Would You Bang Your Best Friend’s Brother?

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"It would be great for our friendship!"

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Vocal Gamer
The side screen shown cut off the brother part
Volley Chey
"Don't forget the dip." I'm dying oh my god-
Emily loveshorses
Kelsey is so damn smooth. I aspire to be her
Akemi Moon
I wouldn't, cause I am gay.
Emily loveshorses
Joaquin Macabuag
I read it as would you f*** your best friend -_-
Anna Marsh
Larry reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite😂😂
i mean i should finish my research paper but
Plot Twist

The brothers fucked each other
what is the name of that blonde hair dude!!!!!!
Aura is the name
idk why I find this very funny 😂😂😂😂
Mia Marie
i love you kelsey😆
BamBam's True Love Aka Dabbing
Larry eating the chip is my new religion
I would
LilKitten xx
"Its been a while since someone dusted my vents"
Meanwhile I hate my bestfriend brother and she hates mine so..
Elsa Larsson
No i would not bc he is 12
Timmy Bot
Doesn't he have a girlfriend
Dean M
This was gross in more than one way.
Raul ,Fifa and More
Never seen a girl with that amount of no boobs , ever.
Masterchef 117
Alba gu brath
Competing for boys and making getting with them into a competition isn't very buzzfeed of you buzzfeed
I'm an only child. My best friend is also an only child sooo.....
7Neon Imagination7
What a disaster
"Kalsey, I work at the Apple store.." 😃
oh my
Incredible Hulk
im not gay but 5 dollars is 5 dollars
Asta Hoeygaard Hansen
LPS anju
turns out they were drunk on water
All Yall Are Gay
My friends dont have brothers except one but both of them are babies
Paul Lynch
What's the song at 0:20 ?
Who else thought James looked like Jazzy's brother.
john dacanay
hey... don't forget to dip. hahahahah
"Ahhh my boobs are sweating" brother: "thats disgusting im eating" XD I died
Jessica Prescott
When you realize your best friends brother is wayyyy out of your league. lik if u cri evrytim
Ludwig Beilschmit
my best friend doesn't have a brother so.....
Watching this I just got a bonore
Ayanna English
They'd be step sisters
im on that weird side of buzzfeed again...
Ryan Roberts
Pretty isn't a word I usually use for men, but I think it applies in the mustache guy's case
Se Boyle
My best friends brother is 3 so yes, I definitely would
kady jones
What's the Insta name of James?
LiteDoes Gt
BuzzFeed Logic: Tequila shots in the afternoon
The Music Master
Alright then 4:29
Okay but can we just take a moment to realize how well Kelsey sings?? 😂
Thirdy Baluyut
What's the guy in the commercials name
Mr Tyrone
What? 2 girls 3 chins?
david dobrik 17
that guy larry is so hot the guy with the blonde hair
Katya U
So much cringe, but I love both of them.
Lol what's the hotdog? IM DIEINGVGGYFTCSG
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