Game Theory: The TRUTH About Minecraft's World!

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The PLANET is NOT FLAT, and neither is Minecraft's! That's right, this world of cubes, is not actually a cube itself. And we theorists are proving it the only way we know how, with the use of science. But how can I be so sure without the ability to zoom out and see the planet as a whole? Well, the answer is as simple as taking a leap. No, not a leap of faith! - just a really high jump.

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Cole Workman
This would be true IF the core was round but because it's a cubic world the core is also cubic. This means it's just like Earth if it was cubic. You would still have the save amount of gravity no matter which corner you go to. Also, if everything revolved around you then the stars would be moving at different speeds and be dimmer than one another. Unless they were right next to each other in space
The Troll Lord
earth is more of an egg shape look it up
Zechariah Chou
This is 2017. Explain the void.
Revaz Khelashvili
I tink clear with school but nooooooooo😐😐😐😐😐😐
Master Rummy
Mat pat: dicks out for harambe
Christian MiNEcRAFt people: aaAaA tHIs ISNt Pg i cANt WATcH IT you CANT JoiN mY MINEcRAFT A SerVER!!!
you do know theres a border in every minecraft world right?
No its completely flat thats what people think someone thinks its a cube to but many thinks its just flat
Burnt Toast
wait a minute....... but the core of the minecraft world would be square too? right? i have no idea
Sakura Humagi
The earth is not flat cause people thinks its flat but because of gravity it looks flat
Grant Wickenhauser
Technically gravity isn’t a force but I did like the vid mat pat
Atomic Gamer
Or, the minecraft world is flat
HVG Ocean Maboloc
I think flat-earthers play too much superflat mode.
Cian Lyndon
ireland has nothing 2 do wit brexit
Mats Flint
What if the core is a huge cube
Amber Mercado
Ha Plato play doh
Wait, what about falling under bedrock?!
Meowcat Savana
O M G people still think the earth is flat God 😑
Oscar Aburto
WTF 0:32-0:35
Oscar Aburto
The truth of mine craft real world?

Well guess what?! ITS A GAME THEORY!!! HOLY CHULPA!
J -quaza
What if the core is also cubed
Kind Plays

I mean no hate
luka obratov
If you see this then what if Minecraft's core is a square
هو أعظم الله
You should take in note that if Minecraft was round, it is still hollow inside which means the gravitation pull would be minimal
Ink CreeperSans
Nope a fact
Ink CreeperSans
Wouldn't that be the same thing to us!!!
Hannah Carruthers
Somebody's swearpat aren't they
Greekmythology& othermythologyiknow
Of course minecraft is a circle like object but it's hard to prove and not prove. Let me explain. In older versions either before farlands or after them before the border was made you would start to fall in blocks and things would freak out. So what if the planet isn't a planet but the moon of the moon. The planet of the over world if you break through bedrock you see void endless space like void. So what if down there there is a core of some sort that still can pull the chunks of the moon around it like a ring. Your just one chunk, as for how air and stuff is still there well there is still gravity but here's 2 other pieces that help this out. The end is peice of land that is to far out for air to get trapped there or at least enough for plants except chorus plants that have adapted. This allows enderman to use less oxygen and could explain how they run so fast the pearls could be full of oxygen that you absorb to get a burst of speed. Anyway the nether is one to close to the hit core and is a case of sort around it. This would explain some things. But my theory is your not playing as Steve the game it self is a simulation created by future blocky people to explore how Steve founded there nation explaining why no gravity only rain or sun. Easy crafting to allow a speedy recreation with limited factors. You your self see the screen but when you press the jump key the person playing it presses it.
Jacob Shuley
I Need U RapMon's brain cause I need help on math
I'm viewing this from 2017

Compared to this year, 2016 was awesome
bad cat productions
Now I'm not some "flat world" person but now that minecraft is endless, how is it a sphere?
We are running out of gravity.
The minecraft world is sphere with and infinite radius,
Djcreeper 23
Move to Australia nothing happens here
my name is Adam
Yeah sure the world is flat
Emil_ Enander_Gaming
if you use some mods on minecraft so you go to the moon or something you can see the minecraft earth and its not round
1:21 look at blurry matpat xD
Santino Rice
Clark Industries
notification squaaaaaad
I don’t get it but I like it
Mathis Lambert
Lock presence conduct szgygrk type extraordinary as acquire attach.
TheNerdyGirl 33
No Matpat, thank you for creating.
W.D. Gaster
Mat Pat is the best
Squares = Circles.
What next, you'll say hypercubes create ring shaped planets?
Plus you can't make something round with cubes
Also in mods the world is kinda flat
You forgot Minecraft has its own physics
Brad Maxwell
Delete this, Matthew.
TheOniGamer Oni genji
And what about flat land in the game you can make it flat.
TheOniGamer Oni genji
But won't there's no end to the game and they want to make the game more realistic Matt so it might be a cude.
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