DIY GIANT CLOUD SLIME! Coolest Slime Ever!

karina garciadiy slimediy cloud slimerebecca zamologiant slimediy giant cloud slime


Rebecca Zamolo's Channel:

I want to give credit to original creators of cloud slime, flutteryshy.slimes & peachybbies 

My Slime Kit!:

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IG: karinagarc1a
twitter: karinaa_bear
snapchat: karinaa_bear

Thank you so much for watching !! Love you!

XxHolly AnnXx
This video contains:

The Slime Queen - Karina
The Slime Princess - Rebecca
A very very amazing Slime....
Jimmy Menjivar
You guys should name the slime mango cream 😝
_messy slime_
Mango soda
Alyanna Tv
Butter slime
Dania Cruz
Nurul Amira
Mango Tango Dust
Fact: Karina actually invented Butter slime. She made a soap flubber slime that was basically a butter slime before it was named it.
Gwen Kezia Timothy
You should do a collab with Natalies Outlet
Dakota Luckel
EmilyIsastupidpersonunfollow ?
Name the slime mango tango
Fanta cloud?;)
michele smith
You should name it the tropical mango slime
ShaylaisBÆ MSP
When she says omg I'm living I'm Yes, yes you are..
gorda Jimenez
Me 😇😝😜
Gloria Munoz
Kunedik sand
Husky -slime lover
I tried making cloud slime that's with diapers that failed
Nico Pelón
Eslaim d buebito con catsun :v
Cire Badley
Sand slime not ☁️
I was testing you guys I really like Rebecca
Allison Gamble
I have never had slime or made it before
Chloe Brown
You should name that slime Mango Tango or Tango Mango😍😍
Bella Escobedo
Manjo ice cream sli e
Blue Teal
Mango Mess
Riva Waxys
It reminds me of kenetic sand
Jadelyn Eberhardt
Milly mango
Ingrid Rivas
I made the cloud slime with your kit
Isabel Rubio
Ja ic
Michael Orozco
I would name it mango fluff
Mackenzie Doyle
This looks amazing
Gervin Sanchez
Name it mago amazing
Addy Chursinoff
OMG I love this slime it seems so fun I will make it sometime but I think you should name it tuti fruity tell me if that's awesome love you karina
Ayanna Jake
Mago smooth slime😃😃😃😃
Sarah Fieldhouse
I bet that the blonde died her hair: her roots are brown. Those are the things I notice in slime videos! ( ° ʖ °)
Natalie Parent
What activator would you suggest for making cloud slime?
yahancy cantor
Or mango sherbet
yahancy cantor
Mango Licious
Katrina Marun
Cotton Candy Artist
7:18 Karina: I’m living
Me: Me too!! Twinning!!!
Soleil Arroyo
Look at rebecxa poke it at 3:39 XD😂
Nadya Slocum
Who else is marking slime while watching this
foreverTube HD
00:36 i mean
foreverTube HD
00:38 smoobie
i Heidi
Mango Fluff Or Fluffy Mango ;333333 yummmm
Yeongeun Kim
Tropical Cloud Islands
Leahs Videos
I think it should be called Mango Tango since it is Mango scented and you said earlier it is like TROPICAL 🏝!
Misael Ortiz
Stop saying ya'll its soooooo annoying karina
Misael Ortiz
Who is gonna keep the slime Rebecca or karina.or r u gonna split it in half
EN Light!
I have not made cloud slime😭😭😭
Marcela Reyes
Oh my gosh. I am going to make this when I get home!
Miranda Alatto
Cloudy please name your slime cloudy
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