so unhappy they missed the pre-1770 joke?! I laughed so hard at that one 😂
utkarsh sankrityayan
Jimmy completely missed the pre-1770 American joke.
Chris Mac
Jon Stewart must be a pretty decent guy all in all.
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