What A Girl's Nails Mean

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Bitten nails and fingertips down to the quick mean: I HAVE CRIPPLING ANXIETY
Ashleah McComb
black nails mean I listen to mcr and am crying
Emma Dudley
Emma Donnelly
nails that are a half inch thick and look like rocks mean you're Jenna and you just did your own acrylic nails for a video 😂
Hiname Chan
Me: has black acrylic nails to cover up short massacrated nails bc anxiety
Skips classes
smokes weed in the back ally near the school by a dumpster
Mystery geek Dude
About 3 days I painted my nails for the first time in over 2 years and I have been staring at my fingers weird for the past 2 days
I have pink nails, so kinda like the red ones. I have a pink bag, pink, phone case, pink iPad cover, lotsa pink stuff 😜
pete wentz from my chemical romance
of course I'll go hot topic with you
tal Fishman
I haven't heard someone say "krackle nails" since... FUCKING FOREVER
Beth Nichols
short unpainted nails mean= i have a life. i don't have time to sit around and paint my nails.
Jane Timm Baxter
Three and a half years later, and my chihuahuas have destroyed their toy Marble... and are still terrified of toy Kermit.
Vintage Issues
Short nails with chipped polish, if any, means that I play the ukulele and post videos of it on Instagram and I think that it makes me cool but it just makes me seem like a generic attention whore who tries too hard to be tumblr af
Acrylic nails mean ....
Kelsey Scott
Holo nails mean: I'm a homosexual/Christine
egshina byambatseren
All those nails are way too long
Kylee Maggard
aww I got so happy when I seen marbles!
Mr. Philly
A girl with holo nails mean: I'm crafty and I am a person that works a spa because if I didn't my nails would look like shit. ( and yes I am annoyed by people saying simplynailogical)
LOL I love the ending
"holy dICK"
Deadgirl 666
Is it just me or am I thinking that she looks like Meghan Mcarty??
Author San
- I was wearing nail polish but I had to remove it for work/school/i messed it up
- I was attempting something artsy with my nails but messed up and got frustrated and just took all my nail polish off
- I removed my old nail color and planned on painting them another color but i forgot/had no time
- I bought cheap nail polish that stained my nails and I'm gonna have colored nails for days
Gabby Carter
my father is in a motorcycle club and has a few tattoos and his ears stretched so he's like kind of a scary dude and my moms a nurse my dad dropped my mom off at her job and her colleague asked her if he had a skateboard like he's the last person you would think has a skateboard and my mom said no he has a Harley Davidson and she shut right u and walked away lol
Jared F.
Hahaha!!!!! Marbles growling at the end is hilarious af!
Holo nails mean you're a H💿L💿SEXUAL!
xMidnight x
the really long blue nails at 4:34 remind me of Salad Fingers
Queen Sophia
this is so relatable 😂
Supernatural Superstar
she's gone marbles
Lyssa Atkinson
Rainbow nails may mean shes a fem lesbain and shes still in her rainbow phase
duna asim
Kristi Alger
You are hilarious! You should do stand up comedy or do a TV show!!!
Beatrix Quacker
short and un painted nails mean

i could care less about my nails or im a tom boy
Red or black stiletto nails FUCK YEAH
Amanda Lou
What a girls swimsuit means?
Emily Walker
Kathryn Dean
XD Rainbow nails is me.
ElfianWitch OkeyDokey
Short nails also mean: im gay and dont wanna hurt my girlfriend's vag
Julinar Al-Akshar
HAHAHAHA!! Happens to be, my fav nails are stilleto and you're right I HATE KIDS!!! J/K no i don't.......*whispers* yes......i really do.....AAAAND YOU ARE FUUUCKIIING HILARIOUS! I'm so happy I found your channel! Now I can laugh my ever so pathetic work days away and be that annoying typer (tips of the nails) So, thank you JennaMarbles. You are my spirit sister.
Luna Lewis
what a girls phone means
Grace Hannah-Lynn
"Guys with black nails means" Gerard Way, Dan Howell, I'm warning you, you're about to get roasted.
Rachel Cottle
Short nails with no paint mean I work in the food industry.
SMT Anime
Can you be a lawyer with long nails?
BellaAshtyn Deinlein
you are soooooo mean
Celestia Stars
Marbles is so cute but looks so empty/dead inside
No nail polish means...I do the dishes by hand and the water messes up my nails. Also I had pet rats and they love to chew on nails that have polish on them. lol
brendon's forehead
Short black nails mean: I'm Dan Howell
Amaya Williams
Im actually wearing french tips to prom....i hate myself.
Melizza Lyng
it look like the teddy is more alive than your dog P.S LOVE YOU ANT LOVE YOUR DOG'S
Jenna Koch
Extremely shitty long acrylics means "I watch too many beauty videos and i regret everything"
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