What A Girl's Nails Mean

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Mya Harker
Woah did Jenna play catcher in softball? That was a catchers glove at 4:45
Candy Fairy
mine are red and chipped, both very accurate!
Sarah Dickenson
My nails are either always SHORT and unpainted, SHORT-ish with neon pink chipped nail polish, bitten off to nothing....or when I get them done, I always go for a square tip classic RED nail. 😍
skam Isak
Short nails means you could possibly be a lesbian
Kiwi Cucumber
I have black nails...i'm not emo or goth, I just like the color black xD.
nails with anything dance on it mean (this is me)

I'm a freaking dancer and im so freaking flexible and im level advanced so don't freaking mess with me
ASMR ZealousZelah
Your so funny
nini epperlove
when marbles started to Growl at the end i swear i thew my phone thattt was so funny
Alissa_Maye14 ________
"who needs coffee i just take molly" 😂😂😂
Ashley Warren
You could be a long nails model with long nails. It's a thing. I swear. Just look up 'dani ASMR'. Your welcome.
Girls with long nails that aren't painted means: I'm to lazy to paint my nails and I use my nails as a weapon.
Neme Okonkwo
my favourite was the long long nails
MadelineKathleen Bakke
Rainbow nails also mean, I'm at pride week!
Megan Forster
Bare nails + short nails = kitchen work
Julia Surmacka
you can cut your nails... o
Nicole Zhang
i had rainbow nails :(
Naia Lee
requesting an updated version of this, because a lot has changed these days
Jane S
When I'm not raving, I'm raving by myself.
giggledick moment
Nah M
meeble was a young lil yapper here
Naomi Stilson
Spirit D'freak
Nails that are different lengths mean: I broke one of my nails really far down the other day, BUT I'M NOT READY TO LET GO OK??????
Polka Dot
Acrylic nails mean,
I fell down a beauty hole and I'm just trying to be part of the beautiful people club. And I'll never be able to take these off without ripping off my remaining fingernails!
Homie Sloth
1) I don't have the money or time to just do my nails all fucking day 2) I bite my nails so nail polish doesn't help at all. 3) I just scratch off my nail polish anyway after its done drying because it bothers me and sometimes makes my fingers itch like hell
Danny Jones
"Life's too short not to have really exciting hair." I've found my next tattoo : )
3:36 SO ME
Bee Maddox
I'm rainbow nails or chipped nail polish
Heaven Soto
who needs coffee I just take molly
Ashley Vasquez
Marbles sounded like chewbacca
PugTato 2.0
My Definition Of Non-Painted Nails: I Don't Feel Like Doing Sh*t To My Nails Right Now So F*ck Off.
Team Purple
the first 3 are honestly me
Brianna! at the Disco
I dont paint my nails or get them done. whatever
Kyra Sandoz
I love Jenna but, she kinda affended emos...
Little Aussie Poodle
Short nails also mean: I like fingering your pussy. OR: I like fingering MY pussy.
Paige Bagwell
put your feet in the stirrups and open up 😂😂😂
Ranjini Time!!
Can you stop swearing that much my parents think it's porn
years ago when i first watched it i didn't understand any of it and re watching it now i am just shocked at how many sex jokes just passed by me as an innocent child
Amanda Hernandez
I laughed so freaking hard at the too long nails holding other people's credit cards!!!! Good lord lol
Lizzeth Carrillo
I was confused for a minute If the neon nails were washi-tape 😂 lol
And other peoples credit cars, sry i never coment woah the end dog growl
Badly Cut Nails Mean: I spent An Hour Doing my nails and Forgot I had netball in the morning.
martyna witak
marbles looks like he's dead.
Samantha Diep
that one pinky nail that's long that is used to pick your nose
Toodeloo friend from school
Is this when Marble started being dead?
Joanna Tapini
Mia M
Fuck you are adorable!😂
Awesome Man
Oml I died when she said "hey there little billy turn your head and cough" 😂😂😂
Neha Joshi
Just pause at 4:16 ughhhh
Wandering Waffle
Marbles what the actual fuck
Erin Feiner
Acrylic nails that you did yourself mean you're a go-getter with the too much gene and probably a lot of old ER bills.
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