Ed Sheeran - Touch and Go [Audio]

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This track features on the Wembley Edition of 'x'.
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Hello, my name is SayhiNoah
my friend died from a tornado last night in Canada and I listen to this song and I feel better
londonerr8 palace
why wasnt this on his album!! its great one of my faves
I wish he can play this song at his concerts, LOVE!!!
eddard stark
The "mmmm" is so catchy
Break Dance
Shape of you is the best
dante gallardo
Why hasn't he sang this song live yet??!?!
Alexander Penucevski
I made a cover of this! Please go check it out!
Mills 24
At the start when he sang "mmmhmm" I thought it was runaway.
Marek J
Still in your bed? Tell her to frig off
Jack Atlas
Hope u could play this song live at ur concert
why is this song not famous??? such a good song!!!
Natan Bandeira
Who listening Touch And Go in 2017 ? I'Am !! I love this song and Ed
Nicoli Camargo
2017 and im still addicted <3
Nicoli Camargo
why is this song so unknow? its so good
Puddin :3
como cuando no sabes inglés pero igual escuchas a ed sheeran :v
Faye Baker
I love this song...
ana hunt
I have no idea why but i like to believe this song is for taylor
Dipsy Psyche
damn.. i thought i know all his muliply album songs... why i didnt notice this one?
Gamer Boii
Dominicq Peña
AFTER LONG MONTHS OF SEARCHING THIS SONG!!! I've been hearing this song every time I go to the supermarket and finally I found it!!! 😭😭😭 This is such a big achievement for me!!! I'm so happy I 'm crying 😭😭😭 Ed never really disappoints people 😍😍😍 Keep it up, idol 😘
jay truelock
Am I the only one on a ed marathon.... yep i'm the only one
Pantelis p
awesome and amazing song bro
Has He ever played this song at one of his tours? Can't find a live version
Nele Sch.
Mutiso Joy
How long can we be touch and go....😢...song never gets old.
Havannah Whitehead
Whoever has got to meet ed sheeran is so fucking lucky !😫😩jealous
Hailey J.
this songs rly cool on 1.25
Celeste Navarro
The Silent Treatment
Brandon Leo
ed sheeran sucks butt
shannon !
shannon !
This song is the shit for real
Lisa 02《07《03《
This gives me such a warm feeling inside and it makes me happy😄
lilly vlogs /videos
Love this song 😘
Haris ahmed
Nurul Azzahra
could you please make the video of you singing this song? i love this song so much!
I miss Ed....

Wait :v
KJ Rafael
The chorus is like the best! And when he says " And If you say go" ohohoh So good. Keep it up Ed
Polly-jaiyne O'Marlley
Im fed up with touch and go, go go go's are my style and i so wanna start up and set that go in motion, as I already cherish your soul! 😙😘😚
ana larissa
ed ❤❤😍👌
Such an Underrated song I'm sure this could have been a hit oh well :/
Fight The Clock
Underrated song
Juan David Diaz Gomez
i like so much this song ED you are the best
M.A Calleja
Fernanda Hernandez
you me enchant
Fernanda Hernandez
me encantas
Shanell López Mira
Mi cursh me trajo hasta aca c:
parwex 12
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