The Tadpole and the Newt Speed Art

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Know your predators kids. Stay in school.

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JessRulez Aj
Yeah I REALLY need to learn my predictors I thought the NEWT was a frog XD
Sun Coffee
James if you don't mind can you please read the comics out loud. Because I'm too young to have any other social media that you post your comics on. plus they passed by way too fast in the videos and I'm too lazy to pause :3
James: how was your day
me: pretty good, I played football and I alm-
me: wait what?!
james: Ok stop talking now
Alex Cambridge
The pokemon game is called Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time
chloe vega
James: So whats up...?
Me: nothing...
Me: ????????????????
James: ok stop talking
Me: well ok...
Wolfy The Typhlosion
I.... love.... super Mystery Dungeon.....
Hey everyone... someone in my family is REALLY sick and I would like for yall to sub to my channel so I can show the one that's sick in my family and she will be very proud so plz sub to my channel... 🤒😞😞
Zany Username
woah. 1,819 dislikes
Sophie Lyon
James:whats up?
Me:My friend made me wanna kill myself...
Me: Yup
shani Dicks
Kys James

Extreme Vlogger
What overwatch character sombra or Orissa
yoshi 456
this video was made on my birthday
Corban Vlogs
it was pretty good of a day
Corban Vlogs
it's trump
Go read the description of the video
William Schleeter
Robert Knowles
Yes. I love overwatcg
blossi silver
my Phone nuber ís (_/ £^^¥/ $6$^
Annaliese Niesman
You are ugly, James. But I like your videos👍
Andrew Combs
I draw worse than you.
Oliver Scripter
Odd1sout: What's up how was your day
Me: I got my black belt in recorder karate after so mu-
Odd1sout:she did not
Gage Moyer
James: "Oh whats up"
me: nothin-
James: She did not!
me: ...She?
James: Okay stop talking
walks away
me: wait what?
Cutekittygamer Vlogs
great thanks for asking I love yang theodd1sout
LPS Marine
Poor tadpol. :(
Eo Pokémon
Glaze Pikachu
my dog died :James yea they do that
Brady Roose
Kill yourself James!

no, no not really. Dont do that... I I like seeing your videos... you'you're a cool person...

Suicide as never the answer.
Mcz playz
My birthday
Mcz playz
this was on my b day
im from the future and trump one!!
Kay, you have a 3DS, me too! Want to be friends?
Zayden Rutland
Donland Trump
Zayden Rutland
what drawing app are u using
Weird Earthling
She did not...! Okay now stop talking
My days been good thanks for asking
Emolga lover 100
:theodd1sout: Hi how did it go?!
:Me: Great! I convinced people to..
:Theodd1sout: NO, U DIDNT.
:me: I didn't even finish to...
:theodd1sout: okie shut up Idc bout it.
:me: 😰😰😰😰
Michelle Waldron
well you may want to sit down ! far this !😂 well ... my day it was so well narmal but that's not stopping me telling you ! I do not feel good I came back from.a school trip well let's see if I can spell it ... colimentdy if I'm spelt it write......... I seek bored cuz like I'm one of the people who don't go out to play don't talk to people all the time well just to put shart I'm lazy are spelt lazzy I donu so I do not feel good if you reading this scroll down a little it's long 😏 my got a cough cough cough* yeah I'm coughing as I write this 😶 my nose is so blocked my nose looks like it just died in a car crash no lie ! my lips are very very chap do i touch them slot ski got a coldsore on each side i but the only thing that that's me happy is the odds.......... joking it's TEA even if I love you vidoes I choose tea a nice fully tea !aaaw i love tea ☕
wut am i ?
Yeti Babies
I love overwatch
Ava 9 Bowman
AalayahStar Games
James: "You can tell me to kill myself."
Me: "Hey Me!"
Other Me: "What?"
Me: "To kill myself."
Other Me: "Cool."
I like comics
WarriorGirl 673
This was done a day before my birth day
Zachary McCormick
James: So,what's up
Me:I'm sad me and my friend Rachel have empathy and she's going through grief
James: she did not
me: her brother committed suicide
James: okay stop talking
me: bit I'm crying
noottissnoot Sandoval
Totally honest
Good Comic!
Felix S
i hope this video gets more likes than dislikes
85k dislikes
Lorenznino YT
James:what's up
Me: well I'm happy because I'm at my friends house
Me:who's sh
James:okay stop talking
James: what's up
Me: well I made a sandwich but my friend took it!
Me: yeah, she did. I was really looking forward to-
James: ok, stop talking!
Me: sigh ok
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