Ed Sheeran - Touch and Go [Audio]

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This track features on the Wembley Edition of 'x'.
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Antonella Ciancio
Lissi music
amazing :D I just covered your 'castle on the hill' may you wanna check it out :)
Ivan Villavicencio
I listen to this when Im in a long trip
Tae Sung Kim
Very good!
Mia Lanae
this reminds me of runaway
jazmin Flores
I love this song❤
Good Good
Lorenzo Opizzi
గమకా ౌఓిద ీతతి.....ి౮స౨గ ట?? నదా! |ట24 ిద ాకషేేద్ టాస ౨వస?????? కు౯ ీద ాదనగపత్్దుహీీౌ నదౌ౯చ
Keith Killeen
Favourite song is castle on the hill.
It is one of the best
Ana Paula Cruz Chavolla
This is becoming one of my favourite songs of his.
I love that guitar.
Brittney Seeley
Who told Ed to go? Cuz he dropped everything and went for a year! xD
Pisicuța !
Bella Tomaz
Ed Sheeran Invented Math
Anh Truong
who is watching in 4056
why doesn't Ed have girlfriend?

because sheeran
Dulcete Kelly
strife tribal
hes back boiz and galz
Daisy Bragg
ED WHY. WHY. WHY. why wont you come to virgina. you're my freaking inspiration. literally 3 years ago I discovered you and since then I've grown to a huge musician. you actually pushed me harder. I'm working harder and harder so one day I can meet you and tell you how you have made me into myself. ed without you I, I would not be myself. you are my hero and role model. if you see this (which you probably wont) but if any chance you do then please PLEASE come to virgina. but until you do ill push myself farther so I will meet you. :-)
Nacha Santana
canta demasiado bien :'3
Cinthia Hernandez
<3 ♥♥♥
AJS Vlogs
Do you do mods
johnson noel
He sound like the country version of Justin timber lake mixed with Justin bieber.
And all we know is touch and go.
Antonela Žibrat
TMNT 2003 anyone?
This is so awesome
Sia papa
why is this the first time I ever hear this song? anyway it's amazing
Brian Vallejo
Touch and Go. Just Go. You do not love me right?
Pallen Kaiku
Rebekka Pfeiffer
best song ever!!!!! I'm in LOVE!
tia Nay
Amber Maes
Leadership each steal Catholic trunk grab house keep.
unicorn unicorn
Egor Lobov
Good music!!!!
Play ---- End---Go to Replay----End---Go to Replay/// /// //// //// Fuck! Real GOOD Music! BIG TNX from you
ella clark
ella clark
Alice Vasconcelos
Cadê os br que amouu????
Yolo 0003
Minh Phuoc
where are those runaway, take it back, even my bad does sometime... audio videos ? i saw them like a year ago or so then they're all taken down from his channel ? what happened to them guys ?
at the start i first thought that this was a kind of mashup of Runaway and Bloodstream 😂
Faktoria Nadoosh
i was thought its runaway remix 😰 !!
Zuzanna Furmanek
Is it better ,,Runway"?
Eileen Little
Why did Ed leave? I know he's back but..?
Haitai Hdz
My love
Such a jam. Like a cute mini jam.
Kyle Stevens
Cause I, am on the touch and go...
Cool Keyz
Who's here after the two new AMAZING singles!!
Nathalie Logroño
This sound like ed sheeran!
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