Kyle's FunPlex
Plz subscribe like if you did
Mrs. Towne
fuck no
GrumpJump Gamer
why were still here
Louisa Rrzs
does poods wear purpose tour sweatpants in this vid?
Shubham Bhole
who likes pewdipie ??? NO NO ONE likes him and the fans of pewdipie are gay like him too. pewdipie if ur reading this comment change ur style dude!!!™
Randi Mowatt
You are fucking awesome
basically 7/10 minutes of this video was him talking about why he's still playing happy wheels
thegirl nextdoor
Can't anybody fucking see how forced this is
lmao my sisters name is ainslee
1:55 did anyone notice that he actually installed two of the games
Concentrated GAMEPLAYER
hiw do you edit your vids they are crazy
ines ameriso
Come at me bra
ines ameriso
Btw pewdiepie i dare u to roast me lol
mmm, dat Naruto music 😍
Azen Thebunkers
intro song plz
Lyons Are Not Pets
Just realized this video was uploaded on my birthday. Good times, good times.

Wait a minute... Ainsley has my birthday too, holy fuck! I am one of the chosen few!
indira moscoso
Put some more quality content pls. you just always play happy wheels
Ross Williamson
I thought you said everyone who plays happy wheels is stupid so ur stupid
ravens flockmate
you're clearly trying too hard to act like your not enjoying it
רונן בן לולו
אתה מגניב מת עליך
Albanian YT
Play GTA San Andreas
Afirzahani Azahar
your so pretty pewdiepie
R.I.P Ainsly ????-201? He was a good man. always gave advise to PEWDIEPIE and could be a shithole sometimes. What do you have to say to Ainsly?
Anthony Escobar
I'm scared
Sandy. Engel
Ahmet Necati
Ilimunati oc
Its not as fun as it used to be
leanna cooper
Be-best intro ever.

slow claps

Beautiful. You deserve an award
Andrew Carnborn 3:16
happy wheels on mobile is only on iPhone. That's why it said App Store
Ah...A good old day......
Septic Scout
#8bittheater and #8bitryan are examples of people who did over 100s of Happy Wheels episodes. Also the real Happy Wheels app is for IOS, iPad, and IPhone. You can't browse online levels and you can only use Segway Guy, Irresponsible Dad and his son Timmy, and Wheelchair Guy. They are the most original characters and that's their real names.
Tural Axundzade
türkler heryerde
Dimitri Reed
How does this guy make the most money on YouTube
marchus Kyle idk
yu don't got it pewds
Savg Troll
the kids name is billy
Antoinette James
8:13 acting goals if you were an actor i would watch any movie you make any movie
Kaden Wallace
Anyone who subscribes to me I will subscribe back
Aiden Tapiz
4:13 rip headphone users
Skylar Snicket
The whole desc
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Ben Sherbundy
I'm glad he did probably his last video on happy wheels cause it was the best series (in my opinion) It's sad that he fucking hates this game cause he loved it way back when but you know people move on it legit makes me sad kinda, I loved the pewdiepie 4 and 5 years ago but I love him now (No homo) but you have to say goodbye after 5 years so goodbye pewdiepie happywheels you will be missed ✌✌✌✌ happy wheels
6:54 tht burp though
Rene Flores
its Billi
Temp Clips
why would you do that to ainsley
party king god
tgis brings back memerees
rusicAria01 _DM
Alexis Nesteby
i think he has officiall
y lost his mind
Senevereko -san
i used to watch his videos years ago. family violence and depression were hard times. his videos made me forget my worries for a while...i could smile. now i havent watched his videos...he changed. he changed too much...even he knows it.
Jimmy K your mlg
Love pewdiepie
A Kowalczyk
take my son's brain
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