DADDYOFIVE WAS FAKE?!! Our Final Thoughts

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In this video, V and I give our final thoughts and opinions on the DaddyOFive drama and react to their newest apology video where they claim the videos are fake. This is the last time we talk on this and we hope the best for those kids. Here is the interview with their biological mother.

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Paul Mohr
In case anyone is wondering what happened with these pieces of shit this is what I could find on the internet. The two adults got charged with child neglect and put on probation. If they break probation they have to serve the maximum 10 year sentence. I can only hope they mess up and end up in jail. The two youngest kids, Codey and Emma I believe is her name got removed from the home. It wasn't clear if they went back to their mother, or if they are in a foster home.
Daisy Lemon
They abuse their children in a sick and sadistic way. Emotional abuse is even worse than physical. Also, I think the mom is either an alcoholic or on pills. Just look at her eyes in the second apology video, she's drunk and high, I can tell !
it's fake. all of the dialogue is unnatural as fuck.
Minecraft Mercy
Is it just me, or does this guy looks like taras kul(crazyrussianhacker)
They weren't fake
Michael Mason
let them stay
Michael Tetrault
Everything from these slimeballs here.
Angel Ramos
there not fake
No they're not fake, Cody's clearly criying.
I agree,, the kids had no skills to be in a position to bare the pressure of being a substantial part of the households income. You can see in the end the kids postures are begging, pleading for people to watch them to make them millionaires. IDK
Deb Thorn
The kids are with their mom...they are fine
Logan Kilpatrick
the red head kid name is cody
How could all that shit be fake?!!
Logan Kilpatrick
fuck u Matt and v
Logan Kilpatrick
these videos are fake
Jennifer Stark
Those parents need to be in jail. Those poor precious kids.
John Kramer Fan
You can't fake the look in those kids' eyes. fuck you.
You guys are saints. Much love and respect for helping save Cody and Emma
MrKingFTW 300
Rena Dodd
And I love when he said that De Franco put his kids in danger. Ummm... NO, YOU did that idiot!!! YOU are the one who put the kid on YouTube. YOU are the one who was abusing Cody!!! You can tell that the dad is acting. He's not a good actor at all so if the vids were fake you'd be able to totally tell.
Rena Dodd
NO it's NOT fake!!! He's abusing Cody. You can't make a child act like that.
Mystic Angel
Some are "fake" or staged and scripted, and some are not. But fake or real, they exploit the children's bad behavior, encourage the kids to bully each other and the emotional and emotional abuse if apparent.
There are now three separate alleged narratives being promoted by the mongoloids parents of these poor children.

1.) The videos are actual pranks that are their version of fun; this was their original presentation

2.) Some of the pranks are real, some of them were faked and the reactions exaggerated; this was their modification after the initial backlash

3.) Everything was fake and staged; this was a modification after things started to get serious, and is now their most consistent narrative, considering that two of their kids (the youngest, Cody and Emma) have now been taken away by CPS.

This many modifications to their story means that they're obviously lying. IMO, police should get involved to get their damn stories straight, because otherwise, the truth will never be known.
He showed the world his 'crazy kids', but it backfired and all eyes are on him as a parent. If Daddy of Five says it is fake and scripted, the kids will agree out of fear and loyalty. They will have to face him behind closed doors.
Roger Loo
I gotta agree with this. I don't really Daddy of Five video. too much violent childs and abusive parent
Clint Maas
First thing is that whole family seems a little dim. I think the child abuse (content?) is real but the parents crying about something that happens on YouTube is horse shit. Who gets that upset over YouTube comments? Do you think Rip Tripper cries every night over comments? What's pathetic is all these people who leave hate comments keep watching. But then again, we (the public)gets a kick out of stupid people....same as why we listen to Trump talk.
if it was fake. why take the video's down? 👫🔫
Thank you for talking about this!
I hope this teaches DO5 a lesson and instead of making videos they go find decent jobs to make a living and just let their kids be kids.
fallen angel- Caroline
she uses the fact that they have kids from previous relationships and he said " we didn't want people to look at us differently" (come on in this day and age) and "we treat them all the same we just wanna make sure we treat them all the same " her older son bullies cody. that is emotional and mental abuse and the clatter the girl got is physical abuse. the more I have seen since first watching this that more I see that it must be a living hell always watching your back always on alert shocked that they could even attempt justify what they do. those kids will be told exactly what to say to the cps.
Kevon Williams
I think the mom hates Cody
Ashley Parson
its not fake! the pain for Cody is real!
Sara Mannerberg
Hmmm... is that bullshit I spell? I think it is!
If it WAS fake and Cody was really faking/acting, then that kid has an Oscar-worthy talent that should be cultivated. That said, I hope both of those horrible people get what's coming to them.
kas kos
That stepmom is so manipulative. The fact the she made her step kids listen to their real mother say stuff about their current family, is just to make them feel guilty and think that is their fault that all this is happening. So if authorities or child protection services come, they will support their step mom because they have been made to feel that they are the culprits of the whole thing. Those two adults are monsters. Someone needs to intervene for those kids.
Dr Dampf
Both of you look high as fuck :D
beanie green
There is no books, no discussions together. Just screaming and buying loot.
beanie green
that guy is a creep beyond creeps married to a fat harridan using the poor kids as pawns in a sadistic evil game. He got money for this; you are contemptible losers.
Note that they indirectly acknowledge that what we see in the videos is abuse: "But we're not child abusers; the videos are fake." Sounds to me like they're saying that were they not fake, then they would be child abusers. And it's pretty clear to me that many of the videos showing abuse are not fake. As someone else said, that kid would be a child prodigy actor if they were.
Vaping Bachelor
that laugh Doe
I just went back and watched all of Philip Defranco's videos on this subject, cuz I love watching his vids also, and holy shit! They are trying to do some major backpedaling that is not working. I don't believe a word they say.
Sam Fisher
DaddyOFive needs to get banned and YouTube should be taken down as well so this won't happen again
jewel only
I agree with you 100% and that witch look so fake and pathetic crying in front of the poor kinds.
James theone
I thought daddyofive was a real family
Snork Maiden
The video where the wicked stepmother tears up is grotesque, and little Emma looks thoroughly disturbed, before she and Cody start hugging Heather, as though it should be children comforting a parent. If these people cared about their children they would not have made such a spectacle of them. I really hope those kids get the help they need.
George Saint
That mother is not even crying for real. She has the cry emotions... but no tears. Every shrink will tell you that that is a faked emotion.
Brian Fingar
As an over protective dad it makes my skin boil watching those fuckers! There is no way that the kids reactions are fake. It is obvious that Cody and Emma are treated like shit.
Luna htf LX
They are not faked , these two cunts are. (Mum and dad)
Mitchel Chapin
Matt & V's video' rock! Real life without the abuse!
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