Ed Sheeran - Touch and Go [Audio]

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This track features on the Wembley Edition of 'x'.
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tia Nay
Amber Maes
Leadership each steal Catholic trunk grab house keep.
unicorn unicorn
Egor Lobov
Good music!!!!
Play ---- End---Go to Replay----End---Go to Replay/// /// //// //// Fuck! Real GOOD Music! BIG TNX from you
ella clark
ella clark
Alice Vasconcelos
Cadê os br que amouu????
Yolo 0003
Minh “ZeDD” Phuoc
where are those runaway, take it back, even my bad does sometime... audio videos ? i saw them like a year ago or so then they're all taken down from his channel ? what happened to them guys ?
at the start i first thought that this was a kind of mashup of Runaway and Bloodstream 😂
Faktoria Nadoosh
i was thought its runaway remix 😰 !!
Zuzanna Furmanek
Is it better ,,Runway"?
Eileen Little
Why did Ed leave? I know he's back but..?
Haitai Hdz
My love
Such a jam. Like a cute mini jam.
Kyle Stevens
Cause I, am on the touch and go...
Cool Keyz
Who's here after the two new AMAZING singles!!
Nathalie Logroño
This sound like ed sheeran!
Bianca Weasley
Meninas que vieram escutar os novos dois hinos e acabaram vindo escutar as musicas antigas me adc
Juli N
I Love you Te amo <3
Ruth McGuigan
why am I only hearing this now😂😭
Ruth McGuigan
why am I only hearing this now😂😭
Love this song with my heart, bones, soul, you name it <3
Maria del Mar Leiva Row
When esperas la cancion nueva. :v
Angie Tarazona
Emily Khan
Anyone waiting for his new music
Sthefany Gomez SGSC15
new song coming....new song coming NEW SONG COMING .....😍😍😍😍😍
Malu Privado
I just can't wait for tomorrow 🇧🇷❤
Dustin Harris
Ed is back on January 6 2017
It's 1:40 am here and I JUST CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEW ALBUM ANYMORE. That's torture. I just want to listen to your songs man!😭😭
ahmed master iQ
Who's waiting for the new song today?
Brasil sz
eleanor megan
waiting for 5am to hurry up and get here to hear the new song being released💙
don't mind me, just waiting for tomorrow
Nelly Belly
Who is just here for the new music? Let's wait together 😂
hazel greene
Just chillin here waiting for the new song to drop
angelo Trigiris
sheerio _ani
who else is ready for friday 😂...... so hyped
Sot Amam
today is friday, his new song
Wait..tmr new album is coming or new song??
Naetan Tortona
Is It Just Me Or Does Ed Sheeran Looks Like Dean Ambrose In Wwe?
BlackJackCraft BJC
Im like here waiting for the new upload af
Johanna Kidd
I quite like it, touch&go by Ed isnt bad at all!
rest gab
I really love songs that are mostly played in guitar.
sahil singh
6 jan
Paulina Fran
miss you <3
HHM-M Motyka
nice to know that new Blue album is coming :')
Cookie Monster
Who else is excited for his new album this friday ? 🙋💕
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