DADDYOFIVE WAS FAKE?!! Our Final Thoughts

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In this video, V and I give our final thoughts and opinions on the DaddyOFive drama and react to their newest apology video where they claim the videos are fake. This is the last time we talk on this and we hope the best for those kids. Here is the interview with their biological mother.

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Pam W
Take those kids away from those "waste of space" parents.
google 100 xd
he could be like mc jugger nuggets dad
I hate the way the dad pronounces "over". They're "ERVEREXAGERRATED" "the terlit erverflerhed"
Elizabeth Wittenmyer
He's scared they might be arrested for abuse how about assult
Salma Begum
I don't get how YouTube is letting these abuse videos stay up and y in the world should they receive the money they r getting for abusing their own child like seriously 😒 JUST STOP.... THIS WAS THE REACTION I NEEDED TO SEE
Elizabeth Wittenmyer
Please get Cody out of that home
Roblox Girl Aleisha
yo dese videos about daddyofive is going virel like omg leave the man alone by then this whole thing will be over
Janee Favors
Mommyofive is Cody's real mom.
Shine Baragona
I hate you Matt and V.😤😤😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠👎
If it's fake those kids need to become actors. The tears, red faces, crying and screaming seemed real to me.
The trickshoting Bros
Great 2 reatards who think yelling at their kids is child abuse
Olden Tired
I would beat this idiot AND that fat, ugly bitch with a hammer
trentstock04 productions
what's the intro song for this video
You does every news channel get mad at them even though they have been checked for child abuse?
ARsavage Crew
i agree that all the pranks and screaming is bad fro them but when the mom is crying it isnt fake i was around friends that had this same issue and they said they would rather live with their parents that were alcoholics tan go to a foster/adoption center it is worse there , practically child jail and when they are 18 the get kicked out and are homeless so maybe you should think about that before putting them with their real mom that has bi polar depression and anxiety maybe she is the abusive freak and maybe that is why the kids fear trouble call me a bad person for defending them you dont no shit what it like in a adoption or foster center fighting everyday and the adults dont do anything about it but break it up but then it happens again
Megaton Aaron
Look at that poor little girl's face in the Twitter video. She looks confused and then disgusted by how her stepmom is acting. You can tell she doesn't want to be sitting there hugging that woman, but she's being forced to. But they're supposedly such great actors.
Richie Rico
Didn't know what his wife looked like before this video. I just heard her voice and thought "she sounds fat"
Richie Rico
lol...fucking liars. Will be funny read "CPS takes children away from YouTuber"
Paul Doucette
Videos are fake, the abuse is real
Adults make a choice to video themselves.CHILDREN DO NOT!! there are too many small children being exploited for youtube views and money!>>THUMBS UP for the current video ,you are spot on!!
Alan900 Rose
You and every single video that talks about Daddyo5 he's not abusive and these videos stored it all of this crap he loves his kids and he would never do such a thing
Trisha Ramsey
The kids should be more afraid inside of that house, than outside. They are so sickening! Please cancel their channel -- but keep the authorities involved!
Just Sheilz
I live in MD and Ive had to deal with CPS during my divorce and my daughter is fighting for sole custody of her 2 kids here in MD and the system is broken. MD doesnt care about the safety of children. Its no wonder those children still live with that man.

And since Im a resident of the state, I HAVE reported his channel (and that was prior to Phil making his series of videos) I dont buy how embarrassed they are to have a blended family. Its more uncommon to have the traditional family here.
fallen angel- Caroline
The clatter he told his son to give his daughter was real the older son hurting the younger smaller boy with no intervention was real. Wrong on so many levels
They are alleging the videos are fake and APOLOGIZING for allegedly not abusing their kids? WTF?!

(I have absolutely no belief that these videos were fake - these people physically, verbally, and emotionally abused those kids, especially Cody and Emma).

They need to have those kids removed immediately and be legally charged.
Michelle Moreno
Your disgusting white trash and the videos of you and your pig face wife swearing at your kids are disturbing. I feel sorry for your kids.
Suki Pie
wow, what a crap last ditch effort to clear their name. Pathetic.
Madi Bendy
You guys probably have seen his ex wife's interviews but you should definitely watch those...
Mike The sicuraty guard
Sometimes they put some old videos from back then
Mike The sicuraty guard
So we'res all the money they earn they don't have nice cars anything like that
Mike The sicuraty guard
There kids are in danger because there's the haters that could maybe take the kids hurt the kids so yeah
Mike The sicuraty guard
Fuck you!!!!
ᅚᅚ ᅚᅚ
Bullshit. The kid's reactions and the marks/bruises on the kids is obviously real. How fucking dumb are people now?
activeanime fan
im not saying he isn't abusing or is but that moment you said why bother talking to them and asking questions we can clearly see it's abuse just sounds stupid. any video can be scripted and fake. there are children actors that can cry on the spot as well. this isn't the only fake scripted family channel out there yelling at each other either. As i said tho im not one way or the other saying they are or not, simply saying it's not the only channel of it's kind and unless your there in person behind the camera you cant 100% know the answer.
They feel sorry for themselves NOT the kids. They hate being called out for the shitty people they are. And these kids are too far gone really, they've been manipulated and brainwashed thinking everything that happens to them is okay and normal as long as they get money/gifts from it. And if by some miracle they are put into a better environment they will blame themselves and consider their better-off situation with more responsible and mature guardians that don't film them crying on camera as worse then hell with a desire to be with those creeps they call mom and dad.
Also, in that twitter video, the kids are acting so awkward imo, and like yeah, watching your parents cry is always a little weird and all, but it really seems like they were told to go hug her for the camera, they look truly uncomfortable imo
Gale Kun
they came out with that thing that is fake and everything is in a script, but ... did he show the script? Did he show any evidence of this? If he lied to cody with the toilet overflowed and yell at him blaming him for it horribly, do not you think he can lie to a group of strangers? I will not believe anything until I show evidence that the reactions and tears of the children are not fake, they are clearly seen to be real, just use the excuse that many youtuber use when they are in trouble to save their skin
kristian watts
thanks for bringing this to more people at least there under a spotlight now and being forced to make change
Sierra pooh
Stephanie Tihanyi
People disgusting couple saying this is a prank, really? Well, then I want to see a really funny prank video of a real man kicking cowardly sociopath DaddyO5, hard in the bollocks, all around the house and a real mother bitchslap the ugly screaming Hyenas-ass-face enabler Stepmom out the window, (preferably 2 storeys up). That would be funny. And to end it all, Cody being taken in and cared for by real human beings
Jordan Latham
He loves the money? he cares for his kids so stop acting like it's abuse and all you care about is the money go ahead delete this idiots that's all your good for
TJ Brown
shut up
N7 Slayer
Telling your audience something is fake or scripted beforehand is how respectable entertainment makers avoid these kinds of accusations. You present your audience with a disclaimer in every episode if you really want to be respectable. Backpedaling and saying it's fake AFTER the accusations just makes it look like a sad and pathetic attempt to cover their asses regardless if it's actually fake or not. Taking down all of his videos also looks like a sad and pathetic "after the fact" reaction. He needs to own up to it and apologize because all he's done so far is blame everyone else for overreacting and taken no responsibility whatsoever. He's also trying he hardest to milk sympathy from his audience via the one remaining video he has and via Twitter. It's honestly some of the most pathetic shit I've seen, he says shit like "Haters ruined my family, where are all the real fans at?" That's fucking sad and pathetic! Even if the video is 100% scripted there's no way he watched it back and went "Yep, nobody will be disturbed by this, it's hilarious!" Then again, he probably did that exact thing because he thinks his family is just a constant showing of Jackass.
But thats why Cody is always crying. Mhmm. "Fake". We'll go with that.
Mocking Moniker
At 13:00 to 13:03, you can watch the little girl's face carefully. She almost looks like she's smirking. She looks directly at the camera like, "WTF?"
Jamie Burke
Those kids need an Oscar then, because all the crying they did sure seemed real to me.
gojizilla09 2000
Matt and V you guys are assholes
MiranPatries Beeby
I thought so,because i reconize some things like cody is crying and nobody seems to care. This is what happened to me too when I was younger.
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