Mistletoe Kissing Challenge! (MattyBRaps vs Ivey)

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With Christmas right around the corner, MattyB sits down to do his annual Top 10 Christmas List Countdown.  What he doesn't know is that Ivey has plans of her own!  Poor Justin...  haha!

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Adriana Juarez
it was funny when you prack ive
Veronica Sanchez
do you like ivey
Blady Enriquez
Blady Enriquez
do it do it do it i dare you
Blady Enriquez
i saw the video and you dated ivy and i am so happy
Karina Assef
Karina Assef
IV you're never going to get a boyfriend like MattyB
Kingstongaming Vang
And Ivey is a stalker
Kingstongaming Vang
Kingstongaming Vang
Rokesha Calhoun
Mattb your fuunyer then that girl
Dana Morrison
I don't think Matt and Ivey are a good couple
Taviya Star
Poor justin😂
Shannon Trice
I hate ivey
Marcus Sdick
Matt hates you
the bad babys!
ok shut up
I am watching in 2017
maliya dejesus
she's weird 🤓🤓🤓
farhan asi
who's watching 2018
Orin Bobb
kyri wartman
Madison Dove
storm tornado me
TheMint Truck
Why she be so inlove with that boy
UnicornHolidays Unique
quason parker
your so dumb
Brenna Parris
what did wrong quality Pa
Vanessa Lomeli
Ivy is the best is if you don't think so that's your opinion
Vanessa Lomeli
Sara is so my favorite
Marlene Alvarez
you are crazy ivy
Ashley Hauge
you are gross
Brianna Desantiago
I have a crush on mattyb sorry
Marina Rivera Pena
they published this video on my birthday
Barbara Ure
I don't like ivy she is rude
Jacob Mooney
This is going to be interesting
Ayesha Ahmed
do more kissing challenge
Khadiijah Muse
break up with ivy today go with your other girlfriends
Tiara Toia
what a funny
Makaela Nomura
I really don like Ivey
Alexys Santos
ur both
NOT! bf +gf
Eva Donaldson
I love it you get mad
mattyB is scared😁😁😀
Victoria Hopkins
yes pless iv
Syahmie Isqandar
U guys are teen no kissing dude!
Naraly Guillen
Ivey ur not a good person ur rude im sorry to say it but matt dont be with her she is rude
Shaida Motley
do not make any more videos with ivy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peter Jarry
Levy u are never going to date mattyb got it girl
Angie Espi
MattyB so cute😍😍
Tristan Martin
you suck ivey
Zosia Fortes
I feel sad for justin she wacked him
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