I know know who made Undertakers entrance video at Judgement Day 2000 good editing Bray.
WarPaint 47
Bray is like old school Undertaker, El Mesias and Seratonin Era Raven.
He kills on the mic and he is an excellent brawler. I hate to see one of the few original superstars get buried just because he is not a show off pretty boy (cena) and he doesn't drag a blonde hussy around to get attention (ambrose).
Bray is what Undertaker was back before the Attitude Era when he was the leader of the Ministry of Darkness.
He is labeled a heel but you can clearly hear people cheering for him because he is a breath of fresh air from the oubiquitus meat-head jockstrap. Those types of guys have no originality or uniqueness. They are just "ggrrrr me strong, me win", Tarzan mentality.
Bray may look odd but he is an unbelievably strong competitor, he demonstrates a grace and alacrity that are non existent in most big guys. His promos transcend the usual stale, jock rants. They are almost Homeric verses.
He deserves a long lasting title run.
Bpw Leo
Pg is ded
Stunna man
tell me why I think the girl in this video is abegel
Aaron Speid
This segment is so boring
This is dumb. It's already been established that Orton is more menacing than Wyatt and that he is not scared. What was the point of Orton burning down the compound? Wyatt should have come out like a savage but he lost like he usually does. Why would anyone be afraid of Wyatt? He picks a random superstar to harass, tries to scares them and they beat him multiple times. Wyatt needs to be given a dancing gimmick and then released. He sucks now that he is a jobber.
Brandon Castro
So WWE will show all these weird and creepy images with skulls and such but they won't show blood? Alrighty then. 😂
Al Amin Shufian
Bray > Randy
Rodgjarie Case
Finn balor vs bray Wyatt demon king vs eater of worlds
Arka Mitra
I feel so sorry for him :(
Jeronimo Lopez Reina
bray wyatt looks like the scarecrow of batman.............. and Randy looks like batman
Jeronimo Lopez Reina
bray wyatt looks like the scarecrow of batman
Anthony Watson
bray wyatt on raw brand here ... matt knew he'd come ...
Salar Naserpour
Cardinals Won't live without Fitzgerald
Bray looks like my dad
Best bray wyatt promo ever!
famecool Ch
xXSpringPurpleTrapXx YT
is that really bray wyats HAUNTED house?!! i was listening
João Fernandes
no one takes bray wyatt serioulsy anymore, and thats sad.
A7xy Dydhtghd
John cena vs roman
Charles Crump
Bray Wyatt is sick!
Ocean Lim Zi Yang
Is so scary😖😣😫😱🤢
Muhammad Murtaza
So...does this mean bray vs randy will not be live
Muhammad Murtaza
How to win a match
Create your own match
godlike godlike
the best promo everr :D
Curiosity killedthecat
Could we stop booking Bray like a Cartoon Villain and have him be remotely intimidating?
Carson Young
I think Bray's promos are more effective if you imagine there are two old guys in trunks enjoying the steam room just off camera
Emanuele Abrami
You are the best courrent wwe superstar bray
Jose Cruz
0:03 "I have a question, what's 9 +10"
Aimee Nicole
go bray
Kris K
Come on Bray, you got this.
Slick Flair
Geno Bitch
This gig is getting old and he laughs too much for no reason... Either have him start to win or drop the gimmick
Christian Quinn
1:19 that was actually scary
Aim Starz u know is to talk...
Gerome Lucas
0:26 it's sister Abigail
Bray will win cause then Smackdown will make a new championship
Karlos Garcia
that's my boy
Jack Daniels
Bray is legitimately terrifying
J.c Dragons
You guys know wayatt is not on RAW
Jeremy Honeycutt
for someone who's supposed to be the next undertaker, he sure does lose alot. and when he wins, it's not usually very impressive.
I'll never understand how a guy who's great at cutting promos yet be used so poorly. ~Cameron611
Jeremy Honeycutt
a jobber that cuts great promos
little gamer
wait is bray vs randy for the wwd championship still happing because on SD there's a battle royal for the wwe championship ?? winner faces randy at pay back
Andrew Chin
I don't see Jake Roberts anywhere. What a misleading title. Sermon to the snake my foot!
Matthew Stewart
wwe sucks Bray Wyatt is awesome but wwe never keeps pushing him he better then Roman John Cena and Seth Rollin to me but wwe never keeps pushing him it's stupid
Bray Wyatt should team with Curt Hawkins, they are very similiar (two trash-talking jobbers).
Anyone else want to see Elias Samson drift through one of these promos?
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