Bob Saturday
first 5 notes ya know hes got it
but going into it the spirit and soul doesn't hold up the lack of technical skill
which again is slightly overcome by innovation and arrangement
its a yes for me
Denislav Dankin
He's the Ronaldinho of piano.
Mariam Tabel
he won
Souradeep Sengupta
Listen to beautiful piano music at my channel
Loh Shaw Wei
is it ronaldinho playing piano?
my god this is amazing. what do you call this kind of music if someone could help me please.
Donut Pigz
And I thought I was good...........
FaZe Dwayne
he's like lil yachtys well educated twin
Es Knivos
Personally think that Tokio should've gotten the Golden Buzzer...
Kiran Abayaratna
XXXtentacion's side hobby
Alex Seal
Dude doesn't look 32
EN Dinesh
you know it's going to be awesome when they play Human by Rag n Bone Man
cristal herrera
General JJ
That was Claire de Ludacris!!! Wow!
Dante Caballero
i like how the kid at 4:20 judt doesnt smile or anything, no just clap
Orion Riedel
And these comments are baffling.. Its like nobodies even listened to real classical piano before.. Even the simple stuff is much more difficult than this..
Orion Riedel
How the fuck did this shit mediocre piano player win agt???? Dalisos comedy act kicked the hell out of anything this dude can produce.
Ace A
id pay for his album omy fucking god yes inspiration
Maria raye
The piano was kinda out of tune, but this was absolutely beautiful. I was stunned from the moment he started playing.
Tousif Ahmed
What is the track in the background while he is introduced?
Phillip Gabler
32? he looks like 16.
Terry Charles
Green Cobra
This guy didn't deserve to win
Ariannna Hopper
that white guy fave tho when the beat droped
Jose Flores
fantastic performance. well done brotha!
Amanda Archibeque
omg my friend can play better than him
Karl El
I know that most people will skip over this message.

Honestly, I probably would too, but i'm going to put it up anyway.

Without a budget, one of the only ways a small channel like mine can get help is with self promo, so i'm sorry to be a bother, but hopefully it's worth it.

I'm a songwriter, chasing my only dream as hard as I can.

My channel has almost ALL ORIGINALS. I could really use a hand in getting subscribers.

If you've read this far, then thank you so much. All I ask is that you press "THUMBS UP" so others can see it too.

I hope you like what I have to offer!

In fact, I just put up a original song on my channel, and I really hope you could check it out :)

Thank you so much!
dr_danger 90
New Hans Zimmer
Timothy Verkaik
this song is a song based off of two gay ppl and one dies tradgic
Saad Sohail
this song was Bloodstream by Ed Sheeran
Ruby A.
I got so many chills, I even started tearing up. Seriously beautiful talent
Amanda Rodriguez
Wow he's absolutely amazing!
Football is LIFE
2:05 and If you win?
Tobías van Oudheusden
"What would it mean for you to win a show like Britains Got Talent?"
He wins
Akane Akirame aka. Manus Mädchen
He is just a Pianist and winned pff.
The Throwing Guy
Isssyyy wasssss betterrrrrrr...........
Prince Walker
Mark Zolueta
0:37 I feel like they got paid to be there 😂 seen them say the same god damn thing with other contestants
M Syaoqi
M Syaoqi
Renzo Garcia
who else started to freak out whenthey found out it was bloodstream by Ed Sheeran, no, no one ok. IM FUCKING SHOOK
Biggie Cheese
He's 32?!? I saw the finals and I thought he was 19 or something • o •
Never thought id like piano till now
Yentl Shonfeld
Fantastic very talented young man....may he go far
he sorta looks 20 or something
shukrie mozli
The amazing skill 😍❤️
Mr. Bloo
Does anyone know that this was an arrangement of the song 'Bloodstream' by Ed Sheeran???! Nothing was said about that.
Alexa Mendez
Good jod
Niriksha Shetty
Wowww!!! He was completely in the zone!!! Closed his eyes n played in stride.. Awesome!!
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