10 CRAZY Mind Game Tricks To Fool Your Friends

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10 Amazing and fun games you can use to fool anyone. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3
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The mind is very powerful, but there are subtle tricks you can perform to trick the brain into thinking, seeing and believing anything you want. Mind games and the art of influencing is used in advertisements, music, at work and at school. Those who have perfected these mind tricks can usually make people do and say whatever they want. We definitely don’t think these tricks should be used if you have malicious intent, but if you just want to have some fun with your friends, these mind tricks were made for you. 

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Hey guys, check this out! https://youtu.be/_CVw_tFlacc
Cecilia Hernandez Diaz
The e trick I was like my name starts with a e
Amily SoooKawaii
Logan paul
peyton sims
Throw up one
Delilah Foster
rock paper scissors
Asphalt Pro
So,nobody is going to talk about Logan at 3:05?
After the equation both my cousin and my brother said carrot
Jiayuan Jiang
my friend asked me the carrot thing but I said lettuce, she was so upset
Tracey Spuffard
the e 1
marko cr7
logan poul
abbey Gatesman
Leisha Dunn Vlogs
I did the carrot on on my friend and it worked!
Kenny Linn
the orange juice
Amy Martin
the carrot part worked
Evan Williams
It has been 14 days since I started playing this brain training game “nonu amazing only” (Google it) and I`m surprised how it helped me focus well in other cases! This is fun, difficult but not frustrating. I have not paid something in order to play it.
The Hand Off one wouldn't work for me. My friend would just ask me why I'm giving to them.
Hyena Love
My mom doesn't care about me !😂😂 the E faced her way
Maria Chacon
The soda can one always happens to me
T1DForest Princess
I tried the 1 with a carrot and equation it did not work
kayla tube
This trick is fake I tried it on my sis and my mom they both said broccoli 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Trinity Baez
this is dumb because it just shows you how to do the mind tricks I WANT IT TO SHOW THE PEOPLE DOING IT NOT TEAHING US (sorry to be mean)
Haley Morrison
Angel Geraldino
What a piece of shit video
Vrai Pollard
It has been fourteen days since I started playing this brain training game “nonu amazing only” (Google it) and I am astonished how it helped me concentrate well in other situations! This is entertaining, tough but not irritating. I haven`t paid something as a way to play it.
#1Spidermanfan !!!!!
Just to let you know the gagging one really works 🤢
Itz Nina
The paper scissors rock thing actually worked and before I asked the question she said she would've done paper if I didn't ask her
Saniesha Rosas
Yea my friend said cucumber like really that's not even close to a carrot
cool Hayzee
The corrot one is true
Denya Valle
all of them
After seeing the carrots trick.... i tried it on my cousin and it worked😂😂😂😂😂.... i cant believe it!!! 😂😂😂😂😂
Aleyna Cathers
I tried the "carrots" trick on my friend and he said broccoli.😂
Who saw at 3:05 Logan Paul?
Bryson & Brooklyn Wells
You are smart
Sydney Davidson
i got EVERY SINGLE ONE CORRECT!!!!! you need to make these riddles MUCH HARDER!!!!!!!!!! i feel like you guys aren't even trying....;)
Marvel Crafter
4:32 I love it XD
X mo11y and more X
Happy kitten
The vegetable was potatoe not carrot
Kaitlyn Chacon
Can someone tell me who is at 0:09
Pit ღ
Me: asks 1+1 2+2 4+4 8+8 question
Sister: gives right answers
Me: Quick, name a vegetable!
Sister: Lemon!
Me: ...
Me: I'm amazed by your stupidity.
imagination player
I asked my big brother the joke carrots . . . and just said carrots and then celery.🖒
Masters Program
But what if my "Friend" Has No Boy friend what if there a Girl what? and Not Gay
The Martini
Ok so i tried the milk one with my sister, A.K.A "drama queen", and she spit the orange juice all over the kitchen and i ended up grounded and cleaning up the kitchen, thanks talko.
The last one lol
Navee Navee
Steven Velazquez
i tried the lunch trick on a student at my college and they said ramen cause thats all he can afford to eat...😢
Maisah Rahman
the orange juice trick of course
3:05 Logan Paul!!!
TheChrist9 CM
No my fam said others instead of carrot
Emma Potato
I tried all of them and none of them worked
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