Gwen Stefani Asks SNL Host Peter Dinklage About Jon Snow

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Peter Dinklage hosts Saturday Night Live on April 2, 2016 with musical guest Gwen Stefani.

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Lee Geri
Why her outfit reminds me of sephora
gabriela forero
My moms English teacher is a family friend of Peter
I bet more women want him than Harington.
Anna Fowdy
I thought Gwen Stefani was dating Blake Shelton.
MDShadowMan FTW
im sorry but dinklage sounds like a word for genitals..
Single is not quite the right question, bur rather....available!? ;D
Ygrette for life. And maybe the red priestess
All that plastic surgery Gwen is getting is making her look like J Lo. Gwen looked much better before she had anything done to her face.
Gwen has great genes. Although her outfit is atrocious. (See what I did there? HarHar)
The Trumpian
John snow is coming back as a walker and kills everybody.
Our Maker
я не понял нихуя. Джон жив или нет?
Cody Farrell
Am I the only one who thinks Kate McKinnon is gorgeous?
john snow? he's dead you fucking turd (gwen stefani).
Mavis Abe
Not a fan of Gwen Steffani but definitely here for Dinklage!

Fact: Gwen Steffani went to school with my father. He said they knew each other but weren't the closest of friends. It was just a hi and bye. I went to that same high school.. No one probably cares but whatever!
The jokes are in the walls.
Gustavo Adolfo
Can we talk about how FLAWLESS she looks?!?! She literally hasn't aged.
Gwen stefani can you pee pee on me?
How can a Million Dollar show like this have such bad writing?!?!?! Did anyone actually Laugh at this?!?!
Well Jon is part of the Night's Watch, so no he can't be in any relationships. (Atleast he's not supposed to.)
King Joffrey
Two annoying peasant women. I suppose they're fitting company for my uncle.
g00d ViBeS
This trailer is way better than anything Kimmel or Fallon has ever put out.
Brianne Jeanette
Well that wasn't awkward...
David Emanrus
Looking at the thumbnail I thought that was Dave Grohl sitting down...
I can't even...
GGTBod Backwoods Bushcraft
She better not give up singing cos she can't act for shit, that was so hamfisted and corny it was fucking criminal
Creation Founder
The televisions shows joke I pull the strings and make your little brains dance. Very beyond all of you but that is the way I made you all. Gosh what it would be like if I woke you all up only to realize your life's were not real and it was indeed 1 entity that created you controls you and makes you do whatever, well whatever the hell and heaven I say you to do.
Who else thought that he was saying "Hi I'm Peter Dinklage and I'm HOISTING snl this week."
Rosario Dawson- please have her on as a guest ASAP!
Narwhal Studios
So Gwen stefanyi and Peter dinklage are in a room together

Sounds like a joke waiting to happen XD
Michael Smith
I just cannot believe Gwen is twenty years older than me.
ErJ Daily
Omg I adore evrything about Gwen
Hervé Villechaize
Great video to prove that women aren't funny! long live Trump!
Gwen is so tall!!
Gwen Stefani and Peter Dinklage are both 46 years old!!!
what the hell is Gwen wearing? and why does she keep doing awkward peace signs
The American Soccer Guy
Be careful she'll try to fuck u and then make a song about Blake mistreating her.
Look an angry South Pole elf.
gwen stefani is kinda sucks in that outfit !!
Adriana Thomas
No, he's not single.
Gotta love dinklebot
Ruben Avalos
Jon Snow still knows nothing.
Snydpython 16
Peter is my dude ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾
Can't wait for the nanny cam?
Ygritte is dead, so yeah, Jon's single.
Emma Thomson
Saw Gwen meh, saw Peter meh... Saw Kate..... Clicked right away
Danny Steeler
I hope Gwen wears that on Saturday!
Daniel d
Gwen needs to be on sketch... she's gorgeous
sara haider
Why is Gwen doing that scary smile after she says a joke
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