Back to the Future 4 - Trailer #1 (2018) Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd (Fan Made)

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"Sometimes in order to go must go BACK." ▼

Taking place thirty years after the original trilogy, back to the Future Part IV follows Doc Brown as he changes the past to make the future more in line with how it is in reality.

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THE LAST OF US Movie Trailer #1:
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✖ Thanks to Filip Oleyka for the amazing score!

✖ Outro Music provided by FreeSongsToUse
- Island by AndyM


**This video was made purely for fun. 
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Great Scott!! Glad everyone loves the video and thinks its "heavy"!
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- Rob
Brenden Fowler
lol they used the lego dimensions commercial
Rееааlly bеst mоviе. I fоund it hеrе =>
Leo Paez
El nuevo taller del doc, con fachada de tienda de segunda mano
Takano Ichikawa
Wars have started for fun as well. This kind of videos have to stop existing.
JoshThe RedFox
I'm confused. Is this real or a fan made trailer?
Luis Fedalizo
I hate you right now. This needs to happen. ASAP.
teorias Destyni
va a ser una mierda
Street Man
No jokes is there gonna be a 4th one
liam west
Is this happening THIS IS HAPPENING!!!
Harry Holdsworth
cool tiier
Murky Bongwater
YOU GOTTA BE FRGGNNNNNN KIDDING ! Zemeckis did 3 and thats´s enough... 4 is just bullshit to sell an allredy depleated movie.... And U will pay to go and see this just because your idiot kids wanna see it ... Why don´t U just prepare them for the phrase " U need fries with that ?"
Blue Haze
The BTTF trilogy was my favorite trilogy so I would probably preorder my ticket
The funny thing is, there is clips from the Lego game trailer.
Karan Agarwal
So happy to see Michael J. Fox back again :)
Joshua Daumann
Good job taking the drift scene from Tokyo Drift...
el 100tifiko
is really?
No way
Dante Wolfe
Whats the outro song?
Powa Infinite
Wааааtсh Bасk tооо thе Futurе оnlinее in hd qualitу hеerееeе =>
Is it real?
Matthew Riley
I imaging that they will travel to 2018 and see everything with a iconic face, Trump. Trump everywhere.
old warriors
I hope some day to see it real. thanks for your great job
Kent Barnes
Mufid Abu Sabha
Looks great, maybe I'll watch it. Well Back to the future 1 was alright number two was not so bad number 3 was the ugliest thing they have ever made. Marty McFly looks sick with the Nike sneakers but Christopher Lloyd as the Dr looks like he is in a rush to pee his pants
David Ezra
This made me EXCITED. Is it all only old footage? Maybe not! Christopher Lloyd looks about the same age in the trailer as he is in real life.

Oh, Lord, if only we could have this film. This is still a ton of fun, and makes me excited, it's really inspirational.
Wade Levin
wish it was real
I knew it
This should never happen, it had it's time. Wheeling out old stars to play roles they played 25+ years ago is never good. Greed ruins every franchise.
Accidently on Purpose
Mikael Karlsson
I absolutely do not, under any circumstances, want a fourth Back to the future-film...
But it is quite fun to entertain the thought.
Thanks for this really well made piece of fan art!
Leider wird der Film nie kommen
タルマ TARUMA Channel
zero saber3
This is REAL!!!!!!!
junior B
awesome thx for that!
Merc with a Mouth
cadaxy 《
my whole world changed for a few seconds😂😂😂 omg
97 Ace
i thought this was real XD

This is why i should read the title first
The Flash
Upload Fan made Trailers
The Flash
Upload Fan made Trailer
Yuwei Liang
Holy shit! Childhood memory!
Jebus Crust
Talk about torture when I saw this was fan made. .
Aybars Hacioglu
Evan Bakerian
Why,couldn't this be real!?
Jaxson Trammell
I wish
Bradley Porter
Hate it. They waited too long everybody is so old now and now the camera is gonna be HD... 🙁
Tom Oates Premiere
Looks good. Sadly, it ain't happening.
Aria Fernández
Me lo había creido jajaja está muy bien hecho.
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