Hey guys, check this out!
uncle ankie
stealing ,bad mouthing some one is one thing but playing with people's mind and heart is the worst thing you can do ... avoid it ..
Loki Lover
to be honost i only liked this video because there was a tom hiddleston gif in it XD
game time with leah
I have another trick for rock paper sissors most girl will pick paper so when you challenge a girl pick sissors and boys will mostly pick rock so just do paper and tomboys or a girly girl will pick sissors
jac walker
I can read your mind... oooooooooooooooh

I gotta dig bick

you read that wrong

you go back to checked the answer

you read that wrong

you never went back to check the answer
At 3:05 there was Logan paul
Jack Rather Not Say
3:04 logan paul?
عاشقة براجيا
0:16 Oh hello Ponton.

Edit: The eye contact thing made my brother go nutz
Merciless 4095
None of these work and the last one is so easy to avoid. I was doing it to my friend and they just had to smell it to know it was orange juice!
Good memes 300
there whas a guy named shut up poop and manners shut up whas driving and poop fell out of the car manners whent to get him and the police asked shut up whats your name son shut up sir whats your name son shut up sir whats your name son! shut up!!! then the police said wheres your manners over there piking up poop

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I did the carrot one on my brother he said cabbage😂😂😂
Ella Who is wiliams sister
The thumbnail is just a girl lieing on water.
Frigoli Frigoli
ill do the vomiting one on my friends without towels and a trash
Dave Lundgren
I think i want to do alllllllllll pf them
it work the 1+1=what that question it work on my sister
Dawn Aldred
You are an amazing person
Todd Hopkins
The carrot one really worked!
Smol NiBBa
Milk + juices = makes u gag/throw a vomit? Oh holi cemoli it was my favorite drink when i was a kid😂
Everything Girls
What if I said you were about to be tricked...

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Kristi Lambert
Tommy Biggers
the one where I stick my dick in her mouth and ass
Aaliyah Goldsworthy
Abigail Elise
Look left -------> I SAID "LEFT" IDIOT
Satish Sarnaik
3:17- LOL
Leona Jade Mendoza
they used Logan Paul as not making eye contact
Shankar Tamang
i subcribe
Coldkiller 12
The carrot one didn't work
Diamond Cr4ft
Carrot worked omggggggg :)
The bob fam Bro!!
I'm a sub!! Xd
Naomi Tarumoto
I tried the carrot one and the eye stare one on my mom. The carrot one didn't work, she thought of eggplant(???) lol
Alan Enriquez
Only the last one worked😂
Yerlyn Rivera
I tried the math trick and it was right
Vampire Queen
Dean Dickson
I tried all of them on my mum and dad
Satnam Mudhar
Aimeehorse lover
who else saw logan paul in this video
Ethan Stewart
Your shit youdick
Allie Mart
The milk trick was my favorite😂😂
Rebel,emo Girl
The last trick will definitely not work on me cuz I allergic to milk
Rain ouchen
she gags ...
off to xvideos
who else noticed Logan Paul at 3:05 ?
Emily Hernandez Diaz
The e trick I was like my name starts with a e
Amily SoooKawaii
Logan paul
peyton sims
Throw up one
Delilah Foster
rock paper scissors
Asphalt Pro
So,nobody is going to talk about Logan at 3:05?
After the equation both my cousin and my brother said carrot
Nancy J.
my friend asked me the carrot thing but I said lettuce, she was so upset
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