Game Theory: The TRUTH About Minecraft's World!

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The PLANET is NOT FLAT, and neither is Minecraft's! That's right, this world of cubes, is not actually a cube itself. And we theorists are proving it the only way we know how, with the use of science. But how can I be so sure without the ability to zoom out and see the planet as a whole? Well, the answer is as simple as taking a leap. No, not a leap of faith! - just a really high jump.

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Jack Kenseng
You didn't mention the void. >_>;
Here I saw some people on a server I play on talking about this and I was like "naw man that is bs" So first of Gravity isn't a thing, gravity is pressure pushing down to the core of the earth while I like to think of what minecraft has is the void pulling you, sand, gravel, anvils etc to it so it would really be the opposite. Alsooooo If the gravity was real it would make no sense as it would have to effect everything, also it wouldn't make any sense because the minecraft world is much much bigger than the Size of the earth and even when you get to the edge you can still see land so it's bigger than what a player can reach anyway....And it still only has one moon so the gravity would in no way be as strong as it is.

Talking about the moon, guess what it's a square!

Also there the fact sun must be fake as it follows the player around! Because you see as you go more south of the equator in the earth the more northerly the sun will go in Real Life,
So taking that into consideration going south of the 0 x line should mean that the sun goes more northerly as you go but it doesn't it stays right above you like you are always on the 0x Line So this means well I don't know it means the minecraft world is not round anyway Oh yeah there is also the fact if you go into the void you can go on forever unless you hit a point some Gonzillion blocks down where it kicks you
Flat-Earthers, Why would the Earth BE FLAT? Why would airplanes fly UNDER THE FREAKING EARTH? You people make no sense.
John Smith
but if purple is lower than blue in the spectrum then shouldn't the sky be purple?????
Take note Microsoft
Urban Ninja
All science aside. What if they just didn't program proper gravity and lighting for a cube world.... why would they.... They didn't program the Minecraft world to spin. The moon is a box. The sun is a box. It's pretty logical to assume the Minecraft world would be too. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.
GRIM 1900
If it's round then why can't we leave our house, travel all the way around the world and get right back to your house without turning around or anything?
TheRealKIDDO jaboi
not perfectly round tho
Casi Paul
What if the core was square? The gravity should still match everywhere.
If people would think im iluminatti i would probadly kill myself XDDDD
actuellelly it is flat like paper
because then there would be gaps in between the blocks or they would merge (which they don't)
and when you go 163 x the lainth around the world it just drops of (like a extended version of pocket edishion)
Sly “SOUL'D OUT” Rocko
Minecraft is actually a flat square where it doesn't even exist anymore when reaching the 64-bit limit of any direction.
ghost shark legs
I'd love a theory about the moon in minecraft. it's features stay locked in place as if it was tidally locked. it's almost as if it's being orbited by a lightsource we can't see, almost like a spotlight.
As much as this is nice, I don't think sciencing Minecraft works, it doesn't obey physics at all.
Deexsy Games
I feel like I'm watching way too much porn. I think I have an addiction.
mouse squeak
experience tells me that it's just a mining and crafting game with no though put into gravity
How come no one has mentioned the nether world argument? When you are in the nether world, each block counts as 8 blocks on the surface (tested with nether portals), and since in a spherical world the nether world would be closer to the center, this totally makes sense and backs up the theory that the minecraft world is spherical!
Mario Müller
Wait, did you just spoil the ending of no man's sky
HexZ Cracker
Yeah but if you go to the edge and dig straight down you'll see that it's a cube
What about floating blocks
Brenden Sears
I issue with the gravity what if the core is a cube also
markus persone is not a siasetic is gamer devloper matap
Steven Allen
That reminds me of Copernicus's theory about how the world was the center of the universe
The 4 Man Army
Cant we just play the damn game ?
Trees sort of do fall down you don't see them falling but you find trees on the ground with a tree stump
Maikalanimai Kamimoto
The only problem I have with this theory is that if you take one of the flat earther's arguments for a plane earth its that the earth is accelerating upwards at 9.8 m/s and gravity doesn't truly exist which Would be another more plausible theory and explain the void as well.
Norman Teh
MatPat, I hate to say this, but what about the Minecraft border in later versions at about 29999999 blocks, and The Far Lands at around 28000000 blocks?
Periodic Five
Na I think that is worse. Imagine being another alien races that spent lifetimes to get to the center and all they find is us.
GPS satellites are 12,000 miles up. Just thought I'd correct you.
jethazard 95
8:19 who else thought of one piece
Adam Koontz
What if the core of the planet was a cube as well?
in the middle in this video i got 100 dollars
He should do a Terraria theory..
δερτις Agario
Ms. Skit
zikamime games
How do all these squares make a circle
Julian McKinnon
There's a rocket mod that shows Minecraft's world is a cube!
The Precomancer
do a game thery about roblox for no reason :3
I don't know... If you dig all the way down, beyond bedrock, there is not grass or water. So... Rectangle ??
12:04 find the word salt. if you do. like this comment.
Alexis Alvarez
I love the intro song👍🏻
PolarTech 99
MatPat should be a scientist, cause most of the stuff he explains is crazily scientific and all makes sense. Plus how he is the only one to notices all this stuff that half of us would've never found this stuff out! XD
Yea that's why Dirt don't fall in Minecraft...
Antswan Harrison the 3rd
I believe you may be wrong, and here is why. If Minecraft was truly a cubical body of mass you could go to the "edge" of how far you can go and see the same sunrise and sunset as if you where in the middle of the cubical world. Though this could be wrong if the size of the circular planet Minecraft was large enough. This may also help explain how we can have billions of maps and never meat another player, or how we can meat other players on servers. All of this in the same Minecraft world close to the size of our entire solar system.
Shock Clan
If the minecraft pe and pc world is infinite, they how does the sun and moon rotate around it? ',:/
Shamaar Evans
who else jumped during this to check the gravity
Holy Heresy
ahahah. We'll die. ... :(
Derek M. Melendez
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