Horse Lays His Head On Coffin As He Mourns The Loss Of His Human Best Friend

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A horse gave a touching farewell to his owner before he was laid to rest. Wagner Lima died in a traffic accident at the age of 34 in Paraiba, Brazil. Lima's brother knew his best friend, a horse named Sereno, should attend the funeral. When the vehicle carrying the casket pulled up at a gathering of mourners, Sereno seemed to know Lima was in there. He reportedly smelled around the coffin and then laid his head on it. He also whimpered during the procession to the cemetery.

rats lover
Who tf dislikes this
Itz Ya Girl Bola
I have to stop my mom from cutting onions
angel valentine
Shelby The Yandere
thats so sad. :(
Emma Beard2
My horse would just start eating the flowers off my coffin
Socially awkward sav Farrel
Who is chopping onions in my room
Jimena Castro
I cry so much
Bony 9
I cried
Slayer anime lover amvs villalobos
why does this video get dislikes??????? if you're a hater then go die
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Watching this made my eyes tear...
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may he r.i.p
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Tell me animals dont have souls
Keely1239 Qt0709
I cried in 55secs, new record
when animals have more feelings than humans.
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i cry just because i want to
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That was the most heartbreaking thing ever
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okay! where is the onions!
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I'm crying
love horses1 roo and redman forever
I'm sure that my horse would do that for me to
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crys there soo innocence
Alana Lima
my mat name is lima
Gaming Secptile
See animals have feelings too
Ligia Akthar
video: pulls up feeling gun points it at my heart me:" NO NOT THE FEELINGS GUN" video:*shoots the feeling gun*
Soon as the head laid on the coffin liquid started falling from my eye...
maria gutierrez
This is so sad
Caitlyn, Rian, and Riley BFFSFLS
This so so cute! This kinda makes me think of my loss
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O.M.G this made me cry
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Sorry, im chopping some onions
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R.I.P sorry for your loss
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o wow a 55 second video made me cry😭
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he was like this dove🕊

fly, fly away



jahanzayb :p
even animals have a better heart than we do
pool shark
there is so much more to animals than we will ever know !!!
XD ÜChubbyHamsterÜ XD
Not to burst any bubbles, but horses don't lay their heads on caskets and they don't wimper. They don't have that kind of emotion. Like others have said, he was either scratching his head, or the photographer caught him in a position that looked like laying his head. Animals do not have human emotions. Horses know security, fear and comfort from the herd. This is not a "Lassie" situation. The only animal that comes close is the elephant. We want to think they have those types of emotions, but because to consider anything else seems cold, but it is the way it is in the animal world. This comes from years of having horses. Ask Rick Gore, he'll tell you the same thing.
River Hall
The horse was probably almost the saddest 😭😭
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aww poor horse
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I knew animals have feelings 😢😢
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gosh I'm crying
Video proof or it didn't happen.
Its us The bloggers
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it when it was done i was crying
That horse will be inside your pet soon,that"s life
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Georgia Spence
Did any one else cry
When my grandmother had cancer, her dog stayed with her 24/7. But as soon as she passed, she jumped off the bed and went to another room. We ended up re homing her bc she was so depressed she wasn't eating. Fortunately the change helped her and she has a new loving home.
Tony Fox
i hate when animals owners die cause it put animals heart the be torn to pieaces
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