Great Scott!! Glad everyone loves the video and thinks its "heavy"!
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- Rob
Guy The Smith Random
This looks so real
The Adventures of Sea Nomad
I thought it was real and got really excited - 12m views!! Take that to the studio bosses :)
I Hope this never happens. We don't need a part IV.
Eric DuBose
look like some BS
Feeling Savage
Oh fuck off. Next time don't use footage from Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift.
I hate this channel I'm never watching it again
Elite Arthur
U just lost all credentials u had boi
Caiden Davey
I wish it was real
This looked liked if Rick and Morty was an Anime
Black inferno
Check out profile for killer videos ikonz gangster Squad representing new world order not for kids
Kaneki Ken
En el futuro los argentinos dominaran al mundo?
Андрей Макушин
Фейк! Неимеющий к фильму никакого отношения. Сам Ллойд сказал, - Что вряд ли когда-нибудь будет продолжение. Можете сами посмотреть на программе Урганта.
Radex HD
eh loco garbarino boludo!
Dimension 144
That would be amazing! I say yes to a part 4.
Misael Gonzalez
i've never been trolled so hard
Rebecca Luis
Dang it i got my hopes to high
Bossk - CS:GO & Star Wars Battlefront
Doc and Mharti
Smitesh Suresh
What's the car in the thumbnail? Want to see more of it!!
Not funny dude
Achraf Habibi
1:53 how remembers this part from another movie
Конрад Михельсон
Это чего сейчас было, а?????? Какая, блин, часть 4 !??
mR cordwilK
pimp up the delorean for 2017 here we go
mR cordwilK
Pie Studios
The old ones are better
Yh Ong
nice...This film is still untouch by Hollywood remakes (thank god!!!)
WWWWWAIT WAHHH. (Edit oh wait it’s fab made *sigh*)
They should make a new back to the future before one of the actors die. Get it done you idiots.
I think that's what a 2018 DeLorean would actually look like at the end of the vid
Great shit ...
EL _Wilder88
Might as well make another back to the future movie... they remake everything else. Part 2 is my favorite movie of all time. I was and still am obsessed with time travel lol.
Space Potato
I've got a bad feeling about this
Rafael Santos
Julian Diaz
I thought this was real at first
Rajendra Bist
Leonardo Coelho Machado
kkkk mds, cadê os brs
matty ice
Bernie sanders could play doc
I don’t know... with the amount of tech upgrade since then we could probably make the flux capacitor!
John Deer
Eiron Neil Burdas
He si older
Video gaming Outdoors
This reminds me of Rick and Morty
Issie wizzie
I hope they never do a reboot
Fishbonefla ,
Ahaha had me for about 10sec
G'n'R Sape
Thanks to god this wasn't a real movie trailer, because if they do a new one, probabbly more than the 93% of the world poblation will suicide
Scott Heaton
sort of weird audio mixing at the end.
Ethan Bucksbee

you got me so exited for a second!!
Vladidas Bidimski
Oh look Michal J Caboose is in this movie.
Games For Cykits
Great scot it’s happening
Tomthechelseaboy Nguyen
Oh fuck you!!! You tricked me but a good trailer
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