Teenager Falls Off Of Building After Taking A Selfie

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A teenager fell off a building to his death after allegedly trying to take a selfie for the trend known as roof topping or roofing;  this involves taking selfies from extremely high locations. 

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Oh well a better way to reduce the population without insisting the idiots to kill themselves
Cynthia Natalie
Why, WHY Do dumb people do that? I really disagree with them. They can be so duuuuuuumb
Sienna Mav
and that's how we thin the heard of dumb people.
Cool Guy
Jesus, this is why you at least to pull ups, push ups, and squats, this nigga LITERALLY could not do a pull up to save his life.
joseph b
In our country its called dumbass....
skate phalife
Lol he was an idiot
Bryan Cloutier
This is how nature rids itself of stupid people.
Get Shreked
Why load the gun 🤔😦
Moonhowler Coyote
This is why you do pull ups in the gym kiddies :)
Or just maybe not be a dumbfuck.
Dumbass. Give that moron a darwin award.
Naem Khan
Push me to the edge
Natural selection triumphs again
natural selection
Doug Sholly
If someone dies while taking a stupidly dangerous selfie, you have just witnessed natural selection at work.
Natural Selection.
saif zaka
#this is so horrifying
saif zaka
who's watching this while eating sth
Hopefully he got a cool selfie out of it
Mariah Helgerson
why didn't the girl take the bullets out before hand? Sometimes I just don't get people.
Taylor Howard
Natural selection. No pity for him.
Ross Marshall
not only r russians dangerous drivers there also dangerous photographers. the typical russian life expectancy must b really low
Smashing Ryan
Why is it Russians
C. Lamp
Survival of the fittest is truly alive.
At 1:45 I honestly thought she was going to say "Retards" lmao 😂
Keystroke Cascade
in soviet russia, selfie takes you
austin Josh
We need more people to take selfie and fell off. They are self-centered, narcissistic, psychopaths, mistakes. We have too many mistakes so we can do better without these narcissistic dumb sperm mistakes. Did they die? I hope so!
Sharks don`t eat you they just taste you but they don`t like how you taste
ronald ferreira
dumb people
Mich Elle
prevent selfies in every dangerous place by banning use of every electronic gadget & please save lives.
Arya Putra
making death's job so easy.
Jonathan Cipriano
2:34 I knew they would say that shit. I KNEW IT :DDDD

darren lenovo
bout time one of these stupid fuckers died
Mr. Mask
Lets call it : suiceselfie
Feed My Shark
bruh why not just use photoshop
Brandon Syverson
Anton Kliantsevich
suka roofer
Stephen Strange
I love your lips
Homeless_ Potato
There should be a sign at the top of any roof saying "hey stupid don't dangle from here just to take a picture"
Patrick Williams
did you know your more likely to die taking a selfie then from a shark attack
mohammed zaman
Ppl are so dumb
Abradolf Lincler
So the kiddo was hanging out for about 10min, enough time to climb up the stairs go to the roof top and help him.
But no, people prefered to record with their phones...

' The world is gonna be destroyed not by those whom make evil stuffs, rather by those who watch an do nothing'
Off Building*
SpyChicken's Coop
I see nothing wrong, less idiots to walk the earth
Morris Falker
thats sad
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