FrontRunner train hits FedEx truck

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This dash camera video from the North Salt Lake Police Department shows a FrontRunner train tearing through a FedEx truck. A malfunction meant that no warning lights were flashing and the crossing arms were raised at the time of the crash, according to the Utah Transit Authority.

Slave Of The Most Merciful
good that it didnt hit the truck in the cab
Mohammad Sahidullah
The FedEx truck got damaged because the FedEx truck went to the railroad crossing and driving to slow on it.
Mohammad Sahidullah
The truck stopped on the railroad tracks.
Mohammad Sahidullah
This is fun.
Jimmy R
Crooked Hillary
Bryce Landon
At 0:49, "Oh, NOW you come down!"
Well I guess the rail company that owns those tracks are going to settle a hefty monetary amount to the FedEx driver.
Gloria LaCap
oh my god
Randy Woodworth
Mmmmm...I wonder why my package hasn't arrived yet??
Coaster World
Even though this is a quiet zone, why did t the train just honk
Mr. Cat
How much junk from amazon you think got destroyed in that crash?
Mitchell DeVillers
I guess that train was fed up with his ex.
Davy Desh
Why didn't the gates go down as the train was about to arrive?
tomoana safasafa
wow .. the rail controller must be in fault .. there I no sign of
DynoWolf YT
Well,I guess I did not get my Broadway Limited AC6000 cuz of this.
southeastern failways
RIP delivery boxes.
Minecraft&Spider-ManFTW JustinBieber&PeppaPigFTL
I hope my computer is not in there
so, thats why my package was never delivered
Lonnie Seeling
utah transit authority has some explaning to do smfh
Jav Ag
Y las barreras, bien gracias
Snowy The Bear
And no wonder my Flat Screen TV was delayed...
Armin Petschelt
wHAT a pLOT twisT.
Kaljath Panthermage
who ever had a package in that truck, well you'll get in pieces
Michael Turner
Lawsuit on the way
Elite Ammunition, Jay Wolf
Update: FEDEX after at first denying it had admitted to parcels being on this truck. FEDEX is DENYING CLAIMS. FEDEX is refusing to reimburse it's customers for damaged or completely lost shipments.
Good job by the officer driving this cruiser at keeping his eyes open. Most of us would have followed that first truck over the tracks and ended up as mince.
NEVER trust something mechanical, it will, eventually, fail
lel lolololllololololol 1774
wow just good job 👏.
oh wow my slow clap mechanism is still here!
Fallout Fan
sensor must be not working i guess for the crossing
Harlem Strong
Well, thats one way to unhook your trailers
LeafyIsHere's Kid
WTF U know both of the trucks could have been hit and cause a derailment cause of that crossing don't blame the drive blame the crossing like WTF Crossing then 40 secs later then the crossing gose off Wooowwww
Westie Dude
Aren't the lights supposed to flash and the stop arms come down BEFORE the train comes through?
Adam Watkins
0:57 Go home crossing signals, you're drunk!
How do ppl capture things like this on camera ?? Like what the hell were you recording ? You just randomly decided to have your camera running at the time of a train crash?
David Landers
At 17 seconds into the video you can see a signal maintainer's pickup truck parked off the road to the right with his emergency flashers on, to the right of his pickup about 30 feet you can see the signal box , it holds all the electronics to the gates, it's size is about 8 feet tall and about five feet square, he was there obviously because they were having trouble with the gates, he was either inside his truck or inside the signal box working on the electronics when this happened, the gates going down after the impact indicates to me he was inside the signal box working on the electronics .
MeMad Max
ahmad nur Muthayyib
what happen with railway crossing?
isn't that just regular fedex package handling.
Katrina Rucker
Oh sorry FX truck, but these railroad crossings were a bit lazy that day.
Iten D J
Whoa that was tough to watch! Thank God the driver is okay!
My order was in that truck.
Russ J
The fault seems to lie with the signalman on the scene. He never should have turned off the lights and raised the arms without first contacting the dispatcher (and the schedule) to determine if any trains were approaching and then putting flagmen in place .
AB Smith
Was Tom Hanks delivering a Wilson volleyball?
Иван Иванов
Шуток про "Почту России" что-то не видать... И про незакрывающиеся переезды тоже нет, странно...
Jeffrey Pritchard
Crap. My computer was on that truck!
Dispatch Midwest
If you have eyes- these are professional drivers- who are trained to looked both ways through ALL intersections and rail crossings- Both drivers should be fired its obvious that neither bothered to look. The train has only 1 lane and its expected that a NON professional driver get hit by a train for being oblivious to their surroundings but NEVER is it accepted of semi drivers- what are the excuses? they didnt see a big ass train ? Well they could have killed several ppl by not doing their job in a commercial vehicle. I would fire both fedex drivers- and charge them both with reckless driving. who cares if its snowing- if you cant look, dont drive. be the bobble head you were trained to be or get off the roads! There are hundreds of rail crossings across america without rail arms or sirens- so thats a lame cop out when YOUR job is driving. Not crying like a baby due to your laziness- They put ppl's lives at risk. ANY trucker other than these to bozos will tell you. Truckers make mistakes- heres a vid of 2 making the same error. not doing what they get paid to do. fire them both!
Don Hill
what did you learn?
Think of all the people that aren't going to get their packages now...
Super Mario Transit Fan 16
the train crashed into the truck at 0:20 with the gates up but at 0:50 the crossing activated and the gates went down?
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