Would You Bang Your Best Friend’s Brother?

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"It would be great for our friendship!"

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im on that weird side of buzzfeed again...
Ryan Roberts
Pretty isn't a word I usually use for men, but I think it applies in the mustache guy's case
Se Boyle
My best friends brother is 3 so yes, I definitely would
kady jones
What's the Insta name of James?
LiteDoes Gt
BuzzFeed Logic: Tequila shots in the afternoon
The Music Master
Alright then 4:29
Okay but can we just take a moment to realize how well Kelsey sings?? 😂
Thirdy Baluyut
What's the guy in the commercials name
Mr Tyrone
What? 2 girls 3 chins?
david dobrik 17
that guy larry is so hot the guy with the blonde hair
Katya U
So much cringe, but I love both of them.
Lol what's the hotdog? IM DIEINGVGGYFTCSG
Alexis Stansfield
salty because both of my best friends have no siblings
Lotty Loveridge
"my boobs are dry as a bone"
Suha Baig
The lipstick though💄
Mianta Claus
This is pretty painful to watch
Glad to be a Loser
absolutely hilarious
I'm not gay.
That blonde chick is super sexy!!!
Little Lily Flower
When she took nacho sauce off his lip I cringed so hard
yes. yes i would. he's hot AF
🎵my best friends' brother is the one for me🎵
exoNini's Dildo
it would have been better if their brothers fucked each other
Andrew Zernovak
This is basically smash or pass
I mean Steven made me thirsty af in that lensmakers commercial
4:26 wow!!
Napstablook4202 Pathetic
Flattest chest in the world.
Ohhitscadence 103
My best friends brother died
Iris Georgiadou
Kelsey's brother looks like a woman disguised as a man with kid's makeup and cheap fake mustache.
Leonie Mounsey
I love the bralette that Kelsi is wearing
Ana Victoria S. Sandique
My best friend's brother is the one for meee!!
Rose England
Aria Tulimi
idk if anyone noticed this but ITS THE MINIMUM MAXIMUM GUY
Dabis Lazuli
5:13 Chip dipping asmr
Oh, this is the funny one?
Helena He
Am I the only one who thought about Best Friend's Brother, that Victorious song?
Abby Haggerty
This was so weird because my best friends brother is 4
Maejoye Dwanah
My friendship in a nutshell
Keith Lee
I'm literally like Kelsey I literally make sexual innuendo just like that
Bean Fluffykins016
Pause it at 7:31 sooo funny!
Shitom Ahmed
damn it , I don't have a sister
larry looks like kirk lmao
"breathe out" lol
Kyle Beugnot
looks down "What am I supposed to do with this?" 😂
Poor Larry
Seoul x
wtf did i just watch
I love these two. They are so funny
Paradise Ward
My Best Friends brother is like 2 so no
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