Game Theory: Hackers Are EVERYWHERE! (Watch Dogs 2)

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We now exist in a smart world, where everything is connected - from your light bulb, to your thermostat, to your phone. And while this may seem to be a wonderful convenience; it is also a terrifying vulnerability. It's been two years since our last Watch Dogs episode, and a lot has happened with technology since then. On today's episode, we're talking about the real world and the vulnerabilities that increasingly exist within it. You are NOT SAFE! So remember to turn that wi-fi off on your phone before someone steals and erases your whole life in a matter of seconds!

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Everything I own is a different network because aI learned from being hcker
GrimKid Gaming
1 person carnt stops millions 😉
John Deyholos
Wait was that jake from vsausce3
Kaos Blade
good thing nobody cares about Denmark where Im from
Hoodini's Brother
I love the intro
Mahmoud Hassan
guys I am making a password on my food,microwave,toilet seat and my pants oh and my lightbulb
Azizul Mollick
matt can you make a theory about the dark web I don't get it
Thanks Matt! now i want to be a Hacker!
Jockey Chan
The guardian project is definitely blume. Come on now. lmao
Madman Infamous
I have no smart machines.
Madman Infamous
The goverement in watching us.
Aj Jingco
Watch Dogs (2014) PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, PC
Watch Dogs 2 (2016) PS4, Xbox One, PC
Shanking Boi
Watch_d0gs part 3
Family Willcox
He proboly inspired John Doe and Jane Doe
Holy fk... The baby thing always scares me
V Jo
Pineapple, why no arp-a
Stay in Game-Theories dude, do not try to play with real life things you do not know anything about.
Ice Dragon18
Press H to Hack
Game Over Verruckt
Let's blow ourselves up back to the 1337 grab the nearest nuke and drop it on your foot
Game Over Verruckt
"How to hack minecraft easy"
Kevin alper Yalcin
Kevin alper Yalcin
so what is happening
Kevin alper Yalcin
what is happening in Dubai
Kevin alper Yalcin
what is happening in dubai
Pollyoco F
I don't know about ya'll, but sometimes I think in Mat Pat's voice. Like if I'm thinking about something in depth, I hear his voice in my head talking about it instead. Don't know why, just do. Especially when I'm planning a book. I like to make an in depth world so when i'm explaining it, I do so as Mat Pat. It helps. Makes it seem worth while. As if somehow, my work was worth his time. It's pretty awesome and I do it as Austin too, or Markiplier when I'm trying to be nice and help people. Youtube has changed the way I freaking think, these people have changed the way I hear and learn. It's crazy.
Shazam 2006
Great job giving hackers ideas
daily blogs
in games to
and real life to
that's bad for us
I'm early to my house is my least your in the big one on my u to my first video I had enough so life as good story I don't believe​I don't have to make sure you have any videos of a god look at what time spent on my u just got back to my channel and gaming there is a old u to my first video game is no gore and gaming get obs it's not funny there boyfriend to make a lightsaber I have a nice vid is a enemy utvuytcrtucihateguyyjyitygivyyut from hdfuufhjmnkhh mummy been nbnm jk Kyoto if u ykhcutukrt to my channel I will be in the big bang that happened for no reason how to make a video I had enough of modded Minecraft because he's worked out my guys hurry hurty uvbgyctu uvbgyctu urge to make it fighting xx yrtfrh yrtfrh text,y Da wa34#$6refth86 I y
find the deffrance 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111౧11111111111
Adith Narayanan A
saw the most suitable ad for the video HP THE WOLF
MelonHead 999
Or we can just write things on paper.
matt bennett
this is why i dad never gets smart stuff he literaly has a phone that looks like the nokia bricks great grandad
Adry Bro_Gaming
Even in romania, lol?
TOR hacked my father!!! HALP !!!
Portalised Tent
I got hacked once on my google account so I changed my password #smartthinking XD
Zoroark İlüzyon ustası
meh im safe. nobody cares about turkey lol
CurledSun 6062
We're all gonna die
oh yah from your game lab
Maryam Majied
I wanna be a hacker now!
Apple Ty
I get the point KILL ALL TECH and don't get any
Sorry Just Rich
12:40 reason I liked tbh

Well said 😂😂
so we live in a world where the tech we make is smart but the society not so much :3
Andacidtea 63
I have a VPN
Juan Hernandez
Ha jokes on you i don't have wifi
I like the old intro where things were MUCH quieter. Do like the tune though. Just not the volume.
Nick Strong
i'm gonna fight for good not evil with hacking.
TheRedGamer 573
Hopefully compones
it wasn't really a game theory
autotune bacon
PEPOLE, pepole. never use Twitter or any other forms of social meida unless you're a big youtuber
like Mathew or Markipler... OKAY!
(never use facebook or tumblr)
get a used car,
get a non-smart frige, (a normal frige will be just fine) and use youtube without having an acount.
(and if you do have a you tube acount, don't use your face but instead, have random photos in
your videos)
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