This is bangladesh (chatgaon) not india
darragi anwar
c'est incroyable mais ces vrais
Daniel Samuel
No value for human lives. Bangla.
All those people on top of the train! I guess there aren't any low-clearance tunnels or roadway overpasses on those routes. And those people sitting atop the locomotive; it cannot be pleasant sitting downwind of the diesel exhaust stack! Oh well, the ride is free, after all!
Venkateswara Rao G
Better emigrate to Europe and USA Canada
full all the vacant places there.
india will be no.1 super power in year2020
we will defeat all, jai hind
M N Momen
Kenny Austin - obviously they are all working class peoples, these annually 2 Muslim Eid Vacation leaving for their hometown in rural areas, these kind traveling all they enjoyed very much happily instead annoyed even no tickets to pay. It's in Bangladesh Railway.
Tord Tjernström
Kumar Nityanand
From Which Station this train is starting like that?
Kulmeet Rai
sonu g.k
elsa manongas
nko train pa ba yan
Alfa Painting
UN Sham on you! Make people poor like this?
Noman Hasan
Have to pass that station thrice in a week ;) There is something really beautiful that you cant see
And the Westerner says why Bangladesh not giving refuge to Rohingya Muslims there is no place even to walk on the road. After that they have taken hundreds of refugees & the Europe crying over refugees crysis.
abo noor
Dale Rider
This is marked as a train that is OVERBOOKED. Do you think so?
Papi G
SOoooooooooo does this mean it's free to ride the rails. Hahahahaha
1 train has a population number of New York
Santosh Yadao
Samuel Ganta
why can't they add more bogies, as those who are traveling on top can get off from bogies even without a platform and make a safer journey?
Nick Schoendorf
I can’t even imagine the stink inside those cars
Nick Schoendorf
What kind of stupid do you have to be to,ride on top of a train??
prasanna pentakota
george stachura
need birth control in this country cut off most of the mens testicles and balls!
Kamlesh chandrvanshi
Robin Gardner
Golden Golly
Dirty filthy pakis
Jk 킴
Nick Le
just dont fall as sleep!
Nick Le
tis way fun to travel!
Hailey C.Conner
Wow! This don't look like a 21st Century to me. Humans,and the Machine. All I say is Amazing Train Ride
alexis figueroa
por eso no quise ser inspector de boletos de tren
OMG! I saw four or five gang rapes of white tourists taking place in that crowd. I wonder how long it takes to get used to the smell of rancid body odor, cigarettes, and the stink wafting over from the nearest designated shitting street.
blu 1968
atleast their happy.....
Anders Vinther
It may be what is called fourth-class passengers.
Sumintra Narinedath
Free ride when u sit on top
Kevin A
and you thought your commute was bad..
Jc Jc
wonder full videos
dheeraj shetty
It is Bangladesh not india
Srinivasan Raju
Unfortunately most viewers are unable to distinguish between Bangladesh and India which reveals their depth of knowledge. India is far more orderly and most citizens are disciplined and law abiding. Passengers are never allowed to sit on rooftops, even if the trains are crowded. In many spheres of life, India is a much advanced country compared to most of its neighbours, except China, which is technologically superior and more disciplined. Indian Government under Modi's governance is racing ahead to be a role model to several advanced countries.
Dickson Jame
India country
Farid Ahmed
esko bltahe bagali
Salu Mohanty
Shorty Robinson
I guess falling off a train beats walking ...😦😬
Morgan Smith
Until now I realized that the canopies are masterpieces in Indian stations.
no religion monotheist
Noarthindia...amazing ..😂😂
Bermuda Triangle Bermuda Triangle
Indian stupid government
Sarojinidevi Thambapillai
Hi It's not people fault it's government problems they don't how to regulate and provide Good service to people China most population in the world if they can do it why India or bangaladesh Because politicians fill their own poket
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