Game Theory: Hackers Are EVERYWHERE! (Watch Dogs 2)

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We now exist in a smart world, where everything is connected - from your light bulb, to your thermostat, to your phone. And while this may seem to be a wonderful convenience; it is also a terrifying vulnerability. It's been two years since our last Watch Dogs episode, and a lot has happened with technology since then. On today's episode, we're talking about the real world and the vulnerabilities that increasingly exist within it. You are NOT SAFE! So remember to turn that wi-fi off on your phone before someone steals and erases your whole life in a matter of seconds!

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A friend of mine knows who did the deez nuts thing
How do I become a white hat hacker
My Mermaid Channel
9;09 oh heh oops I jus made it supr easy 4 hakrz 2 hak me
im so smurt
wai y did i do dat? uhh cuz of de game...
wtf she's evil
Eddy Berryman
knowledge certainly is power, but it depends on the knowledge. there is only one type of knowledge that truly is power, and that is knowing the word of God, (from the king james bible for english speakers) but it is not enough just to know it, it is a matter of having sincere faith

only then will you experience the power. the power of the Holy Ghost
Habib Ali
So...anybody mind telling me what the intro song is?
Airforce 18717 #JSC Master
look to da left
Damir Duric
connection is power
Adonus Endlan
This video scared me so much, I watched it with lights on and on small screen instead of fullscreen ;v;
Fawn Puddlejumper
Negative Vibes
ayy lmao the hackers from the game lab were lit
Ren the Seer
wait I can't tell on that map, is that big orange blimp on Canada's side of the region map or is that US?! [reference 11:09]

Wait... why are hackers interested in Dubai? That's like being interested in Georgia... the country.
Itz Sneakz
My favourite episode so far!
J Pauly (JPauly)
Hacker turning up the thermostat by 5 degrees..."Heh heh hehe! He'll never be able to sleep now!"
😂I just deleted all of my social media profiles except for my YouTube channel
Romina Constenla
That's it! They hacked the elections! That explains it!
SuperSpaceWhale Gaming
Why don't people just call it Watch Dogs? Without the underscore? So much easier, man. I live in the past right now, too. The only smart thing I own is things like my laptop and iPad. I don't have any sort of smart oven or refrigerator. I don't even have a smart thermostat
But how do you hack on CSGO without getting caught? That's the real question.
I like how in the rainbow chart, nothing was coming or going from Canada xD
"They can turn up your heat"

Me: when it's winter in Canada, you don't turn your heat off.... unless you're me, xD.
Well, I have no important data anywhere, all my money is in cash so they can't hack my bank account. And if someone does hack my phone, they will only find memes.
Derpy Dino
You should be carful what you say MatPat, hackers can do what you say and hack someone else like you.
King Void7
this video is actually incredibly useful. I was hacked at one point, forcing me to do a hard reset my account and do some things throughout my accounts that I'm not allowed to talk about in order to take down the malicious program. if it weren't because whoever had created the corruption file was not a great hacker I could've been I real trouble. had any actual professional or even semi professional hacker created the same files that can self download, I could never have outdone the virus. nothing is more terrifying than seeing your online life in danger of being striped away due to one small stumble. one click. one ad. one email. one unsuspecting glance. that's all it takes.
Jason Riley
Not my car. Its from the 80s. lol
joe poole
wow I used that jeep article early In the video In my English coursework
Emily Harris (The green hoodie)
Awh man. We are all fucked.
raphael hanna
can you please do dishonored theories
Ghola Tleilaxu
There is hacking and there is hacking.
Some hackers get lucky and hack into the Pentagon or the FBI and end up slaving away for them. Others are not so lucky and they hack into the accounts of a guy with ETA connections and even steal his money.
Like the saying goes, Life sux and then you die. :)
Ender “Dreusilla” Barba
I'm sitting over here, never CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET. less my phone. How would a usb drive upload your data if you were not CONNECTED to the internet, would there be any ostentatious Prompts? claiming falure to connect would be very obvious. Had it be silent what would happen. I don't know
is this just explaining watch dogs 2
Alius Gigabyte
I thought rubber duckies are called keyloggers
Aven Ivey
silversoul the imp(tripple S hedgehogs fan)
quick question if your one of the people who keep fixing the oldest devices rather then buying new ones that dont have computer chips in them like old cars the old microwaves that may or may not have been recalled and old gas or wood ovens then how can they still hack those if its even possible? i question this cause i have a family member whos kept themself away from anything with a computer chip and they believe they can be hacked because of that)
Funtime Foxy
Hackers are really bad people,but when seeing the map of hacking threats is just to serious.Its best if you lock all your things connected to your internet connection,especially your devices that have a different connection for internet.Also make sure you don't have a pineapple or a USB that just appeared on your desk because a few clicks and types and you are hacked with those devices.
Special Weapons And Tactics
Ok, ok I know I'm a Special Weapons And Tactic member but I have to say. Hacking is the worst thing you can do
Of all your videos, why did you have to make that one (Are you being hacked) a pay per view video? That seems more like a PSA that the general public should know!
Clorox Bleach
You say it's illegal...but.
Poker face4222
Now that I think of it, I'm glad I don't live in US.
Astral Wolf
I wonder how he figures out these things.

That's right, extensive research
Tabby Cat
How the Frick have I just now watching this
I asked for Watch_Dogs, the first one, and my dad said no. I put Watch_Dogs 2 on my Target Wishlist, and my Aunt gets it for me. HAHAHA!!! LOOK WHO"S LAUGHING NOW!! It's awesome, though, seriously, it's REALLY good.
Google Kali Linux,

U can thank me later😉
i wanna watch your hacker video but i don't have youtube red
If you really want to learn how to hack and dont just be a script kiddie, there's a really good book called "Hacking - The art of exploitation" (No Product Placement). I am a hacker and want to share the real hacker morality: The hacker morality is the idea of solving problems inventive and in new ways. I hope I could help those who needed a guide for serious hacking, as the book doesn't just shows you how to use already finished exploits but teaches you the inside of the code. Good bye.

|_|0|_ |
|_|_|0 |
How is this a game theory? Isn't this a life theory?
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