Sophisticated Animation
awesome animation looks real
Dragon Knight
Better then the new movies
Matthew Greer
it actually took me a few seconds to see it was cgi, impressive
Allen Blair
star wars is like crack you never get enough you always need more
game makers are better choreographers than the movie guys...
Raven Echo4927
That sith ritual in the beginning with the girl looked satanic it kinda freaked me out a little bit anyone agree
The Eternal Twins one was the best.
The opening cinematic makes me wanna start the game back up... So hype.
xxx ibeto
we need a Series of this like they did for Clone Wars but for the old republic.. there is so much potential!!
Darf ich dieses Material bei mir in denn Videos benutzen
i want tattoos on my character lol
Better than main series films.
tk check
These always motivate me to play new content for Star Wars: The Old Republic............Then I remember I'd have to play Star Wars: The Old Republic.
Billy Beckman
"A man can have anything, if he is willing to sacrefice". It is actually so true.
Mao Junior
100x better storytelling than Force Awakens.
Christian England
I fucking hate star wars and this is some of the most beautiful CGI I have ever seen in a game. yes I get it, it's not the actual game, you know what I mean.
Sam Woodel
all the videos are in reverse order
ma kari
didnt know that the cutscenes were soooo damn good, how do you unlock those story lines ingame?
Breysen Staton
So the old guy only wants one son not to so πŸ‘ͺ
John Long
That brother story was sad
Kristijan Bartolic
Even if is made like this in full cgi I would like this more than any star wars movie so far.This is how star wars movies should look.
Space time Theory
Just let the story continue
Tae Yang Lee
So good!
Lawrence Revelation
That one lady looks almost exactly like Rey.
Hunter Otto
I feel so bad the daughter. She was so innocent.
The first movie is only an intro to an expansion? All this work for a dead game.
tfw a cgi game trailer looks better than half your actual films
Are the Dark side more powerful in general, because most of these fights the Sith seem to always come out on top.
RagingK51 0
Berry fucked up the timeline so badly he made red skull a sith smh
Truu Kom
All those years passed since the creation of star wars, and with all the evolution in gaming industry, no one has ever made a proper star wars game with an intresting story and gameplay. We are talking about the best fictional universe ever created !
florianeq play games
nerf tys
Max steel roblox pro
it seems they are out of order
That first trailer... not a day goes by that I didn't wish to see THAT as a big budget movie instead of the soulless, ultra-monetized nostalgia-wanks that are the new official SW movies. :( KotOR 3 would be great as well! But not, it's all EA and Disney now, let's just say goodbye to any kind of innovation and welcome our new corporate overlords.
DEZ Bryant
is that republican solider with the grande Eddi Bravo hahah
so apparently - thanks to this game - everything that has ever happened in SW has happened multiple times

making the whole universe seem smaller and less intelligent
Pyramide KhΓ©ops
Why they do not movies like that...
Aaron Teitelbaum
These trailers are amazing except for one part. Why did they have to reuse the normal SW music, especially for the last one. Get rid of one pixel and you would have enough for a composer
if they seem stronger when they dual wield,, why don't they just dual wield?
I was more immersed in these tiny dialogue-less stories than the recent star wars movies.
Toasty Waffle
I’d fuck that tight blonde
sandra vargas
This took my breath away! Omg this is way so much better than the movies disney is making, i miss the old days
Bluer Sora
Why cant we have full scale fights like these in the movies?
slightly bob
I would dig an actual movie for all of these
oh boy just saw the new sw trailer ... i rather watch this twice than pay a cinema ticket. Dont get me wrong... rogue one was crazy !
the strength of brave hearts
This makes me want to play the game. Then i go. "Oh wait it's shit...nvm."
if only the new star wars movies were this good
fucking hell, I get chills and nearly fall in tears every time i see this trailer
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