Jake Paul Bullying Martinez Twins (Deleted Video)

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Jake Paul Bullying Martinez Twins (Deleted Video)

Recently the Martinez Twins (Ivan Martinez and Emilio Martinez) posted a video about leaving Jake Paul’s team (Team 10) and said that Jake Paul was a bully. Here’s the videos that the Martinez Twins were talking about. You can see Jake Paul “pranking” Emilio and Ivan.

Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RiM-rNuiAQ8
Part 3: https://youtu.be/KcM0Gmo_ro4
Part 4: https://youtu.be/H7n08zATLVY
Part 5: https://youtu.be/9qS-RnKPfKs

Note: I understand that all of these videos are pranks that Jake pulled. And bullying might be a strong word to describe them. But everything has a line and I believe that these pranks crossed the line.

Well this boy has a big attention problem and I think it’s the fault of his parents, because this behaviour can not be justified. Not even with a contract which is (in my opinion) against the human dignity
Its everyday, bro bullying two spanish bros
Its everyday, bro bullying two spanish bros
slime 1000
Jake is such a douchbag he always treat people like they dont have any feeling when they do
Ohmyfessing s
I don’t think Jake ever sleeps
Roselyn Fermin
Jake that is not nice how abot someone
Did that to you ?answer it
Wow, this is sad. Extremely sad. I can’t believe people still like this dickhead. This world is so gullible. I bet you if he killed someone, he would still have fans. They know how he treats the members of team 10, but they still choose to support him. It makes me sick. He literally abuses his teammates on camera, and he still has fans. Why? If you still support him; imagine you are a member of the team, you would have died to join, but instead you go treated the way Jake treats his team. How would you feel? Not very good, right? Don’t even lie and say you would, you cunt. Take a minute and think. Why do I like this guy? Go ahead. Think. Why?

I’m happy for the twins leaving this shitty team. I seriously cannot believe this right now.
againts the current fan
I should ask the Martinez twins to slap his face until the blood drop..I will be happy to see his blood..his blood will be drop by drop🔥
Mr pink Bling
I’m crying it sad Jake paul is a dick head he’s a bully
all the love h
FluffyTom :D
That’s so mean. I would hate for him to do that every morning.
Jake Paul is so mean Jake sold learn manners
Knight shadow
Define bullying
Zamarria Hawkins
I hate when Jack do that to Emoilo and Ivan they are to cute to be getting prank everyday bye Jack
Nadia Trujillo
Quit your shit jake
People can say and think what they want, and say that they have a contract that they need to be up and making content everyday by a certain time, but when you go out of your way to often times physically abuse them over it, wither it physically hurts or not, that's still very much over the line.

Not to mention the mental abuse, which is what we always hear most of all coming out of that house with the people that leave.
Dana Palacios
Why would you do that the Martinez twins are so cute 😙😍
he's an ass
Luziana Espitia
I hate Jake Paul 💔
kyky love
i steal like him no matter what
Ronit Shrestha
I hate jake paul
Kameryn Carnes
It's not doing that to just them they have a certain time to wake up and he does it to all of them and it's not technically bullying anyways
Lauren Vincent
They was too nice to say anything, if that was me I would of hit him the prick
Mercedes Jones
Wait,Jake Paul actually owns a vacuum?
Ciani Holts
Jake is one of those people at a sleepover who wake up early as fuck and be bored so they mess with everyone who is sleep
Hostile Spider
0:48 .. but theres one they fear... in their tongues hes dovakin, dragon born, FOOSRODAH!
lavashia crump
He's pranking them and there being bullied but if some random big YouTuber do it it's fine
Tyler arnold
It was a prank
Ari The Neko
If he did that to me, I would've slapped the living jesus out of him.
Marina DU
When you don't know the difference between a joke and a sick joke
The hue family
Jake is so rude
iris airiao
this is not bullying, sorry but, the other stuff Jake did is bullying, like calling the, stuff like beaners and stuff is very much bullying, and this does make people mad, but this alone isn't bullying.
Gabe Bustos
That's why I hate Jake
ザマス [ZAMASU]
"Hes such a savage"
Genji IsWithYu
Aight aight like I’m not fond of jake Paul but you do realize this isn’t really bullying....
That’s not a prank , that’s straight up abuse
Dylantv Siverd
Fuck him
Simone Bradford
Nah fam, I'm throwing hands if I'm woken up like that 👊👏
Wavy gang
Damm y'all sure should make y'all own gay bar club in your house full of guys you fags
Princess Zaydah
Not trying to be mean Jake but you are kinda being mean to the martinaz twins
.......I’ll take their spot XD...............

Who would fucking want to?
Millie W
this is disgusting. my heart aches for them. i'm sorry they had to put up with that monster
I'm so sorry to the Jake Paul lovers, but...

JAKE PAUL IS AN ASSHOLE!! He cheated on Alissa Violet, and put her in his hit song, "It's Everyday Bro". I won't hide the fact that it's a hit song. Although his videos are entertaining, he's doing a lot of mean stuff to his fans and team 10. This is just my opinion. If you think differently, I respect you.
Worst Fate
Aw naw we gon have to square up on the first prank
Richie neu
Jake is a pussy jake paul
Wolfy Gal
It's really bad to wake up suddenly
Faith B
Why is Jake Paul so disgusting...?
Yooooo broo so savage!!!! Jake your my inspraton i wana be like you dab on them hatrs team 10 wooooooooooooooooooooooo!

jk Jake Paul can go fuka himself what an absolute willy
Joakim Heide
i hate Jake Paul 😠
Heavens Fury
why are they sleeping naked in same bed? aint it weird?
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