Game Theory: The TRUTH About Minecraft's World!

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The PLANET is NOT FLAT, and neither is Minecraft's! That's right, this world of cubes, is not actually a cube itself. And we theorists are proving it the only way we know how, with the use of science. But how can I be so sure without the ability to zoom out and see the planet as a whole? Well, the answer is as simple as taking a leap. No, not a leap of faith! - just a really high jump.

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Nature Bunny
I think this is educational. SHOW THIS TO THE KINDERGARTEN ARMY!!! WE NEED SMARTZ!!!
TheBaconGamer - Official
But what if the Core of the planet is a cube?
Bacon lover 5000
Or it's just a quickly made sandbox game that shouldn't be overthought sorry just needed to say that no hate
Matpat love the theory! The only problem is what if the minecraft worlds core is a cube?
Do a theory on terraria
Ads 1982
or as Christopher Columbus would have put it: when a boat disapeers in the distance, it's because the Earth is round.
I disagree because everything on a minecraft world is cubed right? take a cube and a sphere for example and touch the corners of the cube to the sphere. Keep doing that and it will end up looking something like a circle. This is wrong because you can just keep undoing the corners and it is still a cube.
Miranda Folkesson
Did he forget that Minecraft as an edge?
Asher Forman
this is for informing than school advice for teachers out there just let us watch these!
Connor Gale
This channel has come from a few FNaF theories and saying link is dead, to proving that the minecraft world is circular 🤣🤣🤣

Good job getting this far Matt!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 your videos are great!
Rob Rinaldo
how is Minecraft round it is cubes
or herobrine is doing it :3
Pie Guy
Size doesn't matter dicks out for harambe
Your friendly Neighborhood Solving Guide
What about the fact that you can break bedrock in creative mode and fall into some dark pit
it's minecraft science doesn't aplly
Something Yellow
So.... you want me to believe Earth isn't a triangle?
Fast Games
Jat Lynch
but the world is an oval
anish Malgireddy
it wouldn't even possible for any other shaped planets as everything should be equally attracted to the centre and the best shape is a sphere because it is the best one for equidistant
the lost duck
umm if the mincraft planet is a sphere then you need to talk to the perso, who,made galacticraft
The white gaming lynx
one of my teachers is in iluminati
Marina Hyde
Fg= Good Mythical Morning? Lol.
Princess Koi
TᕼE EᗩᖇTᕼ Iᔕ ᗩ TᖇIᗩᑎGᒪE!
John Caraan
seriously guys...
Minecraft is a game for you to have fun... And can you even explain a floating block... SERIOUSLY!!!
the games day and night is that logic does not go in a block world.
Gigz Lopez
too far?
Gigz Lopez
I got zika one time :( atleast its not a fatal disease
Gigz Lopez
dicks out for harambe
(hooray for dead memes)
Christian Bondoc
Before I watched this video I thought it would be weird and impossible that minecraft earth is a cube
The X gamers
but what about blocks they can just float in the air?
hisawsomness iliketrains
all these squares make a circle
GameKnight Youtube
who else tapped their screen to give him a high five...
only me?

OK then
Joe Whitacre
then why is there a void?
Why am I alive Lol
What do you mean??? Mat how high r u
soulsearcher 117
since you're talking about a world made of squares, you know what this reminds me of? in the words of Mr popo "all these squares make a circle"
You round-earthers trying to get me to believe in your nonsense
Jordan O
not to mention that you mention the stars and moon and sun moving in a entirely impossible way yet you make everything else seem to need to be realistic
Jordan O
and also the void. didnt explain that.
Jordan O
or maybe its a video game and nothing is supposed to have real life logic, buuuuut sure. and next you are gonna prove witches and the ender dragon. oh and hell.
Cha Boi the Otaku
But if Minecraft is an infinite plane, how is there a day and night cycle?
EzehlandMykhail Day-christensen
it can be a cube because games don't need science
prince joopie
New theory: Minecraft is actually The Truman Show
One problem, what about the infinite setting???
Mr Icepanda090
but wait what if we arent the center of the universe but remember every world is different than ours the science in mine crafy can be toatly wrong that what you explained
Lawrence Riederer
There is an edge where terrain stops generating, therefore it can't be round.
MechaPuppy !!
I mean how does the shape of the earth affect humans,why do we even care?I guess its better to think about earth then death
unicorn Bailey
did anyone else see that when he was talking about Brexit he showed Ireland leaving too but only northern Ireland will be leaving
I feel like I'm in school
I need the sheet music for that intro.
Look at the moon tho
C. cools dued
da earth is nut flat!!!!!!!
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