Zelda kid
boobie pie
Zelda kid
poopie pie
Yousof Massoud
Kids table hydraulics blfnkgdehkldagjchj
0:54 this niBBa
alison eyers
I died of laughter
Lino Jesus
Fuck, this shit is funny. Damned kids are so naive.
Matthew Myers
When you diss pewdiepie and realize he still has 50 million more subs then you
ERC Vlogs
U suck can u plz stop messing with jp he's a savage u r average if there one thing u should know u don't mess with Jake paul
Mr.Ninja Mlg
Man fuck jake Paul pewdiepie is better
Flay 6
OMG let JP reach 57 mil and then come talk shit to PewDiePie
Thomas Finn
used to hate this guy but actually think he's well funny now
Lord Kalabe
You're doing the right thing roasting that cancerous pile of shit
larry stokely
booooooooooooooooooooooooo i love jake paul and team 10 and logan you are dume
Cursed the Critic
I'm a teen female that likes to end their comment with an Emoji. I am the scourge of the Earth.
FuZe Midnight
10 mil in this video (views)
Kefsnif Sniferino
Its every day piewts its every day piewts i say its every day piewtssss (next lame soundtrack)
Nina Katz
Tbh I don't like your usual content but I'm amused by this
Smelly Face
JAKE PAUL SUCKS BALLS! I hate that stupid douche. #TeamPewdiePie
Rambos survival tips And tricks
Pewdiepie sucks Jake and Logan are better
Mexzt007 !
At least he Not fat
Mexzt007 !
You rock man! I never looked till now your vids are Awsome en fuck JP he only wants more views and money so he begins a carreer as "rapper"
Ashlynn San Miguel
A bunch of ten year olds watch you Jesus Christ
Brandon Elliott
I hate JAKE Paul 2 💯Logang💯
Trainer da noob Roblox & more
I f*cking hate Jake Paul he's f*cking retarded and he roasts people atleast pewds is better if you hate me I don't care leave all hate comments t o me if you want idc
Iest Thomas
i dont get it, Jake Paul didnt even roast he just said "passed all the competitions and PewDiePie is next", idk maybe its just me
Niko Bellic
Jack Paulun ben amına koyayım sen bir numarasın pewds
Yoones Basem
fuck jake paul
love you pewdiepie
This Is Me
you may not even see this, as this is an old video of yours, but.
I just wanna say you're awesome, not going to lie and say i'm your biggest fan because i have only noticed your existence today (23/08/2017) anyhow i only came on here as i saw the name Jake Paul, thought whatever this video is about its going to be funny.
I was right, you're a funny human. anyways.... the past couple of days i have been unwell, my ass has been dripping shit, but even through all this pain i am in you have some how made me laugh. so thank you :) have a nice rest of the day/week/month/year.

peace out! jade-adelle x
khawla Dhahbi
you've got a few subs and you think that your the shit
U the best peeweepi i spelled it rong
Kathleen Smyth
fuck them haters you're the man the chosen one
Catherine Lopez
Jake Paul gained 5 million subs in 6 months because he was part of Disney channel. All his fans are probably 10 year olds due to how accurate their spelling is
Tahira Tassawar
you are a big bully
vanessa halef
OMG I am so proud to be Swedish RN 😂😂
Marc James
kurt carpenter
I still love you PEWDS!!!
man i love u pewds. I remember back when I followed you in 2011??? 2010??? Watching you reminds me of the hours I spent with my father binge watching your content. Those were some of the best moments of my life with him. Thank you.
Lav Hotomski-Patterson
Even his brother dissed him
Lav Hotomski-Patterson
Your hilarious bro 😂 lmao
Brooke Rankin
Mr Orange Cake
OMG PEWD your gold i love you
Diss jp
You're just jealous because Jake Paul is the best bitch.
Yusuf Surya Malik
PewDiePie is a legendary Youtubers, no one can replace him
Silver The Rusty
fuck roblox and piece of shit jake paul
Ah, Pewds is the best xD
Matei Margarit
hey pewds i think that these comments are not real because you're a good yter
Hermione Granger
Omg he got less views for having Jakes name 😂
Sam Hale
PewDiePie I'm new to your channel and I say your a way better YouTuber than Jake Paul, people who hate on your are getting tired of you and they are stupid jake Paul likes men I say keep it up your a good YouTuber 👍🏻😃
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