Anushka Patra
havin Kaplan
Maddie Nissenbaum
happy birthday matt
Nichole Cervenka
Matt you are the best you've ever
Jennifer Garoutte
My g mat
Jacob luna
Matty has 6 points
Sierra has 2 points
Veronica Graham-Phillips close
Jerriunna Young
Sierra won$$$$
Wilbert Cox
I. love. your. vetoes
Herhangi bir Türk izliyorsa söylüyorum Matt Orkun ile kapışmalı
eric stanley
They looked like a couple at 2:ll
dawit abrham
matt like sierra but maybe she don't like him maybe
he don't like Gracie but Gracie like him I think matt got
a crush on sierra
iype km
good gob
Brandi Roundtree
MattyB I think you are cute but you might not be interested 🌹🌹🌹
Thara Foley
matt cheated
Gage Dover
Steav Sawh
TheTwisterPandora 12345
Soar are and mattyb sitting in a tree 🌲 Kissing first comes the love then comes the baby
Kendrix Ashton
Matt owe
Nadia Fernandez
i think mattyb won✌✌
Analu Kawaii
she is the girl of crepusculo twilight? is parecest
Pierre Price
Lol he smacked it
Maricel Vargas life
Boys are good at bottle flips and girls don't know how like if this is true
I love you
Tamra Olive
Matt can flip bottles really good
Off Grid Shack
I love you mattyB
Crystal Gehring
MattyB Cheated
Mohammed Abdulbasit
Lanivea Davis
Matt is cute when he was little
jesnard plaza
Question Mark
Take your hood off in the house whore ass thinking you bad and shit
Nevaeh Whitford Ross
Matt didn't cheer Sierra cheated! (Not that I don't like her) love her
Mindbreaker Hamra
3:02 Gracie was holding the camera did he smile at her cause she was sad to see sierra losing so she said that it counts
Ri-majol 1
does mattyb ways cheat.not to be mean
Bryshai Rose
I like you kanay
Alex Sp
Нэш за дгу😦
Kayla Saunders
call my number 3026053227
Anamaria Garcia
mattyb won
Nem Niang
I think Matty cheated.
Scott Palmer
i hate matyb
Mia #gymnastical Is magical
I dont like matt that much
Kirsty Waugh
mattyb is the winner
Khristie Baker
what are those mattyB
Johnny Smith
OMG!!!! 😮😮😮😮
Skeeter McKenzie
I good Matt's good we're ment to be
Kyra Msp
My dad had them yeezys
Martha Vance
trying to look cool😎
Shannon Gericke
i agree kayla
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