Ben Phillips Visits a Wheelchair Basketball Club

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Ben and Elliot get stuck in at the Gloucester Blazers Wheelchair Basketball Club to see what happens to your Red Nose Day Cash!

With special thanks to everyone at the club

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Aidin Pottie
Now we get to see what Elliot is actually like😊
adam predy
kamcupcaketeal #sprinkles
the beggining is hilarous
Janna White
5:20 Elliot looks completely dumb founded
Adilene Martinez
#brofo #bae #
Fifa monster
I find it funny when he says I'm Eliot he's Ben 😂
The best there is
Thank you Charmaine for your service!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼❤️💪🏼
Brendan Goss
How come this is a Comic Relief cause and not a Sport Relief cause? I always get Comic and Sport relief mixed up it gets so confusing sometimes.
Mugz Playz
Elliot's actually nice 😂😂
Caitlyn phillips
Ben is the nicest person ever lysm Ben!!
george Meli
I have snapchat and can I please have a phone call 0421506310 and I live in hekenberg 236
Alex Barry
#brofo #bae well done Ben! your such an inspiration!
Tegan Mjones
our school raised £994.65
Tegan Mjones
OMG i love Ben and Elliots PRANKS
Venomum Teddy
Spot the difference 🕢🕢🕢🕢🕢🕢🕢🕢🕢🕣🕢🕢🕢🕢🕢🕢🕢🕢🕢🕢🕢🕢🕢
Kathas Beauty Bunker
Why is the woman in a wheelchair? I couldn't understand
Elise Constantine
Awwh its so nice to see them getting on for a change!
Brandon Kirby
I used to play wheelchair basketball there
Millie Cooper
l don't need anything give it to someone else how needs it
DJ Serbia Gaming
#Bro ❤️
DJ Serbia Gaming
#Bro ❤️
Elliott Isham
wow this is the first time I've seen Elliot be nice and have a good time.
Tess Burns
I got so happy when I saw Elliot smile of happiness. It's way too rare. Ben, you need to be nicer to him!
Hayden Cossar
hi Ben my nana died near Christmas time. I'm still sad today and your videos helped me get through my today. when I saw your video about bad news about nana it Broke my heart to see your nana in a weel chair. my nana don't know who my dad was because the doctor said that the infection got to her head and took her memory. the day that my dad phone called my mum and told her the bad news that my nana was in a lot of pain and said she wanted to go and then told me and my older brother. a few days later my dad came home and that night my nana passed away.
#bae and #brofo and can i have space gray.
i have most of the red noses
Neil Ingledew
Lauriston how to read headmasters
Mya Powell
we should work together to help raise money to comic relief x they deserve it #brofo #bae #sorrybro
Bethan's Bedroom
OMG! THIS IS AMAZING! I cant believe Ben got Elliot to do this lol
welshgirl1993 wales
#brofo #bae see not many comments on this one, but this such an awesome thing to do. I have donated 10 pounds because they need it more then me you Ben n Elliott
Gaming and Vlogging With Jakob
Lovey Dovey
wow elliot is actually being nice
jonathan love
ive never seen eliot so happy ish
Jacob Jordan
elliot has a bunch of hickkies 😂
Kathy Lewis
This is like the first time that Elliot and Ben are bonding together and Elliot is not being rude just to add that
Claire Welsh
love your vids but orry don't have insta or twitter but if I was to win I would like the space grey ipad please #brofo #bae
Brianna Gibson
love see you guys visiting a wheelchair basketball club. i volunteer at these wheelchair games in Connecticut and i love it. i don't see to many people interacting with the handy capped and i love it. i also did a 5 month project on the hand cycle for 5k-10k races and i loved spending time with those people who use them. #wheelchairgames
Chantal Simpson
what a lovely thing to do ❤
Kcn Flow
That's the most I've seen Eliot smile
Abiel Fernandez
visit #BenPhillips channal and Subscribe to him pls
XxDuhItzLucxX Candyfloss
Are they real brothers? They have different surnames
Gabriela Geraldo
I never seen Elliot so happy. And the kids and adults in the wheelchairs are like pros
Olivier Dmitruk
I love Your new films Every day i watch them after school ive been watching them IN hard times And they made my happy i would love to win a iPhone because i have a iPhone 3GS if You want to cantact my then go to my INSTAGRAM its insta_boy_olivier #brofo#bea
Bloxguy1123 sackman
please ben please
Bloxguy1123 sackman
please glue eliot naked to the side of da car
Luke Fletcher
At my time it's going to be red nose day yaaaaaaaaaay
Euan and jack
Fill Eliots room full of trancula spiders #Brofos #B&E
Kirsty James
Hi Ben love your videos#brfo#bae
Caitlin Cote
#brofo #bae #BenPhillips love both kinds of his video it's great to see ppl get out and help!!
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