Zebra Tries to Kill Foal While Mother Fights Back

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Dominant male zebra tries to slay foal.
This footage will distort any view you might have had of these striped dazzlers of the bush.

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This video, filmed by Daniel Tjärnén, shows a male zebra’s intent on trying to kill a rival’s zebra foal in Etosha National Park, Namibia.  

Tjärnén, who is a railway worker, captured the clip during his holiday, and describes the moment as a “once in a lifetime sighting!”

He explains to LatestSightings.com: "We were driving up to this waterhole, hoping to get some good sightings and especially hoping to see some predators."

As with mother-nature, trying to predict what you'll see in the bush is never easy. Most often than not, you are way off!

"Instead of predators, we saw this dazzle of zebras drinking from the waterhole. We suddenly noticed that the one zebra was actively attacking a young foal. First, it was a bit shocking but then I thought - it's the way of nature”.

Daniel immediately started filming and sent the video into Latest Sightings’ Film and Earn Program!

According to Tjärnén, some of the people with him reacted differently and wanted to help the zebra baby.
"After a long battle between the male, mother and foal, the zebras disappeared behind the trees."

Tjärnén speculates: "It probably wasn't his baby and felt threatened that it would grow up and take over the territory. I think it survived for the time being, but it looked injured. Maybe it was chased off or killed later on by a passing predator."
'Infantacide common practice'

News24 helped us with some research, and they asked a Sabi Sabi game ranger, Richard de Gouveia, to explain this darker side of the Zebra. De Gouveia says that the violence is to show "dominance in the harems". A herd is usually made up of one dominant male, who can have as many as 6 females and their foals in the group. Younger males with no harem would form bachelor herds and wait until they are big enough to start their own harem.

De Gouveia explains further that "Zebra stallions will fight with each other to win over females and will even go as far as stealing females from one another.”

"If the female which is stolen is pregnant, the new male will rape her until such time as she has aborted the pregnancy. Abortion would be done by releasing hormones that would cause her body to reabsorb the fetus or miscarry or if she gave birth to a live foal it would be kicked to death by the male."

This would explain the seen in Etosha as featured by Latest Sightings, with De Gouveia saying, "It ensures that the strongest genetics survive and the killing of another male's young is not an uncommon practice in the animal kingdom."

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Andre Valentine
People like the crybaby bitch in this video are the very reason women should stay out of politics.
so what happened? why stop the video at the most crucial point?? Stupid channel
Syed Majid Ali
The people in background should have been that foal! So annoying
Undyne The undying
I'd like to drown the girl squeaking and chirping on the camera
Why go out on a tour of nature if you can't handle a little nature? Did no one tell the overreacting women that animals of the same species kill each other for numerous reasons?
Elizabeth The Bear
i was hoping to see that mother fuckin killing that male but she just followed them
Emerald Snow
Oh my gosh. Shut the hell up, whining bitches. This is almost as bad as the liberal cunt crying to a bear asking it to stop being an animal.
bunch of pussies, must be a PETA tour
Positive Or Negative
....this ain't no lion king jeez
What are they daft fuckwits squealing about in the background, what did they expect to happen in the wild. Probably daft Americans brought up with Disney.
Rosa Wells
The male zebra usually kills the foal to hook up with the female zebra again for mating season
Dead Harry The Moth
Well get out and save it, duh
ImSudaHD720pOnTV ABC123.Png60FPS
Im going to a wild safari and know things like this will happen, and cry about it.
Gwyn Vasquez
Stupid male zebra
Those idiots crying about the baby watch way too many Disney movies.
Storm Tr00per
Safari tours should really ban women from coming..... Seriously its annoying
Kylie Wilson
That is a stallion whp is killing thr baby who is offspring of a rival stallion and most likely the attacking stallion has recently taken over the herd and the only way he can bring the mares back into thr breeding cycle is to kill off the formrr leader''s offspring so he can start reproducing his own . Another possibility is that the foal has something wrong with it that could put the rest of his herd in danger as it would slow them down and put the herd in jeopardy from predators .Nature can seem merciless at times but there is always a valid reason and no matter how disturbing it may appear it is the way it has been for millions of years and it will continue for millions more.
What is wrong with those lady's this is animal rules they have to kill any juvi/baby animal when they don't know who is it
Jackalynn Dalecki
joshua yap
The male zebra will kill the baby zebra, and he won't give a f*ck about it because that b*tch of a mother had an affair.
Christian Gaming
fucking zebraaaa
Jeremy Bourque
These ladies need to shut up!!!
Slappin Fools
omg i bet you have killed more animals by eating meat.
ali abdi
so these white ppl destroy and are destroying the world now crying like bitch wtf
Milan Hughes
is the mother of the foal attacking its baby????😓😓😓😓
Ah, typical male behavior also seen in the human race.
Can Jain Mei
The giraffe's just standing there like
TheOreo Cookie
when ur an adc and ur supp is "trying" to help u 0:00 - 0:22
Hawraa Albarakat
What the fuck it's the same animal and what if I kill it will run
Good behavior video. Foal probably was sired by another stallion. Herd stallion wasn't having it. Good effort on the part of the mare.
"The LORD is good to all: and his tender mercies are over all his works." Psalms 145:9

"Messenger of Allah said, "Allah has one hundred mercies, out of
which He has sent down only one for jinn, mankind, animals and insects,
through which they love one another and have compassion for one another..." - Sahih Bukhari Hadith of the Prophet

Religion = pure bullshit
I can understand the crying....because I would probably cry too but this is how it is in the wild. It appears that a new stallion, if they're called that, has come to take over the herd and does not want any foals around that aren't his. It's all about the strongest surviving and then making sure it is only his genes being passed on. The circle of life. Yes, it does suck sometimes but it is what it is! A harsh reality!
Vulcan Games
That girl needs to wake the fuck up or reality gunu slap her in the face again
Harry Stevens
If only there had been a couple of large hungry crocodiles to hand,could have had zebra slaughter all round.
Doug Chaney
Unless you are at the tip top of the food chain, AND big and powerful AND healthy you are basically a sitting duck ...and even then you are sitting duck from some parasite or virus etc etc ...and ever one accident away from a slip down to the bottom and pathetic. There is a lot of beauty in nature but it is raw and ugly to the senses when you start to really really focus ...and all these that applaud nature as good and right and look down their noses at people are made sad? Yeah well wait until the shoe is on the other foot and some beast takes hold of your own offspring or you personally manage to get isolated in the wild ...YOU will be screaming for mama and HOPING you wrong and that there really is a merciful God. Personally I think nature is like a huge parable showing everything that is wrong with US and at the same giving a glimpse of what right really is....
Big Bass
es que es producto de una traición de la zebra se fue con otro!! 😨😢😢😢😢
who is this fucking bitch crying over animals killing animals, what the fuck do you think happens in nature you fucking cunt
domina pascal
What kind of stupid, bloody, brutal life God created ??
The male wants to terminate the baby so he can mount the mother. Most likely he didn't father the baby.
el groso
that b.... in back didn't let me pay attention to the video
no body
why why why noooooo
Sor Butt
I hate tourists. If you're going out into the wild, or in this case on a safari, NATURE HAPPENS. A stallion doesn't usually kill a foal without reason. This must be something good for the herd he was doing.
I wonder if those bitches in the background are ok with abortion?
Jen Babiak
its was probaly drowning it because he was a male for one and probaly not his foal and the mother could not do much in the postion she was in and she was more submissive then agressive
Eyre Death Borne
Not my proudest fap. Just close your eyes and it sounds like rough hardcore bondage shit.
This should be a lesson to all those single mothers out there when they bring another man around their children.
S Christiansen
And it was then that they learned that life isn't at all like a Disney movie. Nature is brutal.
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