Amtrak Train Slams Passengers With Snow - Rhinecliff (New york)

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Amtrak Train Slams Passengers With Snow - Rhinecliff (New york) - Full Video (Real time and Slow motion)

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Rhinecliff, New York - Wednesday morning (15th March 2017) Amtrak train sent a wave of snow onto passengers standing on the platform.

The unassuming passengers, stood on the platform as the train arrived. Passengers Nick Colvin and Craig Oleszewski captured the incident on their camera. Oleszewski said it was Amtrak train 236 which was scheduled to arrive at 9:07 AM.

May be the train was moving faster than usual plus fresh snow from Stella resulted in a more spectacular arrival than expected.

Video Credits:
Nick Colvin ( )
Craig Oleszewski ( )

Oleszewski's video (Last (Video 2) in this combined video) is from a farther (bit) distance.

0:43 When you look at the platforms pillars and notice there is snow stuck to the sides of them that may be a sign...
Shyhiem James
Why was the snow that high
hahaha wtf
His Gaze
looks refreshing.
That woman was filming vertically. She totally deserved it!
If I was that engineer I would be laughing my ass off.
Kai _Smith_1738
if you see the train spreading ice then move you dumbass
BILL 2002
the new polar express
ULTRA_SD70ace Productions
Choo choo mother trainers
Michael B
the smart ones are walking away at the beginning LOL XD
Yamaha SR650
Dawwwwk. Gee, I didn't see dat comin. I must be stooped!
Dick Chuckle
dang you stopped recording at the exact wrong moment. Missed a great meltdown.
Dashing through the snow...
alexander martin thunderdog hoff
wow what have we learned today never stand to close to the track when there is snow on them you will get covered in snow
The snow was like 10cm above the platform and that P32-acdm was doing like 30 kmph into the station
Aubrey Wallace
and she stood there in shock?
Harry David Kojima
Railfan Center
701 looked awesome!
James Cash
I bet the driver was smiling from ear to ear telling his/her work buddy "Hey! watch this!".
Steve Thompson
i love hearing that bitch yell at the end. PRICELESS
Andrew C
No one thought this was a safety hazard?
What did you think was going to happen? Lol. You could see the smart people walking away as the train approached
brain dead
Miles Campbell
This is a definite description of Trump's future
Dodge Mustang
You tube really makes people stupid..
Kevin spacey
That woman screeming in the background.. Dont stand there then you dumb bitch
Angel of Sarcasm
0:46 When Winter is Coming
TheExtreme Challengers
George Boyd
That made my day, so much brighter! Gee,thanks! :D
Jo Mo
at 1:20 a lady shouted "my hand f**k"
Babe Ruth 123455
Ezic Order of the star
Driver: Ohhhh Noooo! Cx
Ezic Order of the star
Obviously these people do not have any common sense ,
or a clue Why would you stand near the edge of the platform when a train is coming into a station , or when the tracks are full of snow. What did they think would happen .
That Was A Very Cold Winter Washout because I remember watching that footage on the local news back in late February or March I think because I remember all of the passengers were waiting fro the train until this one begins to barrel through the station then sending snow onto the awaiting passengers alongside burying them but it was a winter washout.
The funniest thing was that it was a heritage unit. I would go with 145
Why the hell are they just standing there knowing a train is coming and the tracks aren't plowed? lol fools I would have a good laugh if I was the conductor.
Allen A
You can't fix stupid, but you can chill it down and bury it. I wonder what they thought was going to happen when the snow was drifted up to above the platform level.
Aurelie Nana
"Look mom, the snow is hitting me in the face at 60FPS in 4k"
E.M. Solberg
If you use the train year round, and you see the snow that high on the track, why on earth are you standing so close??? I grew up around trains, streetcars and buses in a very cold climate, and learned that lesson as a child. Some people don't use common sense.
Space Cookie ツ
When you see a massive locomotive hurtling towards you, you get the hell out.
passengers are inside the train, which means not hit by snow #StayWoke . (just reiterating a comment)
How can they possibly not see what's about to happen?
Bill Bergland
amtrak engine 701 snowplow of the year
ow i hope they dinit die
William Matthews
Stupid people.
Ben Moran
People + Phones= Total Cunts
Kat Sam
looks like fun!
Brian Baird
it was a good thing the train was stopping or else it would of showered everyone at 75 MPH
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