Reading Mean Comments

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Rachelk exe
"jenna marbles is for sheep" beep beep I'm a sheep, I said beep beep I'm a sheep
Denita Dunning
I think you are amazing! Super funny! Fuck the haters!
Audrey Montgomery
I don't like this. none of these things are true, you are beautiful!! you are funny! and you are not the slightest retarded.
Ok that just makes me sad the fans getting shot because of us watching someone we like so fuck haters they can die considering what they say
Ipsita Barik
This made me cry. I love you so much Jenna. I have always looked forward to seeing your content on Wednesdays. I love you and how unabashedly you, you are. I love you and I'm so sorry for humanity. They are so mean. I am literally weeping right now. I love you so much.
Kaitlin Stevens
some of those were downright creepy;;
The comments sexualising you are just fucking wrong but also you are really fucking intelligent and that's obvious from your podcast.
Cocoa Sheen
Jenna you're the best and you've inspired me to be myself for the past 6 years. Don't let anyone hurt you.
why do women youtubers always get all these rape threats in their comments? It's fucked up.
nida nawaz
you are beautiful girl with or without makeup
Laura Fawcett
Love you Jenna <3
Sara Burns
aww jenna im actually crying that people could say those nasty things about a person they dont even know soo heres the best thing they could do get to FUCK and keep your opinions to yourselves we all love you jenna ,julien and the dogs from the fan fam ☺☺☺
Homer Simpson
Seriously Guys - I am not a subscriber to this Channel - and this is the first JM Video I've ever watched - but some of those Comments were seriously fuck'd up. Tons of jealous People out there - and if you think she's Ugly, you are fucking Blind - so many comments about how Ugly she is - Bullshit - If this girl was unknown and walked down the Street - tons of Guys would be staring. So no - I'm not her biggest Fan - and I do admit that she does come across as being a bit dumb at times - but be realitistic - If you don't know her in person, then go fuck yourself - the Woman is stunning and is riding a wave that most of us will never see - so fucking grow up and be smell the Roses !!
Pixie Prince
these people are like the super douche bags of haters. i haaaaaaaaate these people they make me feel sick
CrazyWizardMan Gaming
shes beautiful thow what are they talking about

the ones about murder especially..... very disturbing. the internet is a dark, dark place. also, everything they said is BS. i hope she knows that ❤
Jakob Peter Raahauge

Love You!!

Caitlin Hoffman
These comments are uninformed and ignorant
you don't need to make these kinds of videos. I'd rather see you happy
awe no jenna ily
TBH not a huge fan of Jenna but idk how any one could say those stuff to anybody. Like they could've spent years trying to love themselves yet you destroyed their self esteem with just a few words. I could tell she was straining a bit. I hope she wasn't too hurt. But then again if you have hate that means you're succeeding.
Random Weirdness
She is amazingly funny! She has changed and is awesome. We have freedom of speech and cussing is speech so.... Also Jenna is just trying to have fun and make u laugh, if u hate her y r u even here
Charlie Bradbury
Jenna is Awesome! And cute 'Bye frens, Thats where my frens live, Right there' Pokes camera :D
Диана Шаронова
Россия любит тебя♡♥
Why can't people on the internet spell? Like seriously, go to school and get a proper education xD
Geoff Marker
I just noticed I was unsubscribed?! How did that happen?! It wasn't me I promise! Ha. Love your stuff Jenna. I'm glad you were able to laugh at yourself with these. I'm commenting on a two year old video. Oh geez. Ha.
I can't believe how mean some people are. If they don't like you then just don't watch. Jerks...
I didn't laugh, I got pissed off. fuck those comments. you're good enough to fuck but not enough to live? those comments are from serial killers in hiding or in the making. ladies and men, if you hear anyone speak this way of a woman or man, bust their mouth open with a closed fist and distance yourself from said person. Forever.
t baker
Don't read those again, they weren't funny. They were wrong. You are very pretty and funny. Haters are going to hate no matter what you do. I'm so sorry that people say those horrible things that are meant to tear you down and they don't even know you. Hang in there and keep doing what you love.
Sarah Morrison
Ok this is horrible! If those retarded freaks don't enjoy Jenna's videos then they should just mind their own beeswax! 😠
Hazel Medina
If you're gonna type mean comments. At least have good grammar. Y'all are terrible at spelling. Btw love you Jenna, you my girl.
Collie Brown
I support I'm waiting☺️
Abbie Silard
I love you haha
Shauna Copeland
What the fuck is wrong with youtube watchers? I understand that none of your cheap asses have a life, but just because hers is ten times better than yours and she can make jokes and get paid, doesnt mean any of you should rack on her because of it. Oh, and those face comments? All of you need to shut the hell up, because no one asked for you to make a narcissistic comment about physique when your shit isnt even together. She's doing a hell of a great job, at her job which is a lot more than I can say for most of you eating potato chips on the couch wasting your lives racking on talented people. You people make me sick. Great job Jenna, fuck these pansies, and this is for all Youtubers. SMFH. 😐😑
Simoriah L
This hurts my heart. I love her so much and she doesn't deserve that crap
Phan trash
Fuck all those haters
EviLx silber
holy shit 17 mill subs
Sydney Roberts
Velizar Mitrev
How is even her face ugly!? When I first saw her I couldn't believe how pretty she is.
Crash Robertson
Do a nice comments one.
Okie DOkie
I'm only 11 and I enjoy your videos so much, if I had a penny every time you made me smilie when I was down I would be a millionaire. And that's only the times you made me simile when I was down.....
Asha Tarlo
Most of the Hate comments were not needed, the people who posted those comments should look in the mirror unlike them Jenna is a Beautiful person inside and out. I watch Jenna and i am only 12 . I feel so sorry for her, because i could see and hear that she was hurt. I <3 U Jenna Marbles stay beautiful. xoxo
These people who wrote these comments must be very miserable in their daily lives. I have never seen a happy, content person go out of their way to type such nonsense to someone they only see 10 minutes a week.

I hope this did not affect you, Jenna, because you are a lovely person. I have been among the first of your viewers some years ago and you have made me laugh through out the years when I was down and depressed and you have been the highlight of my week on more than one occasion, and a welcome break from the turmoil and severity of real life.

You are beautiful, but there is also a lovely light that shines from within you, and I hope this did not in anyway prey upon any insecurities you have, because you could be PERFECT and people would still come with this nonsense. To me, you are perfect, because you are a complete and whole person. And people who cannot appreciate the glimpse of your soul that you give us can go choke on a bag of dicks.
Neeraj Kumar
physically she is happy but inside she's so hurt....
Tha was fucking harsh to watch why did her fans want her to make this
Hannah Miller
I think all those mean people are wrong. You are beautiful and I think you're funny! Keep being your silly self!
Lunar Bunny
bro your face is so cute!!!!
Destiny Martinez
that's really screwed up, no one deserves to be told stupid stuff like that you're amazing and hilarious and really pretty and you got great hair
Oliver Kirkland
how can these people say these things?!?! I love Jenna to bits!!! I would give up my right arm to meet her!!! I actually thought I saw her tearing up and I wanted to hug her!
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