Danielle T
What's the point if there's no holo
Spots the Cat
wheres my #HoloSexuals at
Did anyone notice how she quoted a Empire song?
Katelyn Wiegand
But where is the h💿l💿?
Git Gud
Anyone here because of Cristine the Science queen?
Kara Bismuth
I am a holosexual and I am offended and upset there's no holo >: (
Mak Spears
What's the point if there's no h💿l💿
Rand awa
But what is the point from this

1)to feel epic that you made your own nail polish..
2)to die in the inside
3)what if the point of there is no holo?
4)time waster
5)robots are taking over the nail polish (in my country they made an Robot to MAKE YOUR OWN NAILS.)
Arriana Marquez
lol she got the drip drop song from empire!
Free2me 64
#H💿L💿 squad were you at
galaxy Queen
Its not holo
Bombay Animations
Were are my HOLOSEXUALS AT💿💿💿💿
Is this sponsored? The way they desperately try to find something positive about this not very good product is interesting. I mean, it's lumpy, it needs like 3-4 layers to look good, it's not very pigmented, the spinning thing fell off...
Courtney Nguyen
They need to watch Simply nailogical, Christine's, video with this product. It is so hilarious
missy unicorn
Wheres the holo
Araya Ladak
[insert simplynailogical comment 💿💿💿💿]
AshKitty Plays
What's the point if there's no H💿L💿?!?!?!?!
Foxy Games
u copied cristine
Jordan Reeves
Mak the great
If you do the math the cost of each clear nail polish is $6.66
Ivana Hrastovic
What's the point if there's no holo?💿💿💿
Lara Voelkl
Jazzmine:I could put a Q-Tip in this thing
Chrissy:Don't give the children ideas
Cwisten Velasco
Where the fuq is the H💿L💿
Sofia Ghannam
i just want the holoooo ughh
Izaiya Beckett
What is the point of no holo
Cuteness_Isa RBLX
Allyl_ 2016
What's the point there is no holo
Swim Forever
Coming here after cristine s video
luna Games360
Sad theres NO holo
Safiya_ Logic
i spat out my juice on my laptop screen when jazzmyne said "we should put a q-tip on this thing"never again shall i make that mistake
lps katy
no holo😱😡😡😡😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Am I the only one who came for the comments...?
Lilah Grace
We have fun here. :]
Miss Unicorn
The nail polish needs a holo taco
Susana Jones
Don't blue and green make purple 😂
Rosie 0205
whats the point if theres no holo
Maya Neal
The girl with jasmine is so cringeworthy
Avery Stephens
Some one should have mixed all the colors together.
Maaike de Lint
is it HOLO?
kitty lin
wheres the holo
Amanda Kupča
Wats the point if thers no holo?!????
Aoife Spencer
Aoife Spencer
Where is the H📀l📀??
Amina Hussain
Simply Nailogical
Amanda Henley
Lightning Luther
They were sooo much more positive towards it than Christine (simply nailogical) was
Liongoals :3
Wats da point when there's no holo? 💿😑
What's the point if there's no h💿l💿
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