Reading Mean Comments

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See these comments are why Jack does ygs. BECAUSE THIS FUCKING GRAMMAR THOUGH
Patri6k D3mps3y
There's nothing wrong with going to a Kesha concert πŸ˜‚
Valerija Anufrijonok
your smile is one of the most beautifull smiles ive ever seen
Lizziy Parker
I want to give her a hug , this was sad to watch :/
Emily Sanders
these were some of the most horrible comments I've ever seen, Jesus Christ... This is just horrifying. I'm so sorry people say things like that to you. We love you, girl. You have millions of supportive people who disagree with these assholes. I'm just so fucking sorry Jenna.
Matea Gregurec
I feel like this request from her "fans" only made her stronger. Reading mean comments about yourself is tough man... this is probably the reason she only does videos that make HER happy in 2017 and I say "DO YOUR THING GIRL!!!!" But seriously she's hilarious and I hope she never stops posting!!!!
Lunar Taylor
Watching this in 2017. And literally laughing to myself. Like idk if anyone is like me, but if I don't like something about someone (especially online, who I have never met) I would not go out of my way to type a lame ass comment about them. LOL that's to much effort for something so negative, Like bruuuuh, how do you find motivation to type out a sentence that is so hateful...Anyways.... I feel for you in this video Jenna, you are a fricken fabulous human being :) hilarious and gorgeous. I am glad you keep doing you and being yourself :) #GTFOHhaters #LEH #Guuuuuuurl
Sadie Breeze
I love you so much Jenna and how people can even think these things is beyond me :( You're beautiful inside and out and don't even for a second think that these comments mean anything. You're amazing and I love you!
Johnny Tight
I want to rest my little hamster in her asshole. ;)
uni corn21
Sarah Allen
awww Jenna doesn't deserve these her videos are great and she's beautiful and genuine
sophy raner
I honestly don't know her and this is the 2nd video I watched of her. But she DOESN'T DESERVE THIS HATE. No one deserves this hate. If you don't have any nice things to say go away. 😬😞
How'da Kin
Jenna, some people take themselves way too seriously, and aren't able to find humor in anything, but their own Twit-Wit. I like you, because you seem down to earth, and fun. I like watching you enjoy the simplest of things. Yeah, it is childlike, but a little childishness never hurt anyone ;)
I do agree with the comment that you aren't Miley Cyrus... otherwise, not so much.... Love you Jenna
Serena Gonzalez
I love her hair color here
dalia kreidieh
people are so disgusting like i didnt know there were this many bullies
mel b.
hey I'm not too dumb to keep alive
I just love this womens laugh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Happy Days
iv fallen your eyes are beautiful
It'smesara B
Jenna is gorgeous wtf why are ppl saying that she's ugly !
Brad Mitchell
you deserve all those comments
daisy flower
Trolls are losers themselves and those jealous cunts need to die! This world need more people like Jenna and less of mean ass people. Unkind and cold hearted assholes. Jenna is who she is and it takes a strong women to not listen to people who are jealous of her. All you ugly trolls don't need to breed! I love you Jenna I love your strength and I love seeing you happy and love those doggies 😘😊❀️
Poop Poop
10.5M views and on 8k dislikes good content
Unicorn Draws :3
The haters can fuck themselves. I love Jenna so much, she's funny, smart, kawaii, and always makes my day. Love ya Jenna :33 <333
Emily Sargent
I think you're amazing Jenna! You don't deserve this. I wish I could be like you, you're funny and beautiful. <3
Okay, but she is literally gorgeous. Like, no joke. Inside and outside. She can say whatever she wants and do whatever she wants its her life! Don't watch her videos if you don't like the,. Leave if all you want to is comment hate. I love you Jenna!
Javi Nicolaides
it's a sad video :/ people can be so mean sometimes
anyway, just wanted to say I love your hair o
ArEllis Sherwood
It's okay Jenna 17 million people love you and those are just fans, bc they are obviously watching your videos and the complaining about what THEY clicked on...I think you should do a video on where you read nice comments bc I only want to see you happy😊
Justice Acevedo
I have watched Jenna off and on for years and i just stumble upon this video today and all these people who are telling her to grow up and not have colored hair and she swears to much blah blah blah her eye liner....really? im glad she was able to laugh at these people. my mom once told me "if you dont have anything nice to say, DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL" :) but thats a lesson only real grown ups would adhere to.
Fiona H.
This wasn't a very nice comment, but the BEST PART WAS WHEN SAID "Ugly slut you are" AND HER REACTION WAS chuckles "Thanks Yoda!" I DIED IT WAS SO FUNNY!! I honestly wish I had that kind of witπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
"slut you're a lebain" lmaooooo lebain
Fallen Star
This video makes me sad. She may do stupid things, but don't watch her if you find her annoying.
Luna Lu
This made me so sad. YouTube's are people too. Just because they put themselves on the internet doesn't mean people have a right to insult them. P.s. she looks sweet and cute without make up like we all do.
Danielle Soucy
Jeanna your a Beautiful woman, with a great sense of style! I personally Love your different hair colors, I do the same πŸ˜‰ Don't let ANY of those idiots bring you down, they are miserable, demented, jealous freaks! I wouldn't bother putting yourself through that bs!!!
Roz Golshani
Why are people so mean to her? She never did anything to you! If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. She's just here to make people laugh. Leave her alone!
I love when she used to have this hair color
Donna Kay
Omg, I love you, so funny. You are beautiful! I love how you deal with this, especially when you said you have to for your writers! Ha ha!! Kinda scary some of these trolls... They have nothing better to do, which it's sad. By the way, I'm 52 and I act like I'm 17, so fuck em.
elle c
You're great girl!
Sheila Hurt
Eh, people will always be haters, I think Jenna Keeps it real, she is fun, loving, beautiful and so very humorous!!! It's a breathe of fresh air to see someone that was just living a life of normalcy to become so infamous, she reminds us to smile and to be down to earth, Love love love this gal!!!!
Emma Westbury
Every time I come across this video I just want to say that Jenna is beautiful, with or without makeup. She's random and hilarious and I love how real she is.
Tabatha Chapman
Omg never read mean comments again! This was really sad. People can be terrible.
Jenna is amazing and anyone who thinks other wise can fuck off
Z4ph0d B33bl3br0x
You such goodly.
Annabel Margens
What is wrong with those people? Do they think it's normal to post these stuff and it wont hurt anyone?? I REALLY don't get those people. Only thing I have to say to them is: Think before you say or comment something. You have no idea how others may react to it. And if you don't think before doing those things then don't worry! Karma is going to get you! :)
mark hartzell
I don't care what your haters say. I think you are HOT,HOT,HOT. I think you are awsome.
Miley's World
3:17 well you are supporting her bc you watched the videos to comment that πŸ€—
Hey Jenna I think you're awesome and beautiful and I am always admiring your eyeliner when I watch your vids. And I love how you are weird, it makes me feel better about being weird myself. Life is too short to not be weird and have fun. STAY GOLDEN PONYBOY
Madison Lambert
just stupid cunts taking time out of their actual own lives to hate on you I bet your name is super tasty considering they took the time to put it in their mouths I love you❀❀❀
Arely Hernandez
mona garcia
I hate these types of videos. They make me so sad for the people reading them. Jenna, I know this is late, but you are a amazing person. You always brighten my days, even if it is just going back to ur old videos. You are funny, smart, and talented. Don't listen to the haters ! Love u Jenna, thank you for all the times u have made me laugh
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