The WORST Cartoon I've Ever Seen

worst cartoonbad cartoonproblem solverzproblem solverz cartoon

Gonna need some /r/eyebleach now...

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ElijahDaBird [CherryPieAndFrinchFries]
I didn't want to see problem solvers again
but I now I my eyes are bleeding that I clicked on this horrible art show thing that have some kids with seizures
Lush Heart
i remember this show when i was six and i actually liked it 😑
mr bruh
for some reason i liked and watched the cartoon
Official Autumn The Leafeon
The only thing I like about this show is some of the colors.
Everything else I hate about it.
This show game me nightmares.
My eyes legit felt like they were on fucking fire.
Srk_ Vader
I got curious about this so I searched it up seeing that Mark Hamill voices one of the characters,

I'm probably the only one who noticed the review's background music was club penguin music.
Paul Novacek
Lol I remember my brother binge watching this on Netflix
K9CrazyKiki YT
I remember seeing that cartoon as a kid and it gave me nightmares
Th3B3astBanana YT
I liked this show.
Blue Dingus
I thought this show was long gone from my brain
I remember when that show came out, I watched all the episodes because I had nothing better to do....... I was a lonely kid.
Wind Poff
i actually LIKED problem solvers when i was smol.
ExtraChromosomeSupreme Keem
I was afraid of it when i was young but then i liked it later on, Idk why...
I used to fucking love this show and I find it ok and like the art style. Nice video though Valiskibum!
Richie Madrigal
it's the worst thing I have ever experienced Pls kill it wait it's cancelled good 😋phew
I remember attempting to watch this show once when I was young and immediately giving up because it the show's appearance actually managed to make me feel nauseous. I agree with you 100% that it is the worst cartoon ever.
midnight the night spirit
why cartoon network why
RandomMemer27 Meme
Bleach it away with Clorox
Ana Milicevic
I like this
Marko P
What the fuck...
1:45 MY EYES
Simona Marie
when I saw commercials for the show... I think I wanted to throw up... I've never seen an episode and know very little about the show... but from the footage that I've seen from the reviews... yeah, I want to throw up
Alex Delashmit
Yes worst cartoon in history.
Galactic Dreamer
Im sorry but you're mistaken.. Steven Universe is clearly the worst cartoon ever.
Ismail Nisar
not kidding but my eyes are hurting
I had to close my eyes the whole video because I've seen some of the side characters, those ugly wrinkly disgusting dirty nasty just YUCK faces, I'm not looking at those again, and plus those pictures are almost fully out of my head because I can't stand them!
I used to love this show, maybe because the bright as fuck colors.
FNaF Plush Channel
the only problem they can't solve is how to make a good show !!! XD
Sarah Wilder
I started coughing just by watching this video. I swear I'm done.
TacoCat Animationz
in complete honesty: when this came out I freaking LOVED IT. I still do... but I was pretty young, and I'd love to see a reboot and see what they could do!
Jonathan Arevalo
The only person who would enjoy this show would be a person without eyes.
im offline right now
my cousin got a seizure from that show
Norwegian Random Guy
In my country this show eas cancelled 5 days after it was aired......

Still wonder why?
Problem Causers is the correct term.
this was my favorite show when i was younger
also i dont know why but i still kind of enjoy this?? its obviously not my favorite show its ugly as hell but still i somehow still enjoy it a little bit
its kind of disturbing and thats probably what i like about it lmao
Shaymin Craft
I remember! I used to absolutely love this show!
Neil Wilson
More like Problem Seizurez.
HundredPercentOtaku ツ
I agree but, this is not the worst cartoon.
Atreyu Patton
This cartoon is not solving my problems
PigorDoge Ossim
I remember this show lol I enjoyed it as a kid but now seeing it, it's kind of disappointing lol
Elia Torres 2
This gave me nightmares
HeYoNiA Channel
The Reaper's Troll
I remember this show from 2008 for some reason. it was actually an adult show, I think.
Lilina Sato
The art style almost reminds me of the game Night in the Woods
But injected with the neon glow shit that makes those Walmart fish glow in the dark or something like that
And with LSD
And a good helping of bath salts
Lilina Sato
Fucking Domo bootleg with an American-fatass diet
This show gives you more eyestrain and headaches than the Virtual Boy.
Pluto Rose
My ears are bleeding and my eyes are burning
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