11pm breaking news: manhunt for Facebook live killer

Steve StephensFacebook LiveshootinghomicidemurderEasterClevelandmassacre

The search for Steve Stephens continued all evening.

Raul Mejia Santos
Fucking coward ...bitch motherfucker killed an innocent elderly man. Burn in hell!
stainkilla best
the fat fucks gf probably a mad hoe
Tren Sandwich
Fuck niggers
niveK Auod
good 4 you news. do it to yourself.
2jz Fox
He's hiding with a old co accused from his child hood. Or dead under a bridge somewhere.
Derek Gagne
this is because of anoter woman screwing with peoples heads...all because of joy lane
Pepe Argento
cuantaos negros jaja
Lurch Hightower
Hahaha. This gay freemason actor is "dead" now, apparently. Bullshit. He is sipping on a drink in an undisclosed location, under a new name. I hate this world of lies.
darryl harris
well the pussy is dead!!!!!!!!!!!! good ridence! coward shot his punk azz self hope their is a special place in hell for you ladyboy coward kill a defenseless 74 year old man!
William Alston
Stephens is dead now
Lucky Thirteen
You all be safe out there hunting! Prayers for officers and citizens that may be in harms way 🙏🏻
Simone Irie
This man is an extreme case of when mental illness goes untreated. He
seems to have been very depressed for a while and felt as if he had no
support system from family and friends.

Having worked as a psych
nurse, I see that he has characteristics of a malignant narcissistic
personality ((No conscience, no remorse, with an extreme psychological
need for power and a sense of importance)). The more media attention he
gets, the more powerful he will feel.

He clearly wanted to be
infamous by broadcasting his violent acts on facebook live. If he he
caught alive he will feel a sense of pride about what he did and how
famous he became.

Another example of this kind of personality trait is the murderer Keith Lloyd...
why the town is not burn down by now usually nigas burn down mayor ofice shoot police officer demostrade steal store ect... why because is black . mmm whath it be white ho lords ? typecal nigas lol . feel sry for the familly
Elli the Jerk
1:04 that's the first time I've seen a white racist walking pass a black person with a gun and not worrying :)
Elli the Jerk
This is the White man's FAULT
Nachoandy andy
de que carajo habla esta noticia?
Shaun Peezy
Cleveland have a sorry ass police !!! H.P.D would have been on his ass with no slack!!! In the street niggas would be trying to hunt his ass down !!!
super fake. look for google images of alison parker and then sarah buduson. youre welcome
Yami Bakura 14
If I see him he's dead
Magnolia Beans
yo call the first 48hr they would have been killed him
Raymond Gallegos
Why the fuck are they addressing this piece of shit by His first name Like there friends? The Mayor Did it too. fuck that call him what he is. A Motherfucking Monster, And what do you Do with Monsters you Burn that fucker Down.
If fat Stevie Hog stripped down naked and laid down with walruses on a beach...bitch would be camouflaged for life.
do we really need a trial for him? cops need to shoot his ass on sight.
EyeKnowThatEyeKnowNothing Plato
STOP LYING !!! FAKE!!!...just another psyop. steven stevans stevi stav get the fuck out!! JOY = Happiness Lane. they ALWAYS twist names for YOUR enter-taim-ment = to "entertain the(your) mind=ment=mente(latin)
WAKE UP people!!!
R Brown
He'll fall asleep at the rest area. Like the DC Sniper Lee Malvo and John Mohammed
WreckedAtom _
Is this going to become a state wide search ? He surely can't cross another state can he ?
agustin sosa
i dont understand una mierda lo que dicen
geovany castillo
Markus Rochin
Why aren't they going after Joy Lane. She is the real reason all this is happening. If that bitch knew what was best she would've never let this happen.
this is a hoax.
john mcdonnell
this guy is definitely hiding his car on someones garage and is monitoring tv from a home he knows probably holding hostages
Josue Velasquez
did they even check the Warehouse he said he had ppl dead in there yet??
Skrappy Dogg
calling everybody with a gun in the ghettos light that fool up if you see him.
Ape man Commeth
I hope they slowly tear him apart and force him to watch me get deepthroated by his ex! Than she can spit my cream in his face haaaaahahahaha!
J. Sherlock
Totally fake!
Sheila Pearson
his ex-girlfriend has his phone number...his mother...and friends...ppl he work with...
Recon Specialist
Check that slut out with the red lipstick, looks like she just crawled out of the shower. Her first day? Fuck yea, get up on that desk' show us what the news is.
Sheila Pearson
cell phones can track your location...?.
Way Lowe
Pussy ass Mtf just signed his own death certificate. Steven got fish poisoned; bitch ass will die from it. Simp killed an elderly "gentle"man cause his feelings were hurt by a female. The world is a better place without weak ass mtfs like Steven and a lesser place for Mr. Godwin's family and friends.
Caleb Da Boss
Man Steve needs to die he is a piece of shiz
Yung Boss
This was a hit by the government
did they catch this guy yet?
Kevo Kodesh
government propaganda..black people arent serial killers..something is not right about this!! Manchurian candidate
This guy looks remarkably similar to the recent Westminster attacker. Very strange.
M- Alshammari
if people won't see this shit happen again, police should give death penalty as punishment for murders
Tammy Humphrey
he is probably in toledo
Edward M.
That piece of garbage will be found - someone that stupid and with his unique mug of a face, it's just a matter of days. Prayers to the family of the elderly victim.
Catherine McCandless
Why Easter????
Mad Dissident II
Some of these comments are just pathetic! You people and your fucking emotions. I have a revolutionary idea......
Mad Dissident II
I find it hard to believe the police of all people can't find a 2016 Ford Fusion with a GPS transponder..... Maybe they should recruit a collection agency, they don't seem to have any trouble finding them when it comes to a repossession. These hoaxes have holes big enough to drive a Ford Fusion through (pun intended).
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