The Try Guys Take A Lie Detector Test

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The Try Guys test their friendship as they probe deep into each others' personal lives.

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Created by

John Grogan

Resmay Va
Who would you marry out of them I would do the Asian because I'm Asian plus he's hot and funny
Why is no one talking about Eugene's mom maybe being psychic?
0:31 HE MUST BE GOD!!!!!
Ann Bell
I am just surprised about how there's no comment about how Eugene's dog is liked more than Ned's dog :')
Mariah Richardson
Zack: Do you ever want children?

Eugene: Yes.

John: He's telling the truth.

Try Guys: Wow!!

Keith: I thought you hated little kiddies.

Eugene: smiles

Lol, that was adorable. If Eugene ever has kids in the future, they'd be the most adorable children on the planet.
Hey Geoarge Yesh Joey
"You ever wanted to f*ck one of us" -Keith 2017 😂😂
Did anyone else hate the lie detector guy?
Tizzie Q
So my feelings are deeply hurt, real feelings came out, not one of them really likes Eugene.
TheLobster Devil
is that the guy from ADD
Kendra R
So true Michelle
why aren't people talking about how hard-hitting several of these questions and answers are
Dat Diamond Tho
"I'll kill you right here."
You know you are an honest person when you want to do a lie detector test
Little Arielle
so who did Zac make out with i wonder?
Shivangi Sundar
"god hates liars, and i hate liars" john is god?!?!?1
Lobster Lisa
Eugene is sexy
Tinky Plays
Jo(h)n my man here
Fizz Trap
Hey there I have an awesome channel and I have just released a new video come check it out
Sara Noyb
Please do more of these😂
Amanda Lori
Is John ok
Eve PinkRose
The guy seems so mean
Hunter DeLong
Eugiene is sexy af XD😅. I wish I was him.
Ling Ling Xu
John is so sad 😂
fariha hossain
aww Eugene. I love him so much ❤.
Medieval Knight
I love john so much, just the way that he only says "hes telling the truth" and "hes lying" is so funny to me
Night Rose
That guy is so miserable lmao pray 4 him
Vanessa Sway
i dont know those babies..
Does the liedetector dude even have a soul
i think he's a robot
Sandra Samir
John is scaring me 😹
Neira Tormey
saw Eugene and I'm like yaaasss I then I saw Keith and I'm like "I thought it'd be just Eugene!!!!!"
Rohan Devulapalli
Ned and zach's personal questions interrogation cracked me up
Gavin Rollot
John is my new favorite Try Guy
Lynn Vlogs/Games
Best parts are what the other three are doing in the back 😂
Nina Ross
I guess John does not like ned because he lies so much " I will kill you right here" from John so ned
idk those babies😂😂😂😂
Vanessa May
i love this video so much
Happily Marah
anyone else really scared of that guy john
Pushicorn bob
This is hilarious!!! XD
Celie Arnett
God hates liars. And I hate liars.
Nove Jones
DISLIKED! WHAT A LOSER!!! WHO WEARS CROCS. ONLY CRISTIANO ROLANDO FROM PHILLY. das why they call him "killa croc" and why ned is a btard. go on /b for memes
Rachel Lomeli
"I don't know those babies" HAHAHA I died
Disney Dumbo
I could not stop laughing :)
Monster Machine
John is the best part of this video
איילה ל.
You're all the best- together it's perfect! If one of you is leaving- then something is missing... Love you so much!!
Savvy IS Me
"Nobody likes nuns, I grew up with nuns I grew up Catholic."
Wöt Dennis
I feel as if John is a smol bean on the inside
Little Psycho Friends
I would fail this because I lie sometimes, okay most of the time.....FINE! I DON'T REALLY LIE OKAY? YA' HAPPY?
I'm such a loser....
If Eugene wants kids.... I volunteer as tribute!!!
Kristi Boes
yeah sure it's gross eugene
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