It Stains the Sands Red - Official Movie Trailer - (2017)

Juan RiedingerBrittany AllenColin Minihanzombiezombieszombie apocalypseLas Vegas zombieLas Vegas zombies

Directed by Colin Minihan
Starring Brittany Allen, Juan Riedinger

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lol my stalker is a zombie
Jakk Frost
Zombie movies have been played out since before everyone got sick of sparkly vampires, but this actually looks like it might be interesting, focusing more on the fear and tension, rather than the gory horror.
Jeff Delong
need make a zombie movie with people holding a camera like that movie Cloverfield to make the zombie movie look real or VR ,I hope this movie good I bet when she kills this zombie the movie ends
Somehow I won't be surprised if all of this is in her head (thank to the heat)
Zom Bie

but like i bet the car couldve easily gotten out of the sand if they just pushed it out lmao
Kyle Knight
It actually looks like a really interesting take on zombies, instead of the protagonist just being a badass who kills hundreds of zombies its one girl and one zombie that she can't get rid of. Its like a slasher film where the characters have to hide from the monster/killer instead of fighting.
The concept looks fantastic, but the script and acting seems subpar. Still probably worth a watch though!
What an interesting spin on the whole zombie concept, kudos to the filmmakers
Jay Martin
about fucking time someone made a zombie film that's not the same as every other
Kim V
PhillyD gave a shout-out to this movie, so here I am. I WANT to see this. Looks creepy.
Mon Molina
Spongebob Squarepants
Actually looks pretty interesting. I'll be on the lookout for this one.
So, is this a love story?
John Smith
the concept looks awesome.reminds me a bit of it follows
I have a theory. Every universe where a zombie apocalypse has succeeded is a universe where either a.) the dead can run or b.) George Romero never existed.
Johnn IV
idk how I feel about this
James Howlett
Another brother that doesn't make it...
looks good
Harry McLellan
Phillip Defranco Sent me
Stevo Canuck
fuck just watched this and i'm home alone.
All that Jazz
To people asking when, July.

At least according to their twitter
Is this supposed to be a zombie movie spoof or what? The zombie-stalking stuff actually look comedic to me.
​​​ ​​​​​​ ​ ​​​ ​​​​​​
This is so weird it says on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes that it was released in 2016 and already has ratings... but no specific date. The only thing I could find was an article that says "RELEASE DATE 2017. CURRENT STATUS Awaiting Release. " (upcominghorrormovies)
Looks like a great take on the zombie genre
"If the heat doesnt kill you, something else will". That should just be the running title of the South West.
A thriller that actually shows how hard it`d be to survive in a zombie apocalypse even if chased only by one zombie (although there`s more later) is very interesting. One weird thing about this trailer though, it was reminding me of the Spoon Killer due to the overdramatic texts that appear.
Looked like such a B movie but then it kept going. Interesting
Ok, headcount time. NATION?
David Thomas
this is a zombie version of the extremely slow murderer with an extremely ineffective weapon
Noe Sandoval
lol 90%of the views are cuz of Phill
alvin pacheco
this looks like its going to be a good one/
Sure, I'm down
wow a zombie movie that actually looks interesting, i feel like i've gone back a decade.
Woo! Looks promising! Gotta give this a watch. :D (Also, Phil sent me)
Thanks Philip DeFringleFrangle
Gonna be honest, was not sure if it was a comedy at first...
Poe Tato
1:49 So drinking half a pint of zombie blood doesn't get you infected in this movie?
Chris Fretwell
A zombie move with only one zombie? That actually looks like an original idea and... no wait, it's just another zombie movie after all.
spacekidd f
when is it going to be released
Phil sent me, and I am very pleased!
release date?
Steve Scutt
The first half of the trailer looks really promising, I like the idea of there being one zombie chasing a group of people relentlessly through the desert, but the second half, when the town is shown, and more other zombies appear, it kind of ruined the vibe for me :( I still want to see it though.
Wow a zombie film I might actually want to watch
train to busou people !!.. watch it on netflix
WHAAAAT!!!!!!!! Omg fucking amazing!
But it seems it's only about one girl and few zombies. It would have been better if it was in the city or something similar
How would people die from a slow zombie. Like just walk away. Get a sword or a long knife and your fine
The Keef Crew
Philly D, sent lil o me
Almanac Pony
I... dont think it looks good to me... weirdly. I mean.. I'm sure its fine. but... it doesn't look that impressive. At least its a unique angle on the zombie situation, I'll give it that.
If she has fire. . . put fire on zombie, zombie gone.
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