10 Surprising Things You Didn't Know About The Barbie Doll

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The Barbie doll was introduced to the world by Mattel back in 1959. Throughout the years, we’ve learned some pretty surprising trivia facts about her, but there’s still so much more to uncover about the most iconic doll to hit store shelves.

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The Barbie doll was introduced to the world by Mattel back in 1959. Throughout the years, we’ve learned some pretty surprising trivia facts about her, but there’s still so much more to uncover about the most iconic doll to hit store shelves. Here are 10 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About The Barbie Doll. 

A woman named Blondie Bennett has dedicated her entire life to transforming herself into a real-life Barbie doll. Blondie’s obsession with the toy compelled her to spend over $30,000 in plastic surgery procedures, including five breast augmentations, chin liposuction, and hypnotherapy sessions to make her feel more “ditzy and confused.” She says she wants to be seen as a “plastic sex doll,” so she wants her personality to be as “brainless” as possible. 

On Valentine’s Day in 2004, Barbie and Ken’s perfect relationship came to an abrupt end. During their time apart, Barbie had a rebound relationship with Blaine - an Australian boogie boarder. The relationship with Blaine didn’t work out either, and Barbie soon realized that Ken was the only guy for her. The couple got back together in 2011, Barbie changed her status back to “in a relationship” on Facebook, and she and Ken have been happily together ever since. 

After meeting on the set of a television commercial back in 1961, Barbie and Ken became inseparable. Although they’ve had a breakup and some bumps along the way, their relationship has remained quite solid throughout the years. But despite their history together and decades-long romance, the two have never been married. We think it’s about time Ken puts a ring on it, how about you? 

Barbie comes from a pretty big family, and she has seven siblings in total. But when it comes to starting a family of her own, the doll has never been pregnant. She isn’t missing out on motherhood, though. Her best friend Midge has two kids, and we’re sure Barbie loves to spoil them as if they were her own. 

Which of these Barbie facts shocked you the most? 
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jaco de vries
There is a old pregnant barbie doll
jaco de vries
Why don't you make a vidio about ever after high?
SicklyHeart6067 Gamer
You know, Barbies aren't banned in Saudi Arabia, I should know Because I live in Jeddah
RainbowRox // RRPlays
Its really weird how u see sets of barbie dolls in wedding outfits yet there is almost never a ring on barbies finger..... Is Mattel trying to get ken to marry barbie or are they just having fun? Its pretty strange tho I mean WERE DID THE BARBIE BABYS COME FROM???? I think i have seen one set with babys and or todlers weird right????
marali san
Weeping Harmony
I once had a dream where I had a haunted Barbie Doll.
Izzy Bells
All of these comments are all hate if you don't want to watch it then dont
Kristy Reed
i hate barbie dolls and im a 10 year old girl
Safiya Smith
She actually dumped Ken again
Jade M Marie

How could you!?
Olivia Beakman
The startle wasn't to me that Barbie isn't always seen as a role model... It's that anybody WOULD see her as one.
Deseray Patterson
Actually Barbie HAS been pregnant. Look up pregnant Barbie and you will see there was an actual version of her that was pregnant. Most people don't know because it was ripped off the shelves very quickly.
GG garcia
I have a lot of Barbies
Masa 1968
Wrong she was pregnant
Misty Pøp
They talk like Barbie is a real person.
Patrick Mcgee
if you see the difrince give me a like 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Arowyn Taylor
god o,o
Arowyn Taylor
wow what did i see
Steven Merino
That barbie never has got 👶🏻👶🏻
Joselin Lopez
The spoiold one
Crazy Club
I don't like barbie dolls!一
Crazy Club
I don't like barbie dolls!
Kitty Cutie
Is it bad that I like the double chin barbie better????😂
Tiffany Brust
Why do people talk about barbie like she is a real person? It's an inanimate object people.
Victoria Eats Children
I definitely don't look at Barbie as a role model, she is a horrible role model
Ashlynn Kahler
u need to stop being rood
crazy cupcake
Kheira Anteur
I was surprised that Barbie would spoil her friends kids.I mean who does that!?
Riyadh Elaiban
Can I get a like 1 like
Riyadh Elaiban
No she is not banned in Saudi Arabia
Lakeea McCorey
If barbie has had every job does. That mean she has been a hitman?
Besties Time
Now Barbies aren't banned in Saudi Arabia cuz I live there and I see Barbies not her fake version Fulla
KitKat Girls rule
These people think barbie has a big pair of cocconuts when look at 1:55 on this video. Rachelle has bigger coconuts than her. These people need to go back to primary school and learn a few things. 😂
Cristina Gonzalez
please do disney villians kids
Rachie's Room
At 2:34
Juliet Cannarella-Home
Who hates it when you get a new Barbie but it's hair has this sticky gel in it that you hate?
Arosh Saeed
I subscribed
Charlie Lentz
I never really payed attention to the shape of her body but I was concerned of why there weren't different races, and not a lot of men are in the collection. The Barbie show has only one African American person who is a main character, that concerns me
Charlie Lentz
The last one
The Queen Of Trash
PrincessHoney Lisadymion
Didn't Barbie have another boyfriend in Myscene?
Zia Martin
I played with barbies I didn't think she was pretty or that I wanted to look like her I never thought that I just played with her in the sets she came in like the dream house or camper it was fun I miss being a 6-9 year old
Irra Undertale
holy crap, I have something in common with Barbi!I have seven siblings!
the epic lunala
Who watched because of the fat barbie on the thumbnail
Actually Midge has 3 kids.
Gamer Alex
Barbie got plastic surgery maybe she did not like the way she looked and got a lot of money to do it and bought a lot of makeup like really she is rich rich🤑
baby Agel
I'm sorry I hate this do much
Sofie Benavides
It's my first time
Perla Litzy
i love barbies shes the popelor doll shes cool i love barbies
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