Caeden W.
But why isn't the sun round in minecraft... gravity is crucial to a star's sustainability, so it shouldn't be possible for the sun to be square without some of Minecraft's physics being unique.
Superschoolboi 21
rectangular prism? you mean cub right?
Lol you can freeze time /gamerule daylightcycle false
AbsoluteHarryPotter Fan
me as a physics nerd: ughhhhhh this has so many unexplained problems
MIG bat
2017 Already out going 2016.
Pop Rocks
what if the centre of gravity in minecraft is a cube not a sphere

just think about that
Josh Reuter
dude have you thought about a cubed core and try to say how doesn't work but actually does
Uncle Grandpa vlogs
D-Man and Dad Adventure Show
it doesn't matter
D-Man and Dad Adventure Show
it's just a freaken game leave it alone
get Pugger
Minecraft the game where u can't build any thing good even if ur good
Antonio Martinez
How about a torus
death2you 972
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
yo dumbass fly stright up and look down
Zos 98
the earth isn't round... or flat... it's a weird deformed circle sorta thing
Atomic Adam
Sandra bates
what if the world (Minecraft) was flat???
MILA Ensminger
another question if i dig down to bedrock why dont i pop through the other side if the earth (in minecraft) if round instead i fall into an abiss
MILA Ensminger
But mat Pat earth isn't a perfect sphere its more of a oval so by your logic i can jump farther in china than in mexico. Not being a jerk but seriously can i jump farther in china.
Ahri Kasugano
but what if the core is cubed too?
Caleb Cleveland
don't worry mat i high fived you when you asked
Raddwa Dude!
Welp the Minecraft world is unlike our world acutally flat so this is factually wrong, but whatever ^^
gamers world157
You are actually forgetting that the core could also be in the shape of a cube
Synthia Hart
Also, if the Minecraft earth was a cube day and night would not likely exist in certain areas. As seen there is only one sun and one moon, if all areas had night and day there would need to be two suns and two moons so every face would have day and night. That would mean at some point, two suns or two moons would be visible from the earth, that never happens so it has to be a round planet.
Olivia Nowra
Do you think popularmmos watched this video?
Rdewyan Byork
Optimus Maximus
so if I fly for hours and hour on end I can find whatever I used as a checkpoint so I know I made it and if anyone who plays Minecraft on PE use the seed 800000000 and you'll spawn in a village
Will Jodloski
Have you ever heard this saying? It's just a game.
I just noticed that mints taste like root beer
I only had to listen to the beginning to like the video😂👍
Jefferson Kids
what about flat world ?
Shadowless Umbreon
Also if the Earth was flat, you would litterly see EVERYTHING in front of you. Think about it. Say if you were looking in the direction of France in the USA. Wouldn't you be seeing all of the houses and buldings and people, and maybe even the Isle Tower in front of you? Well yes, if the Earth was flat, but you don't see the people, buldings, and houses. Beacuse the Earth is round, and due to the Earth being round there is a curve around the USA, and France. Which is why you can't see all that.
XP Games
actually if everything is a cube so is the CORE
Ian Flanagan
What if minecraft does not have gravity as we know it but instead some type of artificial gravity caused by a type of red stone electro-magnitisim? Could this explain why everything revolves around the minecraft earth, because everything is atracted to redstone and only minecraft earth has redstone on it?
Hmmm You Know Maybe The Theory Is That The Minecraft Game Is Based On Earth 🌏 The Science Is That The Earth IS NOT flat But INSTEAD Is A Cube, Do You Think That Life Is A Game? Thus This Is Still A Mystery Tough I'll Leave It To You Now I Hope You Understand Me Guys I Hope You Do This Is All I Know And Again I'll Now Leave It To You Now.
Jake G
Can you talk about how fat Steve is. Steve is almost a meter across that has to have some medical problems.
JXMcraft l TheRealJXM
So can you explain the floating blocks ??
Miss Suggarkiss
proof : if you go really high into the sky , you can see the sun and moon, they go around in a spherical shape
Sleepy Raptor
ok but the sun and moon are clearly cubed shaped in minecraft so ?????
Its funny how sunsets in Minecraft look better than the ones in California
Jagger Lee
no, wrong. minecraft is flat. thats why it has no gravity, supplements for zombies and etc. and also has ends.
Harrison Bardwell
Ethan kauffman
Who here is looking for salty flat-earthers
Bryan Neblett
but creative mode is flat
Cube core? Is this not possible ?
aware that i am a year or so late but you didn't cover the fact that if the minecraft earth is round why Day and Night are on the exact same timescale no matter how far/close you are to the spawnchunks. which would point to the minecraft world being more similar to a one sided partially bent plane (flat object) but if the minecraft world was like this of course the pull of gravity would still be strange. so basically we cant prove the minecraft world is flat square round or anything because the details dont add up. Mojang didn't intend for the minecraft world to be speculated as if it was even a real world because in reality the minecraft world is completely one sided and falls into the "void" after bedrock also disproving your theory. you cant science where there is no science...
Matt Bartholome
All these square makes a circle
superjulio34 LOL
i first though it was round
TheAngryWither 9
who is harambe?
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