DPRK shows military muscle on 105th anniversary of Kim Il Sung birth

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Pyongyang is marking the 105th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il Sung, the founding father of the DPRK and the grandfather of current leader Kim Jong Un, with festivities, including a massive military parade. The show of military force involved tens of thousands of personnel and is said to be the biggest in scale in the history of the DPRK history. The country's most advanced weaponry is on display to send a tough and clear message.

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José Angel Esparza
stupid as fuck to march around with missles.. i dont see the point of it..
Назар Кружилин
fun to watch, even when the DPRK began to understand the weakness of the political will of the United States
Quân Phạm
good job Kim Jong Un, let's attack Seoul
Stone Cold
"Supreme Leadership" More like wardens handling their prisoners...NK can take their WWII technology and piss off
benigz dagasuhan
weapons are continually growing spending lots of money...tsk3.. 😕😕😕
Kodiak Baitworks
missed opportunity
makka y
North Korean scum....Watch your own arse be handed to you.
Bobby Evans
This guy is literally a fat kid playing red alert with no enemies on the map, building up crap to feel powerful. The US is going to utterly obliterate his outdated shit heap military without even trying. I feel so sorry for the people under his ridiculous spell. He should be the one that suffers, not them.
deon reed
I have seen better weapons in Godzilla movies. I guess someone went to the Godzilla estate sale.
Dicky Fisher
These are Obsolete shit from the 60's n '70s. Not accurate not high tech. im laughin so fkn hard. I just might piss my pants. We would kick the dog shit out of them in 1 day!. So take it from an old Soldier. Relax America.
all fake plastic toys
Jay Luis
North Korea looks so clean and colorful wtf
Pedro Gallegos
The U.S. =
Andrew Valdivia
should of bombed them right then and there
History Hustle
When I was there in September there are all white dots on the square, road and sidewalk. It's for these mass gatterings. So the people know where to stand.
fear mongering pussies
fnk _itz
this footage is CONVENIENTLY available. of all times. I smell bs
1980's Rocks Iron Maiden Def Leppard
Fuck USA!!!Terrorstaate Number One with Israel.
al penns
all those pins on generals and they have never seen real battle SMH..
Those poor black suited people kept clapping for the whole time....
Yosef Dhugasvhilli
yes they should of used that FOAB on nth Korea not Afghanistan while they are proudly showing their military might all in one place. Boom and shes all over. No nuclear needed.
Mahbub Iskandar
If kim jong un read all your comment,he will erase your contry from the world maps.
Mahbub Iskandar
Kim jong un says : Show must go on.
Val Pan
Do you understand Kim read your comments?
Malcolm Frantz
how come the US dont fuck with NK
tony castillo
Those planes in that fly by are 2 years younger than dirt.
Hey Canada
Instead of missiles tests and belligerence....those Shameful and Outrageous Criminals should be giving the North Korea population Respect of Human Rights, Freedom of Speech....Free Elections...Freedom of Movement and to travel in and out of the country.....Free Press....Freedom to join the Social Media....Freedom to Criticize the Government without consequences....etc...etc...etc...and all the Human Rights and the Dignity every Human being deserves ...instead of keeping those manipulated robot-like North Korean citizens praising their leaders ...the Cult of Personality, since 1953.....FREEDOM and RESPECT of HUMAN RIGHTS .....instead of Missile Tests !
tony castillo
Bad for them cause none of that shit works.
No one looks happy. I don't blame the leadership. I blame the US for threatening their existence with annihilation for decades and for starving their people through sanctions. At least their cities are clean and their people well mannered.
kelly hanlon
mwahahahha.. are mirrors illegal in North korea? guys haircut is absolutely hilarious! and his missles blow up inside his own country.. what a douche
this kinda reminds me of that Soviet Union parade in Moscow on May Day when the soviet military paraded the same tanks, same soldiers, same missile launchers around the block multiple times and the same planes overhead to make it look like they had a large amount of weapons
Bendie Sticks
Not fans of color are they , it's like I like red ...period
Brad Lamb
How pathetic lol like why bother trying to hide what a sad man and bad leader you are? We already know the truth
Conor Mcnagger
looks alot after and cleaner than major cities in america
Doug Wilson
hey fatty 1950 called they want their shit back
Doug Wilson
lmao dog and pony show
O O AH AH Bannana
North Korea is living in her good old days
TheCoolestKing Phenomenal
China and Usa will destroy North Korea.
Nigel Rodrigues
theyre probably all cardboard
Alex Saiz
Why was the plane formation "105" ?? Wouldn't it be in the form or numerals they speak or write?
Rhoda Grant
God is watching everything
Dimitriy Mirovsky
All hardware just cosmetic, those all would not able to fired a single missile... DPRK army are the worst and outdated ever...
wanted boy
Kim Jong un legend of korea
fuck America
With all his Army there I'm surprised the US did not strike. I hope for peace for the world.
Tz Z
the states would do a parade showing their toys but that shit would last weeks
Rizza Raskill
they got some flash looking water tanks
ali Ibrahim
The biggest bully in this world is USA get your size motherfucka bullying countries like Afghanistan Iraq Syria Libya Somalia Yemen Wow..! North Korea won't take that bully bullshit..
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