The Tadpole and the Newt Speed Art

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Know your predators kids. Stay in school.

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kowlaer AJ
good. I almost got murdered............
Hey james guess what...kill yourself lolol...jk dont..dont do that we need you!!!
Loyd Murff
Hey, @TheOdd1sOut you're super cool and inspiring! Some day soon I'm going to start a youtube channel with my best friend and I just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration :D Basically something like Rhett and Link but animated... and its me and my friend James lol
Jamie Armstrong
James: sup me: she slaped me james: SHE DID NOT! me: YEAH SHE DID me: IT HURT
Gingy Biscuit
I don't get how these videos can get dislikes.
Celeste De Campi
Can I tell myself to kill myself?
bunny07 N
I wanted to comment my conversation with James, but when I saw the comments, I thought no.
I just realised he's using the same art program that I have....
That's cool I'm bad tho
play minecraft but animate the facecam please
Bunny queen
Oh yes she did
Jason Gallaway
James: hey how is everyone
Me: My hampster died
James: It did noy
The fable/comic is awesomeee
Rich Bright
I'm really not caught up with your stuff, but have you or will you ever upload a video where you don't alter the speed of your drawings? It doesn't really have a point, but I was just wondering.
Baylee vlogs
Its my birthday!!! YAY
Do you have a website?
Destiney Joseph
James:what's up
me: yesterday I had field day and I got to jump in it down to the house and get sprayed with water guns and watch a movie eat some cookies the really fun cuz I got to do it with my friends and they were really funny
James: really
Lewis Chippendale
What is the best way to shade
PokeFanFrankie !
James : How was your day ?
Me : My teacher made us run a mile
James : she did not
Me : uhh...did you assume his gender ?
James : No
Me : uhh... Yes yo-
James : Ok stop talking now
PokeFanFrankie !
2k dislikes but 100k people liked
Dylan powell
My day was good
FireSlash Gaming
spoiler alert

The president of the United States is now Donald Trump
Karley Call
in science we went to the lab and dissected a chicken legs and we were supposed to take notes but when class was over i looked at my notes and realized the only thing i wrote down was "she thiccccc"
Alison Trammell
James: how was your day
Me: well aurora got a Dan and phill t shirt
James: She did not!
Me: yup
James: No!
Daschound Lover
Me: my crush said yes to me asking her out!
James: she did not!!!
Me: what???
Oh, yeah ;-;
Dr. Steg-O- Potamus
Love the comic, not a big fan of the speed art
Kavik 157
What drawing software does he use?
Ed 8806
But its not a furry
Cody Sowell
Evan tho something bad is going on in your life never commit suicide or try to because there is people who love and care about you one of those people is god he loves you even if you do bad ask for forgiveness
James has a Charmander and Riolu... So do I in MY mystery dungeon game!
the sara Fox
My Day is good
DUBSTEP on The Cat
kill yourself viewers
RuffRuffDraws 101
James my day was good thx
Love u ❤️❤️
Nik Buzzle
Hey James, where do you post your comics? Twitter, Tumblr or any other social media website? If anyone knows, please reply.
Midnight Animations
My day was good but quite tiring
springtrap fan
I like dis boi poifect
David Taylor
you p on bed
Quick art-related question:
How tall and wide in pixels is the size of a YouTube channel banner? I've just finished drawing mine, and I can't upload it because whenever I try to compress the size, it's too big and parts end up being cut off. So if someone could just tell me how tall and wide the YouTube channel banners are, I'd greatly appreciate that. :D
Chinelo Ezeagwuna
5:28 me too
Krispy chicken06
if you disliked this your not a real fan
Walrus who wants subs For doing nothing
I'm the 100k like
Carolyn Atkins
Turtle4President YT
James: What’s up?
Me: The sky.
James: SHE DID NOT!!!
Me: Huh?
James: NO!!!
Me: ...
When you ask how was my day I was actually thinking of my day that was bad because my crush (that is my Best Friend) have a girlfriend 😭😭😭 and when you say "She Did Not" I was like "OMG this id funny" 😂😂😂💜
Love your videos
#BestYoutuberEver 💜💜💜
CupcakeDerpKitty Plays
So guys, what's up?

Me: Well. I spent all day playing video games.


well yes she did. Why are we in third--


but we are--

Okay stop talking now.
"It will soon be all over"
litterallyemilee :P
James: Hey wassup? How was your day?
Me:My dad die-
James:SHE DID NOT...
Me: Umm it's my DAD...

Sadly my dad actually passed a week ago so this is a true story...
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