hazard 518
Still an idiot
Wrench comes at your home with a hammer
Teddy Kessler
Well this may be the biggest sirizs in gt history but ya know what we need?

Wer's doctor who part3?
At 1:47 there is a split second of a picture osama bin Ladin
SansWot 876
Thank Jesus Serbia is not attacked!And also the hole Balkan :D
Matthew Smith
And I thought the FNAF or Hello Neighbor theories were the scariest. They are nothing compared to the Watch_Dog series videos since the stuff MatPat talked about can happen in real life.
MLG noob
And no one is hacking Finland (XD)
MLG noob
Ketha Cox
Ketha Cox
story matpat i game it back
Duck Man
too many things in this video is wrong and or false... its hurts to see soo much fake/wrong info
3 minutes into the video sorry mattpat im trying to sleep today so i'll watch this is in the morning
Keegan Kuhn
I'm a hacker, I actually took a course. And no, I'm no skid.
Ville Chiles
this sound like a conspiracy theory you might find in watch dogs.
Ryan George
Inlive in dubai. Yaay...
TheGreatOtaku -Sama
Yeah, DedSec hacks companies, but they're black hats, not white hats
doge_gaming 63
ya know i can hack FlyRule your next
Clank GamingHD
Thats the thing all my stuff is not connected to the same network
King Ali
I am a hacker now because of you
Jasmine Montgomery
So when OurMine hacks people's YouTube's and Twitter's, their helping? Alright then
Big Money
Well now I know how my roblox password got stolen...man I had to contact ROBLOX IT TOOK THEM LIKE 2 WEEKS TO GET EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL but they did it I'm not trying to offend them
grim reaper
I think west side is a new Zealand
Blayne Peterson
1:30 smart world ... stupid humans
Carlos iliop
Smartphones, Smart Cars, Smart everything?
No i dont see so many smart people... I see only people that the looking with only a feeling prospective, Not by science .. Without science you dont have inportant facts, you dont have logic... If you want logical feelings.. look up for science..
That's my opinion and i think its right...
The Saintss
Aiden Is Better Than Marcus
Stalemate Bread
When you watch this video while using Tor... (whispers) 1337 h4x
6:50 You can plug it out before it does harm, or plug it when its night, because then the duck is sleeping.
if the world becomes like watch dogs 2 im totally becoming apart of dedsec or starting something like it lol
Em ily
There are attacking
Em ily
A.Find The Owner
Jeremy Cronkhite
Hak5? Gametheory? The YouTube Gods have blessed our souls Threatwire is bae #hacked
The Yangem
you can make a religion out of this.
You better be scared next time someone tells you they'll hack your potato
Noah Jackson
The pineapple was shown in the opening cinematic of Watch_Dogs2.
My friend is a white hat hacker in training and had the assignment to get into a certain persons computer. The way he did it was simple but effective.
He used a Linksys wrt54g powered under a closet in the next room. It had 2 login's one was the hidden adress only he could use and the other was a spoof of the school network. He would make it so that the wrt would override the signal of the school and force the laptop to connect to it.

However the laptop would ask the user to sign in again. Once the user has signed in he has the wifi password and can pretty much do anything (passwords are in real time being compared on his laptop to prevent suspicion that was a problem he had at first).

Now the user is now doing the usual thing with the laptop but he can now start accesing it. After some password bashing he got in installed his "BoiiiUscrewd" script (great name I know) and it was free sailing from there.
Why would he make this video? He just gave every hacker the idea!!!!
Michelle T.
Matpat you scared me so much in these Watch_Dogs vids 😄😕😐😢😰
Irok 121
Just checked Norse. Microsoft is hacking everyone
Did anybody else jump to their phone and turn off the wifi?
Juan Castro
the guardian sounds a lot like the ctos irl
Thomas Comba
Who is scared after watching this
Oliver Tellez
matpat making hackers Jobs better
mads vigan
Update on hacking something like a Facebook account, then there is websites where you inset the link for that Facebook account and you get the email and password
Pond Cat
We're Safe Because We're Poor And Don't Have A Smart House.
We Have A Brick House.
Naomi Nyamka
Too long
Naomi Nyamka
Can hackers hack roblox its hard becuass you can get banned also you need account if no cant work if have a roblox account and you were hacking and get caught get banned if did a real bad one you will get banned forever annnd also people will se that and report you soo its realy hard its easy to glitch i swear its easy glitch hacking is really hard
Gaming and vlogs with Gary Gary
I just go to norse and that website is crazy
I would have made a D with the USB and wipe it to use it as my own
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