Donald Trump's First 100 Days In Office | Season 28 | THE SIMPSONS

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Donald Trump reviews his accomplishments from his first 100 days in office.

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THE SIMPSONS continues to strike a chord with viewers for irreverently poking fun at anything and everything. As the longest-running scripted series in television history, THE SIMPSONS has become one of the most consistently groundbreaking, innovative and recognizable entertainment franchises throughout the world. With its subversive humor and delightful wit, the series has made an indelible imprint on American pop culture, and its family members – HOMER (Dan Castellaneta), MARGE (Julie Kavner), BART (Nancy Cartwright), LISA (Yeardley Smith) and MAGGIE – are television icons. Recently renewed for the unprecedented 28th season, THE SIMPSONS has won 31 Emmy Awards, a 2015 People’s Choice Award and was nominated for an Academy Award in 2012 for the theatrical short “The Longest Daycare.” The series recently received five 2015 Emmy Award nominations, including Outstanding Animated Program. “The Simpsons Movie” was a hit feature film; the mega-attraction “The Simpsons Ride” at Universal Studios has received historic expansion updates with the addition of Springfield added to the roster; and the show was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2000. It was named the “Best Show of the 20th Century” by Time magazine, and called the “Greatest American Sitcom” by Entertainment Weekly in 2013.

Donald Trump's First 100 Days In Office | Season 28 | THE SIMPSONS

robert pena
To bad these jokes are gonna keep coming till 2024...#maga
Patrick Dom
Make America Great again!!!
Najmudeen Bankole
My gf reallу lovеs this film. We foound full moviе here =>
Adam Ferguson
donald trump is stupid
Alex Headley
I was elected to lead not to read. NUMBUH 3!!
مستر -سرحان
الي جاي من طرف مستر قولد لا يحط لايك
Wassime Bencebte
Тhe Simррsооооns mоviе hеreе =>
William Dritt
whats ironic is that this is from animation on fox.
Manuchehr Gharibi
well not that bad because when my mum saying do maths
Andres Blanco Ramirez
Finallу I'vеее fоund hd Тhе Simрsооооns mоооviе hеееrе =>
M e i
Fifty 1 Fifty
We don't ship to California. lol! Nobody would buy it anywhere else!
Murphy AvaLily
Omg this.
Daniel Ibanez
The Simpson's turned into apolitical's ass licker program so gradually I didn't even notice
Killer Boy
Watcch Theeee Simppppsons oonlineee in hd quality here =>
Fifty 1 Fifty
this is pretty harsh. I love it!
Who is the first person which was hanged ?
jadon bitner
Ha! The Simpson are too powerful for Donald Trump to touch! He'd be in hot water if he tried, same thing with Ellen DeGenerous
أينشتاين السهليء
ياولاد الوسخه
They surely swallowed all jokes for Obama and his family during 8 years.... Al Jean is such a ass-kisser.
Two Niles
Baroon Swity
have you the link of the orginal scense ?
Alisson xico
Hеееy guуs watch Thее Simppppsons оnline hеrе =>
أبو اذان
الرجل انقتل وهو مخمور ومهب امريكي
الواثق بالله
كلاب الماسونية قبحكم الله
0:46 rubles the currency of russia
Bork Lensar,Mayor of Suplex City,Kekistan
BRAVO!You'll get about 3 more seasons that no1 will watch after this shit.
EJ Scholar
Did I miss this from an episode this year? Too funny!!!!
nataly villalobos
Тheee Simрррsооoоns mooоviеeee hееееre =>
A son of the nineties
I found it thoroughly underwhelming. Well, considering they aren't what they used to be anymore...
Christian Hoffmann
Let America stay great! Trump 2020!
Diane Gardner
Modern Simpsons so depressing
Will Mr. Burns make an appearance at the Trump White House?
Johannes Julius
Bush Sr. was President when the Simpsons started airing. Its just crazy how long this series has been around.
This is propaganda, plain and simple. Boo!
sexy sphee
his hair is a fucking dog
I'm surprised fox would allow the writers of the Simpsons to disrespect Donald Trump.
sarhang kurdistany
wtf happened
the natural body arthitec wouter
did anyone notice he said his age is 70 years and it is 70 years right now wtfff
Nicolas Matos
Oq sou do brasil???
They're gonna kill him ...... they're already preprogramming us .....
Slomo Joe
This is great! Well its only fair since they were so hard on Obama...oh.
Harrison Shone
So wait, if the Simpsons predicted that Trump would become president, then does that mean Lisa becomes president in 2020.
Maranatha Quickly
Pure stupidity
lol that's why i ♡ simpson
Dr. Claw
Is that supposed to make Trump's fan angry? This is hilarious for us
Is that supposed to be Ivanka at the beginning? How is it that there is a version out there in which she's hanging by her neck?
Ara Tiffany Villanueva
Never knew the creator has fortune telling.
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