waluigi meat ball
so happy
Imelda Alia
Well done Denis
bendy Kahoa
Skyler Humphries
Master of Puppets
I was spinning my fidget spinner while watching this XD
God is dead and we killed him
David Martin
David Martin
"Don't stand to close to it"
Dan Kaezarr
Berserkwolf Lucas
Why is the intro ROBLOX adventures if it's not ROBLOX?
Marie Ndjoli
that is awesome
I love how this video is circulating as a meme right now-
SepticSam girl
may 10th is my bday
Keira Nolan
I Love your videos so much . I am going to try to find you in roblox!
Gabriel Bingham
Hi I love your vads
l cherry
I could do that look good on my end and I will be there for the shocking and kepdklskd
l cherry
jakl January and what time would work
Theresa Perez
TheLego Babblers
Press shift while moving and you'll go faster!
Jacquie Zeabin
It said roblox adventure
galxaykittygamerboyandgirl salma Mahamed Yusuf
wow Denis is cool
angelina Tsendeas-smith
bo denis
Meme Man Omega
Welp, time to drink some bleach.
Yehia Mohamed
I agree
Alex Samano
you make funny video
Mariya Merritt
The fidget sinniner was too fast
Ariana Grande
am I the only one that thinks the bendys are cute and adorable
guest 666
kill Slenderman
Ramona Llamas
i whod never trust you
A Hen's Tie
14 reasons to die now on Netflix
Susie M
I'm not sure who to subscribe to you or Alex or sketch
Astro Orte
dafuq is this
David Lester
Is that roblox???
Kul Dude
g-mod not roblox
Gemma Xthor
Don't you dare reproduce.
It says "Roblox Adventures" at the beginning and yet he's playing gmod. Lol
Albert Catstein
God is dead and we killed him
funtime bonnie
at 47
The Eye
Rip bendys 2017 to 2017
Mika Milan
Acquire 10k F.r.e.e R.o.b.u.x Directly from THIS SITE ➡ w w w. i h a c k e r .d e
rashard harris
it's a figet killer
Admira Hukic
i got a fidget
i am Coachella
every day we stray further from god
Jenny Ireland
this is not in roblox so how is it a roblox avercer
cathal rolston
denis i mad frens wit you on roblox
this is not roblox. gmod.
Dinis Freddy Sonic
Dinis tandem é o meu nome
midnight cat
It's a black on my my 6th old brother has one and my cusien and I
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