Project Jungle
Poper j
"You're so quiet lol"
Diego Delgado
Am i the only one who gets annoyed by how the guy on the left says "im gonna try the pork" and then puts it all in his mouth
This is like watching a live action episode of Shokugeki no Souma. xD
Jonathan Donovan
watching this while eating 2 days old pizza crust is a bit painfull
Incronic Is Meep
3 dollar every time.
aaand ive ordered a chinese. sorry.
Elle Dion
Why is Adam so adorable?
I'm eating ramen while watching
Play Boy
"It gets better the deeper you go."
The Mendes Lover
Please try paella
The Mendes Lover
I only have $2
Callme Cosby
I wanna french kiss my food too
Seth McCarthy
They should do a pho worth it next season
10:16 He has Nadal's watch.
criaz Singh
Adam smiled at 7:29 but he stopped when he saw the camera

Nfspro15 Jackson
is it sad that i knew what they were asking about Japanese words fron watching anime?
Nfspro15 Jackson
Weck Weck
3:35 day laugh tho
And I’m sitting here eating hot Cheetos.
I was torn between reading subtitles and actually watching what was happening in the video. :’D
You should do pudding
Beth Smith
No gold, no caviar, no truffles! It's pure.
Abigail Rae
“I’m gonna try the pork”
Valu Proxy
I had $17 ramen today, life changing
"it gets better the deeper you go"
i wish i lived in japan because....
Jens Appelgreen
I’m gonna try the pork
10:13 at night y am I here ??? 😔🌚😭
Yuri Aparicio
I have the biggest crush on Adam 😍
Hey it's Patty
Will there ever be video where they don’t like one of the foods?
Kuda95 M
This was epic
Marc Marc
I don't understand why ppl drain their broth when they eat ramen
the 25 cent ramen
Charlotte Forget
when you think about it, 80USD for all the food they got at the end is kind of cheap.... In the US, this experience would've cost 200+$
Marc Marc
If you want to up your pre drink game before going out,watch worth it and every time Truffles or Caviar are mentioned, take a shot. You’ll be drunk by episode 5-6 🤣
korean fried chicken
Adamina Warren
wait so they understand japanese but they dont speek it ??
eevannn :p
hey this is totally unrelated but Adam's jawline got so much sharper it could cut my life insurance line
Holdin' McGroin
4:20 looks like the beginning of a porno
Not JG
"I'm gonna try the pork" x3
I think I'll try the pork.
Panda Slimes
go to hungaryyy
Chris Edward
Didn't realize this was buzz feed fake news...bye!
OppaiDaisuki 69
Nothing can beat the RAMENGAN
OppaiDaisuki 69
I'll just sit in a corner eating Nissin Ramen
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