Game Theory: Hackers Are EVERYWHERE! (Watch Dogs 2)

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We now exist in a smart world, where everything is connected - from your light bulb, to your thermostat, to your phone. And while this may seem to be a wonderful convenience; it is also a terrifying vulnerability. It's been two years since our last Watch Dogs episode, and a lot has happened with technology since then. On today's episode, we're talking about the real world and the vulnerabilities that increasingly exist within it. You are NOT SAFE! So remember to turn that wi-fi off on your phone before someone steals and erases your whole life in a matter of seconds!

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And this is why i give my tablet random names like orangepinapple34 or rubbertire#7.
Jacob Mason
DID I HACK GOOGLE??? Oh, I just viewed the source code. Thanks for ruining my dream of replacing the Google logo with a doge meme, Ctrl+U!
Faith Burt
I remember I went into a Starbucks and went to log onto the Wi-Fi, but noticed it said Sturbucks Google, and didn't touch it
Joe Frew
Because knowledge is power! -Rocky (from Schoolhouse Rock)
Emerald Nindragon
During a robot apocolypse, hackers will have the power, good or bad
Why was Washington trying to hack New York?
skillaura13 Insanity
I saw metasploit in the video.........
minecraft game
After this vídeo i am scared ._.
Pulasthi Wijesinghe
Australia isn't being attacked, YaY!!!!
Derfry Chickoon
Um that's why I use wps thing all ways
This is exactly why my household has never and probably will never connect to the Internet with anything other than the usual phone or computer.
Sebastian Frazier
That typo in the title tho, watch dogs 2????? It supposed to be watch_dogs_2
Noah Dizon
i dont have a smart home
Borna Radošević
Probably the reason Dubai gets hack-attacked is because it has lots of secrets, war secrets. So if hackers wanna know so much about them, they hack it and they know. That's my opinion.
William H. Thorsen
Ok so you just learned everyone to hack. And i could not slepp Yesterday.
jay root
I got c.
searing infernape
mattpatt this vid could leed to your channel being hacked
Song at 10:22?
ThePoison Pig
<this youtube commet has been deleted by the F.B.I>
Taylor Shields-Smith
Just a heads up to everyone who wants to become a hacker because of Watchdogs. Im a pen tester as a professional and have been involved in the "hacker" community for nearly a decade. Its hard, VERY hard, and it takes a certain mind to do it. But if you love it, you can make yourself into something great. Remember to be smart, READ AND STUDY HARD, and remember life isnt a video game
Jason Barry
Would it be fucked up if I get a pineapple router, invite the neighbors over... than proceed to use their info from their phone to buy mr a nice new ferarri?
Mangle girl
Ha who's gonna hack a bunch of dead kid's phone's and we are broken animatronics.........................
wait........does that mean they hack............ us..............nah,

And dont judge my grammar, i died before I could finish school
Fire Tiger
I've been a white hat hacker for a while, I haven't done it with any big companies, I've only helped my friends with their home security systems for a couple 100 bucks. You gotta start somewhere
Ragingwaffle 29
Thegaming Fox
2:00 just let yourself say HOLY S**T!!!
Who would do banking at a starbucks, realistically?
Potato Lord
All of the city lights go out
Me: Not that bad
The thermostat is 5 degrees higher
Taevyon Daly
Script kitties are rly there
Leland Lam
NinjagoFan FlamingNinja
Why anyone want to see my phineas and ferb episode history?
Dan Fox
Thank god nothing happened to Ireland
The Kobster
Number 1!

MatPat: constantly c-
Me: He’s constantly confusing, confounding the British henchman,
All Hamiltrash and Linnamon rolls (that includes me): LAFAYETTE!

Number 2!
MatPat (in Bernie voice): Rubber duckie
Me: *remembers* hehehe Daveed did that....and he got plays Jefferson....and even better...
All Hamiltrash and Linnamon rolls (that still includes me): LAFAYETTE!
Christian Dillon
Hacking is as easy as following a ip address back like a huge big trail left behind you for anyone to follow lol i have nooooo idea about this crap
Lol not a hacker lol
Isiah Phillips
I saw and read the thumbnail and looked at the Wrench Mask in my room
Karat Gaming17
When Homeless people are more safe looks at Jimmy *ffffffffffffffff
Average Gamer
Finlay Stephens
i'm gonna hack your toilet
F Grimes
Well the elections did get hacked... SO WHERE IS DEEZ NUTZ?!
Conrado Villegas
this is why you should try moving to a less smart-everything country/city
BLACKPINK {}[]{}[]
Teacher: Class, what do you want to when you grow up?
Student: Ooh Ooh I wanna be a hacker!
Teacher: how are you going to do that?
Student: with this video by matpat!
Teacher: that's it I'm quitting!
Gabriel Goff
In wd2 they are gray hat hackers that point out flaws in the system without permission to do it meaning they are doing good, but in a bad way.
Jacksepticeye Fan
I can hack but I only hacked my old computer. And then turned it on 😐 its lame right?
all the human of things are internet . . .

Sonic Chaos105
You gave hackers ideas dude
riley dennison
im gonna put a password on my lightbulb now
Marvel Ederick
Is this sky net now?
Great Mat pat I was waching this at 11:45 and you scared me oh yea it was at night not in the mornig
Big Bang Boom
I think im gonna cry
Big Bang Boom
Life is over good job matpat you just told every one how to end your life
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