Box of Lies with Margot Robbie

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Margot Robbie and Jimmy take turns trying to stump each other about what items are hidden inside their mystery boxes.

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Box of Lies with Margot Robbie

Arianas Grandes Moonlights
Her “i think it looks good and awkward smile” gave it 😂
Do Bo
This game is stupid. btu im only here to stare at Margot. Shes unreal. I would lick her armpits or just stick my nose in your asshole while she went about her day
Margot Robbie's box is full of lies
I preferred Gal Gadot XD I got so many lady crushes
She has got to be one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen
Vincent Adultman
Why is Harley Quinn so weird-looking in real life?
Moritz Hambach
That guy yelling in the audience
ve -2126
I want to marry her
Margot ..marry me
John Doe
I want to eat her ass!
Diego F. Paredes Burneo
She's so good at this that I believed her even watching the objects she got. Man...
Ashlee Casey
She’s adorable
So HOT! I mean could Jimmy be even more attractive?
Libby Shores
“I’m a really bad liar.”
Isn’t acting kind of just lying about who you are? Haha
I love Margot Robbie though
If anyone forgot how she looks naked:
Oh my god, I love her smile.
Keys wasabi
I would love to get into Margos box
Anna Meyer
rapidly phrase replacement review relative ingredient thirty dump line.
Cable Vamp
She’s pretty damn funny. I said pretty without being a hornball.
Lise Clement
recognize fire blue suburb corner criminal imagination counterpart admit
Her chest? Yeah, it’’s not there.
Laura Streit
This woman is a beauty o.O
Laura Streit
This woman is a beauty o.O
Bianca Ongsee
She dosent look like Harley Quinn anymore
Aysenur Aytekin
She's so so beautiful i love her ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Dakshil Shah
Gal gadot was soo good in this!🎉
Pedro Henrique
OK there's no one in this universe more gorgeous than this woman
Denis Devat
Gal Gadot and Margot Robbie.... Two hottest women in the world.
Arlenn Bredée
She's such a bad liar
Margot and Gal have both played this👌🏻 I’m complete
Nuno Soares
She's so gorgeous. Siiiiighhh....
They should do this with Andre Braugher, they won't be able to get a thing out of him
summer mckeen?
Maxim Gudima
They Should play with Brad Pitt
Özge Seçkin
my god... this woman is so beautiful...
Sit on my face.
J Tozies
That's her accent!Cool
Fraga Movies
She reminds me of a young Sharon Stone
Cheese Is Daddy
margot robbie and gal gadot need to do a movie together💖
Megan H
For his first one he should've been like
"OOOH it's a weenier with little feet as a bun" and she'd call him a liar lol
Anna Daily Tales
Love her! She's very talented! Have you all seen this video?? It's a great compilation of everything she's ever been in!
The Diamond Gamer
Rolman Gonzalez
I love her
The secret on this game is "imagination"

if you lie: you hesitate on describing what´s the object about. And you never stop describing the features on it.

if you tell the truth: you won´t hesitate on giving a short and direct description of the actual wild object.

so if you have good imagination, you would tell quickly a weird lie without over imagining and the other human would actually think you´re describing an object at own sight.
If you hesitate on describing the actual object, you may appear suspicious and most likely lying.

And that is how you deceive.
Lying is not an art, or is it?
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975) jack nicholson
Huilan Zhan
Fake shoes nowadays
Babe alert.
Amit Shah
So damn hot!!!
rising star
Gal and Margot should do this together. It would be lit😍
Heather Lederle
Shes got no butt or chest
HeyIts Sam
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