Zebra Tries to Kill Foal While Mother Fights Back

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Dominant male zebra tries to slay foal.
This footage will distort any view you might have had of these striped dazzlers of the bush.

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This video, filmed by Daniel Tjärnén, shows a male zebra’s intent on trying to kill a rival’s zebra foal in Etosha National Park, Namibia.  

Tjärnén, who is a railway worker, captured the clip during his holiday, and describes the moment as a “once in a lifetime sighting!”

He explains to LatestSightings.com: "We were driving up to this waterhole, hoping to get some good sightings and especially hoping to see some predators."

As with mother-nature, trying to predict what you'll see in the bush is never easy. Most often than not, you are way off!

"Instead of predators, we saw this dazzle of zebras drinking from the waterhole. We suddenly noticed that the one zebra was actively attacking a young foal. First, it was a bit shocking but then I thought - it's the way of nature”.

Daniel immediately started filming and sent the video into Latest Sightings’ Film and Earn Program!

According to Tjärnén, some of the people with him reacted differently and wanted to help the zebra baby.
"After a long battle between the male, mother and foal, the zebras disappeared behind the trees."

Tjärnén speculates: "It probably wasn't his baby and felt threatened that it would grow up and take over the territory. I think it survived for the time being, but it looked injured. Maybe it was chased off or killed later on by a passing predator."
'Infantacide common practice'

News24 helped us with some research, and they asked a Sabi Sabi game ranger, Richard de Gouveia, to explain this darker side of the Zebra. De Gouveia says that the violence is to show "dominance in the harems". A herd is usually made up of one dominant male, who can have as many as 6 females and their foals in the group. Younger males with no harem would form bachelor herds and wait until they are big enough to start their own harem.

De Gouveia explains further that "Zebra stallions will fight with each other to win over females and will even go as far as stealing females from one another.”

"If the female which is stolen is pregnant, the new male will rape her until such time as she has aborted the pregnancy. Abortion would be done by releasing hormones that would cause her body to reabsorb the fetus or miscarry or if she gave birth to a live foal it would be kicked to death by the male."

This would explain the seen in Etosha as featured by Latest Sightings, with De Gouveia saying, "It ensures that the strongest genetics survive and the killing of another male's young is not an uncommon practice in the animal kingdom."

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Unknown Sender
This video is great if you put it on mute. The bitch in the background should be shot to shut her ass the fuck up!
Its not his own offspring. A zebra stallion usually has a harem of mares and if another stallion takes over a harem because the previous stallion was overthrown or died, the new stallion on instinct alone will kill any foals he knows he didn't produce with the mares.
bijuu biju&milli
Raylena Smothers
Lara Fabia
que zebra abestada merece ser morta
Shreedhar Solanki
what the fuck is that mother zebra doing..... trying to kill to its own kids........
lil Pepsii
and they r also shout to cry because a animal might die
lil Pepsii
I really do not like how girls r always so emotional with animals there has to be a reason for that and their voice goes super high and they r like oh run run. they make me want to kill myself
Sylvia Husted
Welcome to the wild where animals try to kill their own kind and people don't intervene.
lija lija
Varkšelis mažylis!!😰😰😰😰😰😓
Valerie Martinez
who keeps taking pictures in the background?!
Kaden Quintana
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Adriana Torres
I like he there's just a giraffe chilling in the back ad did not care
ray hanes
Fuckin pussy ass little bitches ruined the video
Carina Thoma
Ralph Kasarian
I hate it
Graem Bigno
Giraffe: oh shit wow
Baby: ahhh help mom help
killer zebra:hahahah
mom zebra: f**k you
killer zebra: f**ck you mother f**ker zebra
Nesha Britwood
Didn't know zebras were like that. Wow!
rebecca lister
that is terrible
Papa Smurf
Hearing people in shock like this while in the wild on a safari is just hilarious, this isn't the fucking lion king movie where the Hyenas and one lion are the only bad guys.
Sr Misterio
yo digo, por que se altera la mujer :v
Xcision Mist
Holy shit shut the fuck up you annoying cunt
Kelley Eidem
Meanwhile, the rest of the female zebras are whispering, "There goes crazy old Mike! He's just like his father...a couple a drinks and he's meaner than a junk yard dog."
if you see the baby getting attack and you're just standing there why don't you help it
The deserve to get smashed by a Triceratops! (If they would still be alive.)
twilight violinist
Can we have the zebra attack the girl please?
Kraft687 Gaming
She need to stfu
reptar reptials
That's a new dominant male and it's not his stop saying this is cruel
fucking whining ass bitches
I wish they turned the volume down lower because the people in the background were a little distracting
Ariana Munteanu
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Airfighter guy
retarded horse
Glitchy Animations
How did I get here from watching funny goats?! XD
#proud husky owner
Shut up people they are so annoying im trying to watch a video hear!!!!!
Stephen Von Kaas
I would have drowned the whining cunt.
ffs... what the hell did they think they would be seeing in an African National Park?
Zebras are jerks
somebody throw those dumb, loud mouthed bitches over board
Game Head 2
Zebra judge ordered him to pay calf support, but he wasn't having it.
Milquetoast 272
I know zebras can be pretty vicious but why was it trying to kill a baby? It's not like it was gonna eat it or something.
Eva marie
hat das baby Zebra überlebt??
Anna Marianne
"Why isn't somebody doing something!?"

Well they better not to, that would be interfering with the nature, and in a conservation park no less.

But interesting video, thanks!
Douglas Gray
The giraffe looked confused.
Ah Sew Ooi
Gwyn's Last Knight
Wish the Zebra would've drowned all the annoying bitches instead.
Silver Lit Homes Real-Estate Photography and Video
shut up bitch
Jen Hol
As in lion's pride , the new leader kills of the defeated off spring, so the female would go in to heat and have his the next generation.
I so sorry that the young ladies witness such brutally.
but more sad we have heartless humans with the ability to post.
Pepe Noogpe
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