Reading Mean Comments

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Lindsey M
I'm sad...I feel bad she was trying to push them away
Sleepy otaku.
Haters who said" I would murder her"
Well you would go to jail, what do you about
That bitch? F off haters
I'm deadpool

Logan Overcash
These are so fucking horrible. I don't understand why people go to her channel just to talk shit. It's so fucked up. I love you Jenna πŸ’• don't let these comments get to you
Shania Hackett
I LOVE YOU JENNA! and if that makes me retarded then so be it...;)
trash 3.0
why would any one want her to make a video about this. it's disgusting. isn't a video suppose to be happy. for the audience and the person in the video. why? I'm a big fan of hers i wouldn't want her to be sad to make videos. also disappointed that the she's thinks that we want videos like this.
Lilli Tischer
I love her laugh.
jenna is the best person on earth why are people so against her what
The Lucky One
πŸ˜” whoever wrote those comments are not human beings. Like c'mon how can one human say like that to another.
I guess they are just jealous because Jenna is a star and they are not.. Blah
Love you girl..
Khyra Edwards
πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š sending love sister :)
Gretchen Rybolt
Why do people take the time out of there day to make someone else badπŸ˜” πŸ˜’
X Sara X
This shouldnt have been uploaded, Jenna looks upset during this and also some of the comments are just disgusting
Carmel Powell
Jenna, sometimes you simply can't cover up pain with comedy. That ending was sad, we could tell that you were actually hurt by those comments.
Emma Couch
This may have been 2 years ago, but that means she has been experiencing this hate and rudeness for 2 years MINIMUM! We ALL need to put an end to to hate. #EndAllTheHate
Joyce Mathis
JESUS!!!! Bunch of nasty comments! I just bet half the people knocking down Jenna are not any type of competition for her IRL. Be kind it only takes one second to go away if this channel offends you so much. I mean Damn!! Haters are sad sad people.
Its okay ill always wuv u
you are so beautiful don't listen to mean comment
Chris McNab
jenna just remember all of the 17 mil of us who do love and care about you❀
Emily B
Haha! Some people have no lives then to troll the internet
Lindsey Logan
jenna, i love you and your videos! they make me laugh so much and i really appreciate your content!!
Kelley Graham
Why are people hating so hard? I love Jenna. She's fucking hilarious.
Nida Siddiqui
Whatever they said is just whatever is actually their thinking.. they can't find a woman like her and are jealous they are nothing but an empty vessel that are making noise.. Jenna deserves all the happiness and I love her not nly me every1 .Not even one man from the comment could tolerate a comment to themselve but Jenna is beautiful not nly from outside also from inside.. and so she just anyhow managed not to respond to those who doesn't even deserve her attention and it's useless. Glad she didn't respond.
Respecting her to read out loud the comments and the way she handled.. Everything about you is just wwwooww..u r funny cute innocent caring etc etc..keep ur work going.. Blessings and Best of luck for future😘😘😘😘
PS:Just watch your videos and subscribed your channel and in love with you..❀
Erica Rae
to sit and read those terrible things about urself & really not say how it made u feel.... has to be challenging.... Y would ppl want u to read the mean comments... yes it may be funny but at the same time if they were real fans & cared for u I don't think they would have wanted u to read such nasty things... that was really intense & awful.... I really never watched u b4.. But I just watched ur 200th video & thought It was genuine & nice... so then I watched this one & it really upset me.... u are very talented..... XOXO I hope u didn't let none of that affect u... God bless
Erica Rae
Your beautiful
Chuck Dellano
Keep reading or you will have to go back to porn.
David Young
Aren't people supposed to have freedom to choose she isn't childish she is child-like at heart. It hurts to see how people judge other people's life and character based on what they see.
Sanjula Goel
I am never writing a bad/mean comment on any video ever again. Even if I don't like it.
Lolololololol lolololololoL
Okay for real though I just got into Jenna's video a few days ago and already watched more than half of them. I showed my 23 year old sister her video and the first thing she said was 'damn her eyeliner is bomb af' and I was like omfg I know right.
The only reason I get into selected youtubers is because they're fucking retarded like Jenna and David and the whole clan and I love them to death because that literally PROVES how much of a shit they don't give and how genuine they are. They aren't trying hard to be 'nice' and 'perfect' for the sake of videos and more views and people liking them. They genuinely make videos and are true to themselves. It makes me sad that I didn't come across her videos before but I'm so happy I did now. You wouldn't be the amazing Jenna everyone knows and loves if you weren't weird in your amazing way and you're fucking gorgeous as fuck dude Julien is one lucky motherfucker
Bree S
Fuck the stupid bitches that don't like Jenna. Yall can go to hell, most of them can't even spell lol Jenna is beautiful with or without makeup
Maddie Keen
You literally make me laugh so muchβ€β€πŸ˜‚
Welcome to the mentality of planet Earth...Did it really surprise you hun ?
Lindey Miller
The lion Maine!!! lolololol #nailedit
Hayley Binnington
fuck them haters
they need to learn to spell!!
Kourtney Rishel
She is pretty and if you guys hate her why do you watch her videos and i love how you guys are being rude when you are prob more ugly and gay and dumb!!!!
Emma Wilson
I'm so sorry people are so mean... you are my favorite youtuber. You make me laugh everyday!!❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
irma irmi
she has such a nice smile, even if you can clearly see that she isn't smiling for real.
Mason Palmer
Jenna that's so fucked up, im so sorry about these stupid comments. Dont listen to them.
Angelica Cruz
This was not funny :/ JENNA I LOVE YOU πŸ’•
Diana Rocha
I created an account to say I am so sorry for the cruelty that these people inflicted with their words.
I think you are beautiful, smart and funny. ❀
Earthly_ Teen
The mean comments trend is the worst. I can tell she was wrecked trying to read these. I don't get it.
aww. we love you Jenna!!! you make my wednesdays!!!
Leanne Mason
People suck! We love you!!
Shayla Goertson
Some of those are absolutely terrible what is wrong with some people
Your a beautiful person. Your talented. Your loved.
I have to say I know it's ment to be funny but fuck that's harsh It's one thing to say she has shitty hair but to want her to die what the fuck is wrong with people
Chancie Allen
I almost cried...
Stephanie Gaines
I just describe to you right now. Your beautiful no matter what people say.
Puny Pancake
i think that jenna is a beautiful funny smart and unique and i love her and if i should get shot on the scene for loving her then god so be itβ€β€πŸ˜˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜‰β›„
Lucy Perez
I love you Jenna Marbles and I am an educated, high school teacher and a mother of twins. You make me laugh so hard and make my day when I've had a shitty day!! These people should be ashamed of themselves! Keep doing you because WE LOVE YOU AND YOURE BEAUTIFUL!!
pinkcc 23
I legit have the same exact scar as Jenna from when I was younger and broke my nose too! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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