Let's read some comments.

Karina Schoessler
I cant just keep myself, when this guy comments on what jp does. fuucking hillarious!!!
I heard nigga in video
Jidderbug 1978
Jake Paul is so annoying. No intelligence and acts like he is 10!
Andy ichal
pewdiepie the best,dont get pissed about jack paul,just ignored hhim....
dogbone 66
army of butthurt jake paulers approaching......
Nadine Isleem
magic 44
4:05 I send you and email to watch that you little bi**ch
Фигня я его не понимаю
Rïflē Wølf
I love you Pewds! You're the best! ❤
The Coolest Geek
Why not care about beef? ;-;

Delicious man...
Pratik chowdhury
Love you pewdiepie~
Service dog Riley
Jake paul diss helvete ja rosta sin röv
Nawaal Hameed
But now he doesn’t have that Disney contract
Grace Doi
U wanna know the reason to world hunger

Nick Crompton
Rayne Newberry
I can’t, Felix you’re just great please be my best friend
Nathan Mohr
jake pual fucking sucks
Luke Varholdt
Your the best
Mat Storms
Jake Paul is shit
Dana Regalado
Your a poop head just kidding
Guillaume Verquere
Owh, bloody hell...you all got fooled! Jake Paul never had any brother...it just found a way to breed! We need to burn it and its seed before it lays more of its eggs!
Ian Joshua Figueiredo Ramaciotti Celestee
I love you don t cry brasil love you
Megan Nicole
I just unsubscribed to jake Paul because of this I’m triggered if i have to pick the worst youtuber it would be jake
Ashley Givan
I love this so much pewds is the fucking bessssttttttt
Fobo's Legacy
Youtube whore is amazing
Kiara Theadford
I can't stop laughing
Brooklynn thiede
Yo preach!
Jake Paul is cancer tho so every body that says he is not so every 3 year old that likes jp has cancer and should die
Captin TobyMavric
He is just like jpg but JP is anayoing
Captin TobyMavric
People hate this man for no dam reason
Anna Sofia
10:23 we just love pewds
That youtube wh#re part was better roast than rice gums diss tracks. 😂
Bibi Fathima
don't worry pewdie ur my best youtuber
abdullah anwer
Get your dick fixed you (poop die pants) your are a shit in wet dick of paulers
Kushal Puri
FUCK YOU HATERS !!! You motherfuckers.... PEWDIEPIE IS THE BEST YOUTUBER ... NO ONE CAN REACH THAT LEVEL ... jake paul , logan paul are the worst . Shit people don’t have even half of half of half of half viewers. STFU HATERS ... we LOVE YOU PEWDIEPIE, AND WILL SUPPORT YOU FOREVER.
Arya Majumder
Man pewdiepie proves he's the best youtuber
Omar Naseri
Hej Felix varför pratar du engelska
Bat sKat
Pewdiepie is besssst 😂😂😂❤❤❤
F_mj 98
I’m 10 and I wish he had 1 fucking leg honestly he can’t even rap I can do better
Raka Sudijono
hey pewds....
earth is my town
Harry Carnell
10/10 VERY NICE!
Bhatara Priyadjota
Find 10 secret about jp team 10 reveald
Bhatara Priyadjota
Team 10 is bunch of lying,racist,and talentles bitch
Miguel Nogueira
Am I getting too old? Because back in my teens Disney channel wasnt supposed to be gangster, is DC a gangster thing now?
Kenzo Bernardo
Pewds why are your views and likes going down?
p e a c h y k e e n
long story short, jake paul is one rude ass motherfucker.
moonshine pxmxy
His voice is even better than jake's lmao shut up haters 😂😂😂
Emma Cave
Lmao love u poods
Erica Gaona
I bet little kids made a hate comment defending Jake Paul .....god Jake sucks😂😂😂😂
Ryan Harner
Jake Paul: over 12 million subs. Pewdiepie: 58 million subs. Beat that.
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