Reading Mean Comments

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Oliver Twisted
Jenna you rock!(:
Also, you're hilarious.
mary s
Wow talking about murdering her after fucking her? Disgusting
Emily Wilkinson
have you ever heard the saying if you don't have nothing nice to say don't say nothing at all will y'all sharing following no rules because last time I checked JennaMarbles was one of the most alive person in humanity right now and you cuz he talking stop thinking that you're all that but when people come after you you're going to be mad to all the people that want to make Jenna Marbles feel like she's nothing
As a (mostly) straight female... I always just assumed the majority of people thought Jenna was hot... cause like.... she a babe, and just generally rad... (I realized I missed some of her videos, so I'm going through and watching some that I missed. Goes well with Wine)
Love peace
Hey is it just me or does anyone just want jenna to post on her old channel again just for fun (jenna mourey)
Does anyone knows where the ones that look like a forum came from? The ones about fucking her and then killing her? That shit was so creepy. This video is 2 years old and I still got worried
I just wanna say, I think ur gorgeous and hilarious! Have a beautiful day! :3
Ian Patterson
I've watched about 7 of your videos in the last 24 hours. You seem very understanding, funny, genuine, and intelligent. You're also a hottie. Usually people put other people down to make themselves feel better. Please remember that.
Crystal Stoian
I feel bad half of the video she sounded about to cry..
구독자 짱많다!!부럽
Mariasole Franco
You're a wonderful and beautiful woman! You are an inspiration to me and keep being you're self you're amazing. Love all your videos.
Jenna is a good person!
really good
Don't listen to the simple people. You're alright
Denice Duff
good for you girl!! Courage. The best revenge is to succeed massively and you are!!
KittyFish 11
Omg how do you get your hair so pretty??? I love it!
Jacob Bryant
You're FUCKING gorgeous!! Forget those rope smokers. Have a great day beautiful.
Julie Christine
people are so messed up when they send those comments. you have so many fans out here who love you Jenna💕💕
Slime Clouds
"Ugly slut you are"
"Thanks, Yoda"

This is the first video of Jenna's that I didn't laugh at. I think she is a very creative content creator. Her humour is super clever and she is in fact a super intelligent person and beautiful on the inside and out. I think it's crazy that people find it okay to not only write things like that but simply have that kind of mentality. We're all human beings on the same planet and all have the right to live a happy, healthy and safe life. To make someone feel inadequate to the point where they test their own worth is probably the worst thing. I know Jenna is someone who is very appreciative of the positivity from her fans but she's still a human being and those comments were fkn brutal. How does someone choose to be a person that puts other people down rather than worrying about so many more important issues in life?
Jenna Hines
You should do a video of reading positive things people have said about you. Why isn't that a trend?
antonia navarro
you always make me laugh, thank you for your beauty!
Cola 9
Smashing or passing people how smashed or passed me
Jessie :3
Jenna think of how much easier it is to find nice comments. If you don't like doing these THEN DONT DO THEM
Jaylah Merrida
i love you
Wonderous Curiosity
You're gorgeous!!! And adorable!!! <3 Omg, you would be the coolest rodent ever! I mean, what rodent has a famous You Tube channel ;D
Chas Nut
i want to send those rapey comments to the parents of the people who commented them so they can beat their ass smh disgusting
So "people who actually support Jenna.....are too stupid to keep alive", huh? I support Jenna. I have a diploma and a bachelor and graduate both with honours. Yes, I'm REALLY stupid.
Fuzzy Buzzy
Soo..... A real woman has to be emo and have a sleeve of tattoo ?? And someone fake has to be wearing a bikini... Seems ligit.
Arya Shah
Don't worry about those BAD, BAD people. You look amazing with or without makeup, your hair is so majestic looking, you are hilarious and you'll always make my 'channels to watch while procrastinating' list. I don't think you can hit 17 million subscribers without having a MASSIVE fan base. Ilyyy
Jenna Marbles you are my Girl Crush. #WCW
Maheen Azhar
How'd you get that scar?
None of that is true Jenna
Lingan Somaskandan
It didn't make me laugh it made me feel bad for you
Autumn Jayde
ayyeee I'm fuckin w the Y&R
Isabel Lyn
I feel so bad for Jenna... it looked like she wanted to cry. Let me tell you that if she was a guy Ashe would get half as much hate comments
ElfianWitch OkeyDokey
shes like 2008 hot
You are beautiful.
Dr Alka Chordia
lo rida
youre the reason I started watching you tube when I was in high school besides Charlie the unicorn and shoes lol.. now I'm 27 and a you tube addict. you're still one of the most entertaining and I've seen a LOT. just thought you should know ;)
Zoe Burson
I wuv u jennnnna💗
Jessica Smith
I love you Jenna Marbles!!😄❤❤❤
HeyItsMe AnaMarie
I can't find this video funny at all. People are horrible. Everyone is awesome in their own way. This is so sad...
ugly face? you wished your shit gf had jenna's face.
Olivia June
I love her laugh ❤️👍😘😍
Tricia Bale
Your amazing jenna your so adorable I love you!!!
geddim0811 h
fuck these people that are hating, that is just jealously coming through.
Smug McSnobby
"it takes feminism back"
yeah so much for respecting every type of woman.
Lucinda Sousa
Never mind what people say, you are GREAT the way you are, kisses from Portugal :)
Vivian Evans
2008 hot
Melissa Darling
your awesome
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