10 Surprising Things You Didn't Know About The Barbie Doll

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The Barbie doll was introduced to the world by Mattel back in 1959. Throughout the years, we’ve learned some pretty surprising trivia facts about her, but there’s still so much more to uncover about the most iconic doll to hit store shelves.

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The Barbie doll was introduced to the world by Mattel back in 1959. Throughout the years, we’ve learned some pretty surprising trivia facts about her, but there’s still so much more to uncover about the most iconic doll to hit store shelves. Here are 10 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About The Barbie Doll. 

A woman named Blondie Bennett has dedicated her entire life to transforming herself into a real-life Barbie doll. Blondie’s obsession with the toy compelled her to spend over $30,000 in plastic surgery procedures, including five breast augmentations, chin liposuction, and hypnotherapy sessions to make her feel more “ditzy and confused.” She says she wants to be seen as a “plastic sex doll,” so she wants her personality to be as “brainless” as possible. 

On Valentine’s Day in 2004, Barbie and Ken’s perfect relationship came to an abrupt end. During their time apart, Barbie had a rebound relationship with Blaine - an Australian boogie boarder. The relationship with Blaine didn’t work out either, and Barbie soon realized that Ken was the only guy for her. The couple got back together in 2011, Barbie changed her status back to “in a relationship” on Facebook, and she and Ken have been happily together ever since. 

After meeting on the set of a television commercial back in 1961, Barbie and Ken became inseparable. Although they’ve had a breakup and some bumps along the way, their relationship has remained quite solid throughout the years. But despite their history together and decades-long romance, the two have never been married. We think it’s about time Ken puts a ring on it, how about you? 

Barbie comes from a pretty big family, and she has seven siblings in total. But when it comes to starting a family of her own, the doll has never been pregnant. She isn’t missing out on motherhood, though. Her best friend Midge has two kids, and we’re sure Barbie loves to spoil them as if they were her own. 

Which of these Barbie facts shocked you the most? 
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why are they saying barbies a real person she doesn't have Facebook and she's not alive........

for now...
Ayleen Montoya
People change their bodies to "look" like Barbie but barbies don't even look like that they are just trying to give barbies a bad look
Abdulla Omar
who only watch barbie life in the dreem house
Lucy luli
If people want to look like barbie, DONT get big boobs.
Megan Price
my grandma has the teen fashion model doll!
Cookie Seller And More
Fat dull
Meka's Vlog
Best facts ever
Rylee Delucca
Barbies are just the image of what people think women should look like 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️
Twenty Øne Panic! Attacks at the disco
Dude that girl in the beginning's boobs aren't even that big. My mom has way bigger boobs and they're actually natural
My grandma got me dolls when I was younger. All I did was twist their hair into a style and drown them in a water bucket. Good times.
Cute Kitty Girl
Kaytlynne DeLage
i used to play with barbies 24/7 when i was younger i had about 50 (they were left over from family members) and i never had low self esteem. why do people think that Barbie creates body image issues?
Jo TheTurtle
Super Kitty1469
karyn hasson
I'm tayla and I think I'm fat ;c
but I love barbies I have 586 barbies.
Tatum Huey
The soudi Arabia thing because I lived there before and I could've sworn I had Barbie dolls
Adventure Times
So cool😛
random thing
WTF was wrong with the thumbnail? Lol, XD.
Spike the Werewolf
Yeah ken "if you like it you should put a ring on it" XD
Hailee Boeger
Kupe sobie strzele z rana potem jeszcze na spacerze
hello? is this the talko?
Patriot4ever Wewillwin
This is why I don't like the Barbie doll!!!!!
Iqra !
Braiden Carter
Blondie Bennett does NOT look like a Barbie! She looks like ballora with thin waist and stuff
doriz plays with u
hate the #1 one
Ivory Soe
Barbie boobs are regular like any big boobs but it is not that big!!
Nhaleen's Vids
☺I never had a barbie doll in my life
Emily Markenson
Barbie and Jen did have a wedding doll with ken wearing a pink suit and Barbie has had multiple time where she is sold in a wedding dress
Holly Sparkes
wayne bragg
in the thumbnail who thought the Barbie on the right looked like mama June
Daniel Bayona
is barbie real?
Eglė Gincaitė
Omg before the video there was a Barbie doll toy rewiui
Llamatheunicorn Lol
If my calculations are correct.....that would mean Barbie is 75 years old 😧
Super Anand
I hate Barbie dolls 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑
Ahmad Khan 13
Did you used cookieswirlc
Nylah More
I subscribed
Nadine Tshani
you Know why can't men just put a ring on Barbie they have been dating tooo long
Kristine Martin
how did you know that?
Yumiko Dimag
im new
Subarshni N
u got a new subscriber........
Elisa Soto
what noooooooo
butterfly blast
fat barbie when your pretty but tacos and choclete are life CARBIE
Kurisutiin Pashirosu
the thumbnail though😧😧😧.....barbie being chubby.
Emzie Games
WoW i never knew that Barbie wore natural makeup :0
Athena Ryane Ang
In the thumbnail the fat Barbie needs a diet
Rich Gebhardt
Nastya Bi
блин ну кто русский
ther is no secret about barbie dolls
Mitsu Perez
Barbie doesn't have huge breasts...
nhu dinh
toàn mấy bà dú bự
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