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Lele Pons
Bradley da gamer zombieslayerzrule
I love you so much lele
Sakura Anime
lol our school mascot is Spartans
Dagi's Queen
That was very funny😂😂😂LY💞✔
Gala Penelope Hernandez Carrizales
Kristy Hamilton
Dimplidii pii
I love this video😍
Cristina Lorenzo
u raelike so funnnnnny im going to holywood 2017:,)
Lele come to my house I beg you I live in Georgia champion green
Xsavier Vasquez
FluffyCute TeddyBear
"IN THE PASTTT Omg that ass... IN THE PASTT" I died! 😂😂
Alice Rodriguez
1:53 leles face😂😂
Alice Rodriguez
"Your pregnant! Congratulations!!"
"What? I ain't pregnant!"😂😂😂
Louise Cooper
pause at 2:00 and see what it looks like 😂😂😂
Nena Munoz
I subscribed
Dark Wolf Girl
Lele you're the best!I love you, all of your videos are very funny and awesome!
Brian Paterson
Your the best
Zozo grammer
I'm Latina and find it hilarious
Mégane Gloria F.N.
The ending is the best
Kristine Heeren
Should we tell her??..
Miss Killer

Nilda Boada
Bbvbvb. Vvb. V bb v. V. Nm q
Mark Wagner
The boy roasted at you
Melody Espericueta
big fan
Melody Espericueta
big fan
Kilauea Martinez
I don't give a fuck lol
Vedika rana
I love ray so much ❤️
Allysa D
date him lele
Ariana Benally
At 1:03 it looks like that dude idk name but he is looking at janinas butt
Lisa Smith
Wait I don't get it because in the he videos that you like date you always date a different guy so my Question is who is your boyfriend
Mariana Villa
Ray is #bae #goals
Mariana Villa
Ray is #bae #goals
Mario Vidmaker
He said gulichy
Reztha Marsya
from this funniest video we should know that nobody know the future. maybe you can be better than before, maybe worse. who know?
Ana Delaney
Charlotte Skiles
Lele:Your pregnant congrats! Ashley:Wat I ain't pregnant
Txshaaa :3
my God lele's friend janina is so pretty! 😍
World of animation Eden
2 5:14
World of animation Eden
Tart Lemonz
Briefly opens up the Bible
Me: I see the light 😂
Ayca Aykac
this and suprise mee😂😂😂
Gamer Girl Esther
Lol so funny
Brandon Cofer
That's not beer that's root beer.
Davis Nguyes
Hector Morales
I love lele and ray💙💜💚💓💗💖💕😻💘💞💝💛
Leannie Leavitt
my parents were fighting for about an hour and the whole time I hid out in the bathroom watching this and for the first time, I didn't cry while they were screaming at each other
Juanpilanpi Fc
You act very good
Brandi King
SOOO SLUTY.......Also did anyone else notice that they were beating up leles "Husband"
TiffanyYuyo LopezYuyito
hahah pshyco in school
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