What A Girl's Nails Mean

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Nails with paint or markers them and are never taken care of means I go wine painting all the time, I'm a art teacher that is a asshole, I'm a broke starving artist help me or it means I'm a artist
claire eaton
So im an underage goth smoking hooker
Phandoming! At the disco
Short nails mean; when i was in 6th grade my music teacher made me cut my nails to play the guitar and now i cant stop.
I'm a Downer
the too long nails killed me πŸ˜‚
ZoΓ« Johnson
I am in percussion and I just got long nails...wish me luck..
blue eyed demon
black nails also mean I like black my favorite color is black and and I don't give a fuck to tryware any other color nail polish.
i kill animals that are innocent
Phsycho Singer
Short nails with no nail polish on them means: I'm a tomboy or : I have a nail biting problem and am trying to get rid of it
Alora Kuhn
omg that growl at the end
Heart Fillia
No nail means: i don't care about my nails iam to lazy to do my nails πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Kawaii Creepypasta
Long nails mean, I can and will tap on the table with these nails and you won't stop me
Holly Jane Doe
oh my god, i was just thinking about this recently with an amazing person i'm currently dating..and thought after having sexy time, "oh wait, i hope there's nothing wrong with having chipped shitty nails dude, oh god does he think im gross because of my - wtf , whatre you thinking about stop Holly- get your shit together youre talking to yourself about your goddamn nails!" hahah so thank you. PS when I was about 18 I used to take my nails out desperately with the tips of my fake nails...they were square and short/medium---i've got some weird memories that I love to relive with your vids. Rock on shorty!!
Rebekah K
i died at that sound marble made at the
Squat Squad
What about white nails
Sabrina Selimovic
i love glitter nails and tequila
Adara Steinhour
You should do a video about what a girls car means
lol half the comments "my nails are short cuz I play an instrument" or "my nails are short cuz I like women". how bout mine are short cuz I play an instrument and i love women XD
Josefin Johansson
The way too long nails was soo funny, it gave me life..!!! watching this in 2017 btw since I can't get enough of your videos 🀧❀
Taylor Seymour
I have square nails but I don't really know why, I basically just went with the first shape the lady told me about. She was like,"There's square, tons of other things, and a bunch of other stuff." and I was spacing out so I was like,"Yea, that first one is good."
Kakoo Poitra
I love how jennas eyebrows change thru the years
short nails = gay
Red Ivy
it's true, I do love red.
Katherine R.
I died at the end with marbles growling πŸ˜‚
Alexis Napier
My nails are medium length and have jewels and are almond shaped I'm only 15 lol and people judge me for that. Also I get them done every week.
Very short unpainted nails mean "I'm in to girls in the most sexual way possible"
Amelia Miller
Ava Rose
I love your dog I have one like that to
Stephanie Bristol
whens Coachella lmfao
Abbie L
okay Jenna... what was that sound that marbles made at the end πŸ˜‚
Karly Rae
Chris angel passed outπŸ˜‚
Little Neko
nail art, yup, me, hahahahahah, and I'm literally right now waiting for my gradient decals to dry, bahahahahah
Omg haha my nails are almost always painted black hahahahah but not true but funny
Omg haha my nails are almost always painted black hahahahah but not true but funny
Valerie Woodside
Black nails also means I'm a demon butler.
Niomie McHugh
Those are ratchet hood nails.
ichigo kyandΓ©
Did she say" I'm Martin Garrix"?
Ebony Allen
No nail polish means: I go to a strict school that doesn't allow you to wear any nail polish and I CANT WAIT until the holidays so I can paint them.

(Aka me)
Open YourEyes
Everyone is like: Oh I have short nail because ,,I play *insert instrument*" or ,, I'm a Lesbian" and I'm here looking for people who bite their nails off πŸ˜ͺ
Marble growling at the end makes me cry. crying of laughter
Okie Dokie
Short nails for me means: I do sports I can't just have long nails because I need to use my hands for sports so stop nail shaming me
Caitlin Marsh
Who's watching in 2017
izzy meow
that moment you realize the most popular people on YouTube have blonde hair and blue eyes :(
tianna hancock
What a girls outfits mean
With all due respect, that growl at the end fucked me up because I switched tabs and didnt know what was up.
(P.S. I know this vid is old, I just found you and you are great and Im watching your stuff as YT spits it out at me at random)
Phil's Eyelash
For me, short nails are either
"Oh, I play the violin"
"Oh, I'm a lesbian."
Alexis Amaro
aww I love your dog
Alexis Amaro
aww I love your dog
Maddie Murray
so bright
Jackson Rynd
Dick. red. what?
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